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5 Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a very common condition. Though most men wouldn’t want to admit this. A little over 50% of men experience erectile dysfunction and its effects. So says the Massachusetts male aging study. In fact the prevalence of this erectile dysfunction rises lock in step with the numbers. 40% of men aged 40yrs struggle from the effects of erectile dysfunction. Likewise 70% of men age 70yrs suffer from the condition.

Remedies for Erectile DysfunctionRegarding treatment of this embarrassing condition, there are several options, some of which include surgery, implants, mechanical devices like pumps and synthetic medications. There are also natural methods of combating this condition and this is by far the preferred option. A lot of research has gone into studying the efficacy of natural methods of treating erectile dysfunction. We shall in the course of this article consider some of them. But first let look at what erectile dysfunction is.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which a man who wants to have an erection is unable to have one or if he manages to have one, is unable to keep it during the course of sexual intercourse. It’s also known as impotence. There are several symptoms. Some of which manifest in certain forms like reduced libido.

Moving on to the implicated causes of erectile dysfunction, some of them include stress related ones and their effects on relationships. Other implicated causes include fatigue, alcohol consumption in excess.

What is responsible for this embarrassing condition?

There are several things which can be responsible. A lot of things can increase your likelihood of developing this condition. Getting an erection requires the participation of the brain, muscles, hormones and vessels. A problem with just one of these areas can stop the occurrence of an erection.

Commonly implicated causes of erectile dysfunction include:

• Smoking
• Diabetes
• Being obese
• Certain conditions like multiple sclerosis.

Alcohol has also been implicated in causing erectile dysfunction too. Research findings of a2007 study discovered that over 70% of men who were alcoholics also had sexual issues like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Getting rid of erectile dysfunction: common treatments

Getting rid of erectile dysfunctionThere are of course standard, conventional therapies commonly used like losing weight, quitting smoking, reducing alcohol consumption and making other lifestyle changes like exercising regularly. Some medications used like Cialis and Viagra can get you an erection by increasing blood flow to the penis, but they can also cause side effects like headaches, visual disturbances and stomach disturbances. Besides not all men can use these medications. For examples those who have low blood pressure shouldn’t use them as they can pass out. Likewise, men who have uncontrolled diabetes or have had a stroke should avoid using these drugs.

Other treatments out there, include hormone replacement treatments like testosterone replacements. In addition there are certain injections you can use that can help you get an erection. However these drugs come with side effects of their own like increased urination, gynecomastia, scarring and a deep ache in the penile region.

Other non-medication related erectile dysfunction treatments:

These include vascular surgery and the use of mechanical devices like penis pumps and implants. You make use of a pump before having sex to help you get blood into the penis. But be aware that this method can cause bruising.

After placing them into the penis, implants can then be inflated when needed. The problem with implant use are the same you get after surgery basically infections.

Surgery typically vascular surgery can be done by your doctor if there's a problem with the vessels retaining blood.

Now these methods are ok, all fair and good. However, natural options are probably even more effective and less invasive.

Natural treatment for erectile dysfunction; 5 of the best

In this section we quickly review 5 of the best natural treatments for erectile dysfunction.

Ginseng1 - The first is called Ginseng. Specifically panax ginseng. It’s also known as the herbal Viagra. A ton of research is available on this wonder herb. A literature review was done of 7 studies on red ginseng and ED in 2008. They found that at doses of 60omg-1g thrice daily was highly effective in treating erectile dysfunction.

2 - Rhodiola rosea.A 2005 study concluded that this herb is very useful in managing erectile dysfunction. 35 men were involved in this study and it was discovered that over 70% of them experienced improved sexual function.

3 - DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) - this is a natural prohormone produced by the adrenal glands. It can be converted to either male testosterone or female estrogen in the body. DHEA was actually isolated from soy and wild yams. it has been found out that low levels of this prohormone was seen in men with erectile dysfunction. in a 1999 study, 40 men diagnosed with ED were separated into 2 groups: one half received 50mg of DHEA daily and the other half got a placebo. Both were on the study for 6months. At the end of the study, those who were on DHEA were able to have and keep an erection.

4 - L-Arginine. This is a very important amino acid in that it helps in the production of nitric oxide NO. NO allows for vasodilation allowing an erection to occur. In a 2000 study of men with erectile dysfunction over 30% of men with ED who received 5g daily of this amino acid experienced a major improvement in sexual function. Another study done 3 years later found that combining 1.7 g /day of L-arginine with 40mg (2-3 times daily) of pycnogenol saw an improvement in sexual function among 80% of participants after 2months. This figure increased to 93% after 3months. Clearly a major improvement. In case you were wondering, pycnogenol is another natural substance gotten from the bark of trees.

5 – Male Extra. The number 1 male improvement pill.

Male ExtraMale Extra pills have absolutely zero side effects unlike some of the more popular prescription pills out there and the reason for this is because it is totally natural.

Male Extra is composed of a number of different natural herbs. All of which have no adverse effects. The combination of these natural ingredients is in a refined formula using only the purest forms of these natural ingredients. With Male Extra, you can improve your sexual performance without having any major side effects. Further, to add to that margin of safety you already have with this pill, only safe amounts of the ingredients are used.

If you need more information on Male Extra you can get to this page.

Other ongoing treatments for erectile dysfunction

There are also other natural therapies being looked at. These treatments are the subject of active ongoing research.

These include zinc. Its supplementation is believed to help with erectile dysfunction especially if you're low in zinc. The herb known as the Indian ginseng and gingko are also thought to be helpful.
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Best Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction
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5 Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction 5 Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction
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