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Erectile Dysfunction – Medication and Causes

Sexual impotency or erectile dysfunction can be defined as the constant inability or recurrent inability to obtain and/ or maintain a sufficient penile erection to permit a satisfying sexual intercourse. This problem has nothing to do with premature ejaculation or infertility. As well as being able to happen at all ages, they are more frequent after the age of 40. Above this age, light and moderate erectile troubles will affect at about one man over three.

Be careful not to confuse the natural effects of age and the real erection troubles. With age, an erection can come up a bit less rapidly, needing more excitement and direct stimulation. All the same, spontaneous erections are less frequent and the rigidity less intense. These changes are normally more frequent after the ages of 50 and 60 years.

Erectile troubles is a frequent pathology: in the world, 152 million men are affected. Other than exhaustion, stress or depression (of psychological origins), masculine impotency can be encouraged by other factors like tobacco, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular ailments, cholesterol or taking certain medications.

Natural causes of impotency

Natural causes of impotencyIn_50% of cases, erectile dysfunction come from natural problems (related to the body). Here are the most frequent:

Hormonal abnormalities and erectile dysfunction:

Mainly the deficiency in secretion of male hormone (androgen) or the excess secretion of the prolactin (pituitary hormone).

Blood sugar disequilibrium and impotency:

All acute disequilibrium situations with important hyperglycaemia and slimming can alter the quality of erections due to the degradation of general wellbeing.

Evolving general ailments and erectile dysfunction:

All general wellbeing altering ailments (coronary, cancer, serious infectious ailments…) are suspected to reach erection which will normalize after the eventual healing.

Medication causes and impotence:

So many medications can alter sexuality, among those frequently used by diabetics (certain anti high blood pressure, certain lipid-lowering drugs – cholesterol treatment) and certain medications targeting psychology like certain antidepressants.

Surgical causes and erectile dysfunction:

Certain surgical interventions around the waist (prostate, bladder …) can lead to neurological wounds and/ or vascular responsible to erectile dysfunction.

Neuropathy and impotence:

Many neurological ailments can be followed by erectile troubles, whether the reach is cerebral or medullar.

causes and erectile dysfunctionDiabetes and erectile dysfunction:

A reach on the peripheral veins can be responsible and sometimes associated with a reach to the bladder.

Muscular deficit and impotence:

Certain muscles of the perineum, particularly the cavernous hamstring, seem to have an important role in the maintenance and control of rigidity in the course of an erection.

Tobacco and impotence:

It constitutes an important cause in erectile troubles for it aggravates high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis and encourages a venous leakage (the inability of the veins in the penis to retain blood).

The Peyronie’s disease:

This abnormal curve of the penis is due to a strong and palpable scar inside the organ. It’s only in the case of an important deformation that there might be erectile troubles.

Psychological causes and impotence

This is how one can differentiate between and erectile dysfunction of psychological origin and of natural origin:

• Nightly or morning erection are retained
• Erection is complete during masturbation
• Trouble that survives more frequently in a sudden manner
• Survives only in certain circumstances
• Doesn’t seem to be associated to any ailment

Performance anxiety:

It constitutes the principal reason of psychological erectile troubles. One who suffers it is scarred of not being able to have an erection or to maintain it long enough for his personal satisfaction or that of his partner.

Other psychological factors:

Problem within the couple
• Hostility towards the partner
• Sexual laxity
• A bad sexual education
• Difficulty in professional discipline
• A loss of job
Financial worries
• Exhaustion
• Heartbreak
• A period of sexual abstinence
• A break from drugs or alcohol after a long period of abuse are some factors that can lead to an erectile problem

Treatments for impotence

The vacuum (or empty pump)

It is about a mechanical technique and non-surgical. The device is made up of a plastic cylinder, connected over a pump. The penis put in the cylinder from where the pump evacuates air, creating a vacuum that leads to blood flow in the hollow parts of the penis. A ring is placed at the base of the penis to stop blood from returning and the cylinder is removed. The ring must be removed absolutely after 30 minutes of use, to avoid blood clots.


ProSolution GelThis oral treatment allows the blood vessels in the penis to dilate to allow the entry of more blood and therefore lead to an erection. The medicine does not cause an automatic erection and does not increase sexual desire. It simply helps the man to get and maintain an erection. It acts only if the man is subject to a sexual stimulation.

ProSolution Gel

The Gel Pro Solution permits the spongy tissues of the penis also called cavernous body to absorb more blood during an erection. When your penis is erected, the spongy tissues are naturally filled with blood and thanks to the Pro Solution Gel; these cells are stimulated and increase in size, which generates a plus erection! Increasing an erection is not just the only benefit from the Pro Solution cream. In fact the cream Pro Solution also contains a number of active natural ingredients which enhance sexual performances, generates more sperm, firmer erections and enables the control of one’s ejaculation.

It is very rare for a natural product to be recommended by the medical body but the results of the Pro Solution Gel have been demonstrated by clinical studies. In addition the Pro Solution does not cause side effects, contrary to prescribed drugs, surgical operations, or pumps, weights which can cause grave permanent damages to the penis. Finally the Pro Solution cream is available without a medical prescription and it is presented in form of cream, which is surely one of the most practical methods.

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