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Herbs that You Should Know to Erectile Dysfunction

Though there are many men who experience this, you should know that there are plenty of mend with erectile dysfunction who are not inflicted with this condition due to psychological issues. There could just as easily be a blatant medical issue that affects one’s sexual abilities.

Take this next story, for example. A man and woman have recently gotten married, but they soon find out that the man cannot perform in bed. The woman recommends that the man see a doctor about this condition, yet he is just too embarrassed to make an appointment. The man ignores the problem, yet soon realizes he has developed other symptoms that are not usually associated with erectile dysfunction. It’s then that the man goes to a doctor, who finds a tumor in the man’s pituitary gland. Among the various symptoms this tumor had caused, testosterone production was one of them. This had lowered the man’s libido and prowess over the years, and finally removing the tumor allowed the man to awaken his sexual desires and performance.

This_story reflects the fact that not all erectile dysfunction is caused by a mental dilemma. Of course, issues like depression, stress, and anxiety can definitely have adverse effects on sexual performance. However, men should always seek further diagnosis from a doctor to see whether there is an underlying medical issue that might cause the dysfunction in the first place. It’s much better to catch the cause and treat the problem so that you can return to top shape as soon as you can.

Most erectile dysfunctions can be addressed, and men should not feel embarrassed to admit they suffer from this condition. Since many men associate their masculinity with sexual prowess, eliminating erectile dysfunction is surely a direct boost to a man’s self-esteem. Currently, there are several prescription drugs available for erectile dysfunction treatment. The most common and popular of these is Viagara. The first brand name medication that for this condition, and has retained popularity ever since it came out.

There are, however, many men that do not reap any benefits from these drugs. If prescription medication does not help, men have the option of various other methods. They might inject drugs right into the penis, force the penis to enlarge with a specifically-designed vacuum, or wear a penile prosthetic implant. If all of these solutions still do not provide results, a microvascular surgery could be performed so that proper blood flow would reach the penis. Keep in mind, however, that this is a more invasive treatment method reserved for men with vascular diseases or damaging injuries.

With all these solutions available, men with erectile dysfunction need not feel embarrassed or distressed. It should be kept in mind that most men do get this condition at least once, and there are plenty of ways to eliminate it. A man no longer has to hide this problem away and feel as if his manhood has been eliminated. He must simply be proactive and reach out towards the vast options available to get back into top shape for himself and his partner.

Of the many treatment methods previously mentioned, using natural herbs is the safest and most effective ways to ease erectile dysfunction. This method will not produce any side effects, a benefit that pushes many men to turn to natural herbs these days. If you’d like to avoid the negative byproducts of taking prescription medications, you should give these alternative natural herb supplements a try.

There are many different herbs available to treat erectile dysfunction or improve libido. If you do choose to take them, simply let your doctor know which ones you’ll be experimenting with. It’s been reported that certain herbs may interfere with prescription medications, so it’s always better to be safe and get a professional opinion on the matter.

The listed herbs and supplements below are often taken by men with erectile dysfunction:

- Horny Goat Weed: Boosts libido and treats other sexual issues. Stimulates higher sperm count, as well as raise testosterone levels. It is known to increase sex drive and sexual performance.

- Ginkgo Biloba: This herb can boost mental performance like memory, as will allow for more blood flow to the brain. This same circulation improvement will also positively affect erectile issues.

Ginseng--Ginseng: It is an herb known to promote vitality and overall well-being. Ginseng will loosen the artery walls, thus allowing for quicker and more efficient blood circulation through the entire body. This herb is known as the “revitalizer”.

- Yohimbe: This is tree bark that is known to be a strong aphrodisiac. It is used even in Europe to treat dysfunction. However, this natural supplement is quite strong, even in low doses. If overused, you may feel fatigue, dizziness, lower blood pressure, nausea, hallucinations, abdominal pain, anxiety, and even paralysis if consumption has been too excessive. In order to remain safe, Yohimbe must be purchased only with a specific prescription for it.

- Tongkat Ali: This supplement is an extract from a tree found in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. It is strong enough to cure conditions like erectile dysfunction.

- Though not yet completely proven, Saw Palmetto is accepted as helpful to erectile dysfunction.

You may wish to seek out a more direct and efficient way of eliminating erectile dysfunction in a safe and natural manner. If this is the case, the best choices you have available to you are Male Extra and VigRax.
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