Natural Supplements for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, also known as sexual impotence, is the inability to obtain or maintain an erection required to accomplish a sexual activity. It is way more common that we think, specially in men on their fifties or older.

However, it is possible to reverse this condition or at least control it's symptoms with some natural medication for erectile dysfunction, such as:

1 – L-arginina

L-arginina is an amino acid that increases the level of nitric oxide in the organism, allowing a person to get an erection more easily, seeing that nitric oxide is responsible for dilating the blood vases in the penis, allowing blood inlet.

It is found in protein-rich foods, such as meat and fish, but it's also present in some vegetables and dry fruit. It's an ingredient that's found in almost every supplement for erectile dysfunction in the market, like Male Extra and others we recommend at this website.

2 – Red Korean Ginseng

Red Korean GinsengRed_Korean Ginseng is an herb that's very efficient in the treatment for erectile dysfunction. It comes from South Corea and is prepared in a special way that makes it more efficient than the north american Ginserg or the asian Ginseng.

It is a plant extract well known for its ability to increase blood circulation in the genital area. United with other plant extracts it can be very efficient in the treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Some studies have shown that Ginseng and L-arginina together facilitate erections a lot, both on men who suffer from erectile dysfunction and on healthy men. That is why they're almost always present in supplements for treatment of erectile dysfunction.

3 – The Zinc

Zinc is indispensable in the treatment for erectile dysfunction because it regulates many enzymes and hormones related to sexual activity. It can be found in red meat, but also in white meat, oysters, beans and certain cereals.

Zinc deficiency is normally related to erection problems, reduced sperm and other sexual problems. People who have a low in zinc diet or problems that prevents them from absorbing this mineral are normally susceptible to suffer from sexual problems.

Although this mineral appears in our diet in normally sufficient doses, it is advisable that men who suffer from erectile dysfunction take a zinc supplement.

Zinc is also very important at the synthesis of testosterone by our organism. Low testosterone levels are, in many cases, one of the causes for erectile dysfunction.

4 – L-carnitina

L-cartinina is a compound involved in the energy metabolism of our bodies and is normally produced by our own organism, but is also a lot common in supplements for treatment of erectile dysfunction, like VigRax.

Some studies have demonstrated that this ingredient influences the increasing of testosterone production by our organism.

5 – Niacin

Niacin is another ingredient that's very common on supplements for erectile dysfunction and some studies have confirmed its beneficial action on helping men with erection problems, especially on those with a high cholesterol.

Niacin can be found in chicken and fish, but in doses too small to cause any significant effect on men with erectile dysfunction. That's why taking this in a supplement form is advisable.

6 – Marapuama

Natural Supplements for Erectile DysfunctionMarapuama is a bush that grows at amazon and is very popular in Brazil, both as treatment for erectile dysfunction and as a masculine aphrodisiac.

Even though it's not as popular as the ones mentioned before, it's widely used in some countries and is also present in many supplements.

These are the most famous and most used natural remedies for erectile dysfunction, being it for its direct taking, or for the taking of supplements that contain them.

However, even though the direct taking of all these ingredients can be done individually or obtained through feeding, we advise that you opt for a supplement that contains these ingredients combine, because it's way safer and easier to control.

Remember that, even though all these ingredients are natural, when taken in high doses they can cause many side effects, what makes the indiscriminate taking very dangerous. Opt for one of the supplements we recommend at the end of this article and go safe.

Other points to be taken into consideration

Although the taking of a good supplement can help controlling the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and getting a good enough erection to be able to complete the sexual act, there are a few recommendations that you need to take into consideration to better not only your sex life, but your health in general.

1 – Losing Weight

erectile dysfunctionThe_excess of body fat can cause erectile dysfunction. Besides contributing for weak blood circulation, body fat has also the shocking effect of turning testosterone into estrogen, therefore being responsible for decreasing testosterone levels, and as a consequence, being one of the causes for erectile dysfunction.

Studies have demonstrated that obese men with erection problems have restored they sex function only by having a significant weight loss. Even if fat might not be the main responsible for your problems, if you suffer from being overweight, you should seriously think about losing weight.

2 – Exercise

Regular exercise is an excellent natural treatment for erectile dysfunction, because it not only helps losing weight but it also helps increasing the testosterone levels in a natural way. Maintaining an active life is essential to all people, but it carries a significantly bigger meaning to men with sex problems.

If you have a sedentary job or little-to-no active life, try to make it better by practicing some exercise. You don't have to attend the gym religiously or to spend hours in strenuous exercises; a lot of times, a simple daily walk or the shift of some habits can be enough to change radically your life and our sex health.

Lastly, have in mind that erectile dysfunction or erection problems can be related to other diseases, such as cardiac problems, high cholesterol or diabetes.
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