Breast Enlargement Massage – a how to guide

A survey carried out reported that most women were dissatisfied with the size of their breasts. A few felt theirs was too large and would like to get them reduced, while others felt theirs was too small and would like them bigger.

We live in a different time. A time when women are concerned about their appearance. The modern woman always wants to be fit and appealing. And rightly so too. A woman with the right figure gets the most attraction from everyone. Yoga, hitting the gym and exercising are some of the ways you can get this figure. However, these ways only just tone up your body. However, specific results like enlarging your breasts cannot be gained from these methods.

Breast EnlargementThis is why breast enhancement surgery is popular. However, all surgeries have their downsides and are not absolutely safe. Some of these downsides are scarring, post-surgical maintenance and in some cases death resulting from complications associated with surgery. These downsides are well known to most women, hence the recent increase in popularity in the search for safer, natural alternatives. There are several ways to breast enlargement without the hazards of surgery.

The beauty of a woman doesn't just end in her face, but also resides in the way her body is configured. A woman's body has been structured to bring out her beauty.

A woman with well-proportioned breasts compared to her body size looks very beautiful and attractive. Conversely a woman with the wrong breast size is not as attractive.

Getting Breast Enlargement via Massaging

Getting larger breasts through a physical massage is a very safe and natural method. However, the important thing to note is the correct way of doing it. Generally you should massage in an upward direction. This will give you good results in a shorter period of time.

Step by step procedure for breast massage.

breast massageYou start the massage by first of all rubbing your hands together quickly. This is to warm your hands up and generate heat.

The next step is to place your hands on the outer part or the root of each breast.

The 3rd step would be to slowly move your hands in a circular fashion. This should be done with both breasts at the same time.

The slow rubbing motion should be circular and should progress towards the nipples. When you get to the nipples, you then do the reverse, meaning you start from the nipples and slowly work your way to the outer part of the breast. Doing the massage like this will get you bigger breasts.

The entire massage shouldn't exceed 10-15minuties daily. Doing the massage regularly improves blood flow to and around the breasts seeing them get all the necessary nutrients. In addition, the improved blood slow to the breasts will see them become fuller.

Another thing is that regular massage like this twice a day stimulates prolactin production. Prolactin is a hormone that stimulates the breasts and enhances their growth.

There are a couple of massage creams specifically designed to be used for the breasts. These breast massage creams contain natural herbs long favored by women for their breast enlargement properties. Using them in your massage increases the absorption rate through the skin.

It is a well-known fact that massaging generally improves the muscle tone of the body. The resulting increase in the flow of blood to the tissue ensures the necessary nutritional requirements of the tissues are delivered to the tissues.

Studies have been conducted to look at how to exploit this result of massaging for use in breast enlargement. It was discovered that the use of certain massage oils along with the massaging greatly improved the growth of breast tissue.

Researchers recommend a breast massage thrice daily with any of these oils for about 10 minutes for 3weeks straight, rest for a week and then resume as before. It has been discovered that within 2months results will be seen following this prescription.

It is normal in the first few weeks to experience a little pain in the breasts. This is a sign of the impending growth that is about to start. You may however want to consider letting up in the pressure of the massage if the pain is really uncomfortable as you may be bruising your breasts.

Breast Enlargement MassageExercise like in other body parts can help shape and tone up the chest muscles. Getting the chest muscles toned up is important as they support and lift up the breasts, so if they're well-toned, they're able to perform this supporting role better.

In addition, cell growth is promoted by breast massage. The improved blood flow to the breasts brings about nutrients to the cells, further enhancing their growth.

When you use breast enlargement creams in massaging, the process is much more effective. These creams have certain components which are absorbed by the tissues through the skin. These components excite the breast tissues to grow.

There are certain herbs and formulations found in these creams. Apply the cream to the breast and massage in a circular manner. Doing this every night for 30days, with a 5day rest in between will get the best results. These creams improve the blood flow to the breast. They also ensure the expulsion of toxins and stimulate breast growth.

Natural breast enlargement via physical means or through the use of herbal oils and creams are a scientifically proven way to achieving breast enlargement. They are a pain free and cheaper option to breast surgery.

They are a safer means of enlarging the breasts. Because they exploit the body's natural growth processes. Inner beauty that everyone can see will be achieved from the well balanced lifestyle these natural processes promotes.

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