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Siluette Plus

Siluette Plus is a 100% natural cream specifically designed to stimulate the growth of female breasts, leading them to resume growth as when the woman was in adolescence. And it also offers an excellent exercise and massages program to stimulate your breasts even more rapidly.
Siluette Plus is an excellent cream to augment the breasts, which is exclusively made from natural ingredients. Siluette Plus is clinically proven and, with the help of its carefully selected vegetable extracts, it helps you obtain a permanent breast augmentation. Its ingredients were studied to stimulate your organism to resume breast growth as during adolescence.

When girls reach adolescence they suffer significant hormonal changes and they start producing high quantities of estrogen, which is the responsible for breast growth, among many other things. This is the hormone that during adolescence determines the size and shape of the breasts that the woman will have and, in cases of production deficits or hormonal imbalances, the breasts may not develop correctly.

Siluette Plus is a cream that contains several natural estrogen stimulators that make adult women naturally produce more estrogen. Besides that it also contains phytoestrogens (vegetable estrogen) that “fool” the body, leading it to think it is still in the growing phase. Due to Siluette Plus’ exclusive formula, you can, in adulthood, obtain a beautiful and firm pair of breasts. And all naturally, without surgeries, artificial hormones or any ingredients that can cause dangerous side effects.

And, although Siluette Plus was conceived to augment breasts, it also helps to regulate female hormones, contributing to a woman’s general well being. All you need to do is to apply it twice a day with a light massage until it is completely absorbed.

The application part is very important, because if you take 30 daily minutes to apply the cream and conveniently massage both breasts the increase will be intensified. For that effect, you receive with your order online access to a very thorough massage and exercise program, with several tables and videos, which help you with that.

Besides that, Siluette Plus can, and should, be used with ProCurves pills, which gives you a much bigger and faster augmentation. A significant and permanent augmentation in little time!

Siluette Plus is the best cream in the market to breasts enlargement independently (without the need to buy pills at the same time) and it also offers you one of the best exercise and massage programs to make your breasts grow.

If you suffer from low self esteem because you don’t have the breast size that you wanted, or because there are flaccid and saggy, try Siluette Plus and see the difference in a few weeks.
Siluette Plus
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The effectiveness of the Siluette Plus cream is due to its natural ingredients (several vegetable extracts) combined in a formula that was object of several clinical studies. Those studies assure that the various vegetable extracts on Siluette Plus, that can be found in many other supplements, were combined in the most effective way possible to ensure maximum results with the minimum side effects.

Siluette Plus is the most efficient cream for breast augmentation in the market, that which provides you with an increase very similar to the one that happens during adolescence.
Siluette Plus 
A big bosom, with firm and beautiful breasts is the desire of every woman. For most of them, big breasts simbolize beauty and womanhood, but the problem is that not every woman is blessed with those characteristics. Many women feel conscious about their small breasts and feel embarrassed by that, negatively affecting their trust towards men and towards life.

Luckily for them, there are now some natural supplements in the market that allow them to obtain that which nature didn’t want to give them, in a simple and safe way, without the need to resort to costly and dangerous surgeries to be able to augment their breasts. One of those products is Siluette Plus - the best natural cream in the market for breast augmentation.

Siluette Plus won’t just help you augment your breasts. It will help you increase your feminility, your trust and help you face life with a much more positive outlook. Augmenting your breasts can significantly change your life!
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Siluette Plus   Breast Performance
Siluette Plus is a cream to augment the size, the volume and the firmness of the breasts. Its composition was carefully studied to augment and improve the appearance of breasts and thus improve the shape and trust of women who didn’t have the luck of being blessed with a beautiful pair.
Siluette Plus stimulates blood circulation in the breasts, stimulates the production of estrogen and balances female hormones. All so that you can obtain a full and firm chest in a natural and safe way, considerably improving your physical aspect and your trust.
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Can a simple cream help augment your breasts?

Yes, Siluette Plus contains several vegetable extracts that by being directly applied to the breasts through a massage stimulate blood flow in the breasts, thus allowing its natural growth. Besides that it has various estrogen stimulators that allow the organism to “go back” to adolescence, starting to produce mammary cells.

How much time is needed until results are visible?

Most women have visible results during the first four weeks. Although each woman’s organism is different and reacts differently to Siluette Plus’ ingredients, most can see real results, both in size and in firminess, in less than six weeks of treatment. Mainly if they follow the advice of the exercise program that they receive freely with their purchase.

How does Siluette Plus work?

During adolescence most women produces high quantities of estrogen and other female hormones, which stimulates the development of their bodies, mainly their breasts. When the woman reaches adulthood, those hormones rapidly decrease and breast growth stops. Siluette Plus basically stimulates adult women’s organisms to increase the production of those hormones.


Foeniculum Vulgare (200 mg)
Trigonella Foenum-Graecum Seed (199 mg)
Pueraria Lobata (180 mg)
Serenoa Repens (168 mg)
Dioscorea Villosa Wild (96 mg)
Leonurus Cardiaca (48 mg)
Turnera Diffusa Wild. (45 mg)
Avena Sativa (42 mg)
Cnicus Benedictus (39 mg)
Humulus Lupulus L. (30 mg)
Piper Nigrumt (20 mg)
Manganese Sulphate (1.54 mg)
Copper Sulphate (0.8 mg)
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride(0.7 mg)

 How to Use It:

Simply apply a layer of cream twice a day, preferably mornings and nights. Gently massage your breast until absorbed by the skin. This product is formulated with plant extracts. For all skin types.
Siluette Plus
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