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There are many ways to treat erectile dysfunction. They come, among others, from medications, natural remedies and devices that somehow can solve the problem. Lets start with medication, so every man can learn their options and know what they can rely on. We'll leave the natural medicine for the end, since it's the treatment we support and recommend in this website, given the fact that they're more efficient and don't represent any danger, which is something we'll discuss about the regular medicine.

The Medication for Erectile Dysfunction

Treat Erectile DysfunctionAlmost twenty years ago the popular blue pills were introduced in the market as a way to treat erectile dysfunction and it brought to light a problem that was common for men but still treated as a taboo. Since then, the number of diagnosed men with erectile dysfunction grew by 250%. Before the medicine was released, not much was said about this problem, given that men would think there was no way to treat it and preferred to absorb themselves from the humiliation. Now, they begin to understand that they are not alone and diagnoses start to grow giddily.

As a consequence of those events, many other medications started to appear in the market, promising to help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. The thing is, all of them come with various, potentially dangerous collateral effects and cannot be taken by every men. Even for those who don't have any health issues, the regular use of this type of medication for erectile dysfunction treatment is dangerous.

These medications, called “phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors”, are approved by the regulation agencies and have the goal to increase the blood flow in the penis in other to obtain an erection. They work in approximately 80% of men but they can cause nasal congestion, headaches, the feeling of a swollen head and other similar effects. That is, considering completely healthy men. For men who suffer from cardiac problems or diabetes, it can cause much worse problems and even death.

Because of that, some “old school” methods of treatment for erectile dysfunction are to become popular once again. Some men returned to rely on local injections in their penis, that cause an almost instantaneous erection, or other devices that inject content right in the urethra. The problem with these methods is that they present very similar potential danger as the pharmaceuticals mentioned above, and so they are not a long term solution to treat erectile dysfunction. They can only be used as a last resource, for those men whose other medications don't work.

For some men the problem is caused by hormonal imbalance, which is normally a low level of testosterone, and can be solved with simple testosterone reposition therapy. The most common methods are skin applications and intravenous injections. These treatments, however, also present some risk and must be monitored closely by a specialist.

The Devices for Erectile Dysfunction

pumpsBesides the ones mentioned above, there are the old vacuum pumps, already so obsoletes, but worth the mention. They risk the rupture of some blood vases of the penis and can cause internal bleeding. The new pumps, controlled by water, are safer but way less practical. Both have very little use nowadays, when more efficient alternatives exist.

But if you suffer from neurological disorders or spinal cord injury, no natural treatment or medication will be able to help you. The only option is a prosthesis with a pump that can be manually activated to boost fluids inside previously inserted cylinders, or a malleable prosthesis that allows driving the penis in order to grant a sexual relation. But, besides these methods not being safe from risks, they also require surgical intervention, something that should always be the last option.

The Psychological Problems of Erectile Dysfunction

And finally, there are men who, despite not having any physical problem keeping them from growing an erection, suffer from traumas or mental locks that stops them from having or keeping an erection in conditions that allow normal sexual activities. For them, the best solution is the use of one of the medications discussed above or natural medication (that we're talking about next) with the help of a therapist, a specialist that can help unlocking their minds for the sexual act. These therapies can be done individually or with a couple. Normally they begin solo and end up as a couple therapy.

The Supplements for Erectile Dysfunction

Male ExtraThe_natural remedies, made from plant extracts, are the new approach for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in an effective, safe and final way. There are many efficient plant extracts in the treatment of this dysfunction, such as ginkgo biloba, yohimbe (dangerous), tribulus terrestres, epemedium, red ginseng, catuaba bark, and many others. The saw palmetto is also used a lot because it helps in the absorption of other plant extracts, but it can lower the testosterone levels when taken in high doses.

The natural remedies, being the plant extracts only or the compound supplements, must be taken everyday, with or without sexual activity, unlike the pharmaceuticals that are taken only when needed.

The problem is that all of these extracts are poisonous in high doses and can equally present unpleasant collateral effects. That is why we don't recommend taking them individually. Taking them alone, everyday, is a complex and potentially dangerous task.

Fortunately there are many supplements for erectile dysfunction that are a mix of various plant extracts like the ones presented above, but combined in the ideal doses in order to get maximum benefits without collateral effects. They are simple (two pills per day), safe and efficient, without presenting any of the potential problems that regular medication or the individual taking presents.

This is our recommendation for every men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Evidently, supplements alone might not be able to solve the more serious problems some men present, and so they must opt for the regular medication or a mix of both. But this is the future of the treatment for erectile dysfunction.
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