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Erectile Dysfunction Natural Treatments

Erectile dysfunction in males is defined as the man’s constant inability to get or maintain his erections for achieving satisfying sexual relations. For years, men have relied on erectile dysfunction medications for treatment but right now, a growing number of natural herbs and supplements have started to provide an effective solution as well as alternative cure to erectile dysfunction. Compared to using prescription drugs, these are more natural and safer in terms of treating this prevalent male disorder. Data from the Male Aging Study from Massachusetts indicated that the prevalence of male erectile dysfunction among men ages between 40 to 70 years old is above 50 percent!

Types of Erectile Dysfunction

Types of Erectile DysfunctionErectile dysfunction may be classified under two simple categories: Psychological – or mental, and Organic – or due to a certain form of medical or physiological problem or hormonal issue.

As a man gets older, organic type erectile dysfunction becomes ever more common. On the other hand, psychological causes are most prevalent among men under 30 years old.

CAUTION: A high rate of heart illness in men is also found among those having problems with maintaining their erection. Males suffering from erectile dysfunction, especially older men who probably have physical causes behind their dysfunction (as opposed to having psychological causes) all need to undergo full medical evaluation. These include complete cardiac assessment, blood sugar testing, lipid profiling, and blood pressure measurement as well as lifestyle consultations regarding weight management, exercise and diet improvement, as well as alcohol use reduction, smoking cessation, and sleep quality improvement.

Erectile dysfunction psychological causes

There are numerous causes behind psychological erectile dysfunction. It’s not easy at all to list all of them but more often than not, they are associated with performance anxiety, relationship problems or marital stress, boredom, depression, financial problems, life crisis, religious repression, or some other type of mental-related illness. Addressing these underlying causes may help in improving erectile dysfunction in these particular instances.

Erectile dysfunction organic causes

The 4 main causes of organic erectile dysfunction include: Hormonal, Vascular, Neural, and Drug-induced causes. Treatment approach for these types of erectile dysfunction depends on the particular cause of the condition. The 3 most common organic causes of erectile dysfunction in men over 50 years old include: hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and tobacco use.

Changes in the flow of blood from and towards the penis are also deemed as a common cause. For example, medical conditions such as the hardening of the arteries called atherosclerosis as well as hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes commonly lead to reduced blood flow to the male genital organs and penis, hence leading to genital swelling or difficulty with obtaining or maintain an erection.

Erectile dysfunction could also indicate early signs of vascular dysfunction and oxidative stress.

Cardiovascular disease and diabetes patients represent the biggest group of patients suffering from erectile dysfunction. Lowering cholesterol through supplements, diet, or medication can help improve the condition.

Erectile dysfunction hormonal causes

Erectile Dysfunction Natural TreatmentsSometimes factors such as low levels of androgens, e.g. testosterone, contribute to erectile dysfunction. Testosterone levels drop by about 1 percent in men each passing year, which may be the root cause of erectile dysfunction as related to aging. Testosterone levels also decline with age among women leading to libido decrease. Androgen replacement can at times be helpful in these cases of age-related erectile and/or libido dysfunction.

NOTE: Testosterone is available only via prescription, but over-the-counter hormone replacement therapies, such as DHEA, can convert into testosterone thus having a positive effect as well on one’s erectile dysfunction. Pregnenolone is an over-the-counter hormone that may help increase testosterone hence improving the condition. Even herbal aphrodisiacs as well can contribute some positive effects, such as Male Extra and VigRax.

You are not required to undergo a routine hormonal blood test for erectile dysfunction during your initial evaluation phase, but if treatments have not been successful so far, then perhaps you need it.

Diabetes mellitus, hyperprolactinemia, hypogonadism – or the foremost diseases of the endocrine system – may also cause erectile dysfunction. At times hormones such as testosterone or DHEA can be effective treatments as well in these cases.

Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies

If you have any problems with erectile dysfunction, it is highly recommended to get full medical evaluation before you start with any remedies or therapies, be it using a prescription drug or an herbal/ natural product. Some herbs are highly potent and can accelerate one’s heart rate and/ or blood pressure and cannot be tolerated well by people who have cardiovascular or cardiac problems. Herbs may be safer than prescription drugs, but they also have side effects if taken in higher dosages.

So far we have discussed the various factors associated with the psychological and organic or physical types of erectile dysfunction. Now we want to share to you our discovery built on years and years of research – a formulation of a special herbal blend meant to support healthy erectile function and to enhance sexual stamina.

BUT FIRST – the role of proper diet and weight loss in erectile dysfunction, which can make a HUGE difference!

Exercise, Diet, and Weight Loss

Exercise, diet, and weight loss help improve sexual function among overweight or obese men. We all know that maintaining a healthy diet packed with fruits and vegetables, healthy meats, fish, etc. as well as observing routine exercise and keeping a normal weight – can all help reduce the risk of heart attack and/or stroke. The same healthy lifestyle changes are revealed by several researches to have a positive effect in improving one’s erectile dysfunction condition. Clinical trials have been constantly demonstrating obesity as a common cause of male erectile dysfunction.

Introducing a Natural Remedy – Male Extra

Male ExtraNow,_we_are proud to announce the wonderful blend for the treatment of erectile dysfunction called Male Extra.

Male Extra is an all-natural sexual performance enhancer providing positive results most often felt between the user’s second week and fifth week of regular use. Our reviews so far indicate that more than 80% of men are satisfied by the end of their 5-week long use of Male Extra.

The science behind this is that some of the chemicals found in the brain and human body can be involved in eliciting proper human sexual responses. These include dopamine, nitric oxide, and acetylcholine. All three natural chemicals plus others as well can be managed using all-natural herbs as well as supplements.

Male Extra is tested from various extracts as well as different dosages of myriads of herbs and plants in order to determine the best combination and dose for producing an optimal zero side effect aphrodisiac for erectile dysfunction.

After years of tests and studies, a special proprietary blend finally emerged with more than one dozen herbal extracts coming from only the best raw materials ever acquired. The exact potencies and dosages of this unique aphrodisiac remains a well-kept secret that only the doctors and research staffs are closely aware of. Are you ready to try it?
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