Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction / Impotence  


Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction / Impotence


Many consider erectile dysfunction as a problem impacting psychologically. However in all cases this isn’t such. Erectile issues do have some psychological factors involved but several underlying physical aspects also hold true. Treatments for erectile dysfunction / impotence can be better performed when these disorders are dealt with properly.

There are men who, despite not having any physical problem keeping them from growing an erection, suffer from traumas or mental locks that stops them from having or keeping an erection in conditions that allow normal sexual activities. For them, the best solution is the use of one of the medications discussed above or natural remedies (that we're talking about next) with the help of a therapist, a specialist that can help unlocking their minds for the sexual act. These therapies can be done individually or with a couple. Normally they begin solo and end up as a couple therapy.

Counseling will be of really big help in case your erectile dysfunction is caused by anxiety or depression. But first let's look at the major causes of erectile dysfunction:

causes of erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction Vascular Diseases
Increased penile blood flow aids in achieving erection, but any kind of cardiovascular diseases that impair the flow of blood makes erection difficult. Internal conditions such as high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, and increased cholesterol levels contribute to the problem.

Erectile Dysfunction Neurological Disorder
Proper functioning of the brain and nervous system both combine to help males achieve erection. However, any kind of hindrance to its proper functioning can interfere with erection. Dysfunctional conditions include Alzheimer’s disease and Stroke Multiple Sclerosis.

Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes
It is reported that men suffering from diabetes will have erectile dysfunction at some point of their lives. This is especially evident as researchers have found out erection issues to be directly associated with diabetes. Men with diabetes and bereft of optimum sugar levels can suffer from damaged nerves and blood vessels.

Erectile Dysfunction Traumas
Any kind of trauma to penile veins and arteries that supplies blood can cause erectile dysfunctionality. People that have been riding bicycle for longer time experience trauma due to constant pressure on the veins when seated. This can cause irreversible damages to the delicate penis blood vessels.

Erectile Dysfunction Lifestyle Causes
Issues related to improper lifestyle habits such as drinking, smoking, drug abuse, and more can interfere with sufficient blood flow into the penis vessels. When undergoing treatments for erectile dysfunction make sure these lifestyle habits are kept in check to obtain complete benefits.

Erectile Dysfunction Medications
Certain medicinal compositions cause erectile dysfunction. These include blood pressure and antidepressant medicines. The drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction causes like high blood pressure and depression are also the conditions that give rise to them in the first case. If you are on medication and start having erection problems make sure to talk to the doctor about the same.

Erectile Dysfunction and Surgery
Men above 50 years of age and older can have problems with erection. Due to age related conditions enlargement of the prostate organ and even prostate cancer can be the root cause of such inefficiency. Surgical procedures are hence performed to combat the illness which might damage the penile health as well causing disruption in proper erectile functioning.

Erectile Dysfunction Mechanics

Erectile Dysfunction MechanicsPenis, the male reproductive organ comprises of two chambers shaped like a cylinder known as Corpora Casanova. The tubular structure runs along the penile length. It consists of many arteries that bring blood into the penis and take away. Physical or mental sexual stimulation of the penis causes the brain to be responsive to the arteries in the penis which facilitates relaxation. Thus, blood rushes into the penis such that it becomes hard and stiff. Hence, erection is achieved along with continued contraction of specialized penis muscles such that veins get compressed. It reduces the flow of blood back from the penis facilitating sustained erection.

Any kind of disruption such as insufficient quantity of blood inflow or inappropriate nerve impulses from brain to penis can be a deterrent in proper erection functioning. In fact, anything that limits the proper blood flow into the penis can cause erectile issues.

Over 30 million men worldwide reportedly suffer from the problem. The condition is quite common and exerts considerable impact on one’s life. In fact, people suffering from the issue are mostly reluctant to talk about it even to a doctor. Hence, it is important to take up this issue that effect so many men and look into the various treatments for erectile dysfunction / impotence available.

However, in order to treat erectile dysfunction, you will first have to identify and treat the underlying conditions. If you are suffering from heart disease or diabetes, make sure you treat these conditions first and then find a right treatment for erectile dysfunction. It may be possible to get rid of the erectile dysfunction simply by treating the underlying condition.


The Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

There are many ways to treat erectile dysfunction. They come, among others, from medications, natural remedies and devices that somehow can solve the problem. Lets start with medication, so every man can learn their options and know what they can rely on. We'll leave the natural supplements for the end, since it's the treatment we support and recommend in this website, given the fact that they're more efficient and don't represent any danger, which is something we'll discuss about the regular medicine.

One of the most popular and effective types of medication that can be used to treat erectile dysfunction would be Phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) inhibitors. Their action consists on boosting the blood flow to your penis.

You can benefit for like 6 hours from the action of Avanafil, Sildenafil and Vardenafil. In case you need a long-term treatment, you can take Tadalafil since it works for like 36 hours.

It is recommended to take the tablet on an empty stomach in order to speed up its effects. If an hour has passed since you have taken the tablet, you can enjoy your meal without influencing its effects.

Nevertheless, if you are suffering from cardiovascular disease, like coronary heart disease, then you should take PDE-5 inhibitors with caution. Your cardiovascular health can be improved if you get involved in any sexual activity. Visit your local physician and discuss more aspects related to these risks. In case you are taking medicines or recreational drugs that contain nitrates, you should avoid taking PDE-5 inhibitors. Your heart may be seriously affected by the mix of these 2 compounds.

Treatments for Erectile DysfunctionAlmost twenty years ago the popular blue pill were introduced in the market as a way to treat erectile dysfunction and it brought to light a problem that was common for men but still treated as a taboo. Since then, the number of diagnosed men with erectile dysfunction grew by 250%. Before the medicine was released, not much was said about this problem, given that men would think there was no way to treat it and preferred to absorb themselves from the humiliation. Now, they begin to understand that they are not alone and diagnoses start to grow giddily.

As a consequence of those events, many other medications started to appear in the market, promising to help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. The thing is, all of them come with various, potentially dangerous collateral effects and cannot be taken by every men. Even for those who don't have any health issues, the regular use of this type of medication for erectile dysfunction treatment is dangerous.

These medications, called “phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors”, are approved by the regulation agencies and have the goal to increase the blood flow in the penis in other to obtain an erection. They work in approximately 80% of men but they can cause nasal congestion, headaches, the feeling of a swollen head and other similar effects. That is, considering completely healthy men. For men who suffer from cardiac problems or diabetes, it can cause much worse problems and even death.

Because of that, some “old school” methods of treatment for erectile dysfunction are to become popular once again. Some men returned to rely on local injections in their penis, that cause an almost instantaneous erection, or other devices that inject content right in the urethra. The problem with these methods is that they present very similar potential danger as the pharmaceuticals mentioned above, and so they are not a long term solution to treat erectile dysfunction. They can only be used as a last resource, for those men whose other medications don't work.

For some men the problem is caused by hormonal imbalance, which is normally a low level of testosterone, and can be solved with simple testosterone reposition therapy. The most common methods are skin applications and intravenous injections. These treatments, however, also present some risk and must be monitored closely by a specialist.

The Natural Ways to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Besides the treatments mentioned above, there are the old vacuum pumps, already so obsoletes, but worth the mention. Usually hand or battery operated, a vacuum pump is connected to a clear plastic tube. You will have to place your penis in the plastic tube and use the pump to eliminate all the air. Your penis will be filled with blood due to the vacuum effect. In order to keep the erection going for half hour, you will need to place a rubber ring near the base of your penis.

However, in case you are experiencing a bleeding disorder or you are taking anticoagulant medicines, then you should avoid using it. They risk the rupture of some blood vases of the penis and can cause internal bleeding.

The new pumps controlled by water are safer but way less practical. Both have very little use nowadays, when more efficient alternatives exist.

You can try changes in your lifestyle – The basic and most crucial aspect for treatments for erectile dysfunction / impotence to show viable results is better lifestyle changes to improved sexual health. Stop drinking, smoking, and adopt a lifestyle of exercising for overall wellness.

Here are the main changes that you can do in your lifestyle in order to improve erectile dysfunction:

• Shed some pounds in case you have weight problems

• Stop smoking

• Reduce the alcohol consumption

• Avoid the consumption of illegal drugs

• Perform exercises on a regular basis

• Eliminating stress sources

By performing these changes in your life, you will not only by able to improve your erectile dysfunction, but you will also improve your general health and decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease.

You can try psychotherapy – You may want to follow a type of treatment termed sensate focus in case your erectile dysfunction has an underlying psychological cause. Counseling will be of really big help in case your erectile dysfunction is caused by anxiety or depression. If the problem is rather complex and men should try talking to their partner and consult a doctor to sort out the situation.

Alternatively, you can try erectile dysfunction treatment with hormone therapy. You will probably have to visit an endocrinologist in case your erectile dysfunction is caused by a hormonal condition.

Your body can produce hormones through some chemical processes. Injections of synthetic hormones (testosterone) can be used in order to restore normal hormone levels and cure hormonal conditions. Moreover, these conditions may also be cured with natural remedies.


The Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

The natural remedies, made from plant extracts, are the new approach for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in an effective, safe and final way. There are many efficient plant extracts in the treatment of this dysfunction, such as ginkgo biloba, yohimbe (dangerous), Tribulus Terrestris, epemedium, red ginseng, catuaba bark, and many others. The saw palmetto is also used a lot because it helps in the absorption of other plant extracts, but it can lower the testosterone levels when taken in high doses.

The natural remedies, being the plant extracts only or the compound supplements, must be taken everyday, with or without sexual activity, unlike the pharmaceuticals that are taken only when needed.

The problem is that all of these extracts are poisonous in high doses and can equally present unpleasant collateral effects. That is why we don't recommend taking them individually. Taking them alone, everyday, is a complex and potentially dangerous task.

The Supplements for Erectile Dysfunction

Male ExtraFortunately, there are many supplements for erectile dysfunction that are a mix of various plant extracts like the ones presented above, but combined in the ideal doses in order to get maximum benefits without collateral effects. They are simple (two pills per day), safe and efficient, without presenting any of the potential problems that regular medication or the individual taking presents.

This is our recommendation for every men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Evidently, supplements alone might not be able to solve the more serious problems some men present, and so they must opt for the regular medication or a mix of both. But this is the future of the treatment for erectile dysfunction.

The famous program Male Extra is able to treat erectile dysfunction issues, with an effective specialized sexual pill consumption to uplift the male vigor! This all natural supplement is the ultimate male health supplement with proven ingredients for effective enhancement solution for men. For men looking for enhanced sexual vigor and better sexual health, the product Male Extra is certainly worth the try!

With an amalgamation of various naturally available ingredients L-Arginine HCI, Pomegranate, Niacin, Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, L-Methionine (omega 3 fatty acid, Maca, Cordyceps, and flaxseed) and Creatine together combine to form a powerful supplement. Consumer reviews of treatments for erectile dysfunction / impotence for Male Extra, powerful supplement, indicate the beneficial outcome attained by satisfied customers.

Male Extra has been rising in popularity with its impressive erectile enhancement to raise a man’s libido and sexual desire. It is considered as the most effective and safe treatments for erectile dysfunction / impotence to perform amazingly in the bedroom. The supplement has undergone several laboratory tests prior to being adjourned just right for elevating the sexual desire of the man. The unique ingredient set is able to uplift not just the penis health but many have reportedly obtained an increase in length as well. This natural male enhancer is definitely one of the best ever in male erectile functioning restoration in the market today!

VigRax is another very famous supplement in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. VigRax is a useful natural remedy available for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. You can surely rely on this solution. You will have to take two pills daily and wait to feel its effects. Besides the fact that you will be able to keep up the erections for as long as you want, the mild tingling sensations will also improve your overall sexual experience. And, due to the fact that VigRax contains only natural ingredients, you will not experience any side effects.

drugs for erectile dysfunction

Handling Erectile Dysfunction on the Web

A significant number of men may search for erectile dysfunction treatments on their own since this can be an embarrassing issue. Considering the fact that there is a big number of website that provides counterfeit medicines on the internet, you should be really careful with what you buy. The number of active ingredients in these medications can differ, and they are also not regulated.

In your search of a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction, you will come across quite a long list of confusing results on the net, and every product claiming to be the best.

To begin with, all medical prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction on sale on the Internet are fake. If you are looking for such medications, you should buy them at the pharmacy, with the agreement of your doctor.

There are also many nonprescription products claiming to be natural treatments for erectile dysfunction, but some of them contain uncertain quantities of active ingredients like those in prescription drugs and can cause harmful adverse effects. And… The fact that a product claims it is natural doesn’t make it safe. Many herbal solutions can cause adverse effects and harmful interactions if they are taken with some particular drugs.

You have to be very careful and responsible. On our website we give you plenty of advice on treatments and supplements that you can trust. Follow the links we present and always buy genuine products.

Best Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction

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