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Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction / Impotence

Erectile Dysfunction is the inability in men to sustain consistent erection repeatedly. Over 30 million men worldwide reportedly suffer from the problem. The condition is quite common and exerts considerable impact on one’s life. In fact, people suffering from the issue are mostly reluctant to talk about it even to a doctor. Hence, it is important to take up this issue that effect so many men and look into the various treatments for erectile dysfunction / impotence available.

Erectile Dysfunction mechanics

Erectile dysfunction causesPenis, the male reproductive organ comprises of two chambers shaped like a cylinder known as Corpora Casanova. The tubular structure runs along the penile length. It consists of many arteries that bring blood into the penis and take away. Physical or mental sexual stimulation of the penis causes the brain to be responsive to the arteries in the penis which facilitates relaxation. Thus blood rushes into the penis such that it becomes hard and stiff. Hence, erection is achieved along with continued contraction of specialized penis muscles such that veins get compressed. It reduces the flow of blood back from the penis facilitating sustained erection.

Any kind of disruption such as insufficient quantity of blood inflow or inappropriate nerve impulses from brain to penis can be a deterrent in proper erection functioning. In fact, anything that limits the proper blood flow into the penis can cause erectile issues.

Erectile dysfunction causes

Many consider erectile dysfunction as a problem impacting psychologically. However in all cases this isn’t such. Erectile issues do have some psychological factors involved but several underlying physical aspects also hold true. Treatments for erectile dysfunction / impotence can be better performed when these disorders are dealt with properly.

Physical causes of erectile dysfunction

1. Vascular diseases
Increased penile blood flow aids in achieving erection, but any kind of cardiovascular diseases that impair the flow of blood makes erection difficult. Internal conditions such as high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, and increased cholesterol levels contribute to the problem.

erectile dysfunction2._Neurological disorder
Proper functioning of the brain and nervous system both combine to help males achieve erection. But any kind of hindrance to its proper functioning can interfere with erection. Dysfunctional conditions include Alzheimer’s disease and Stroke Multiple Sclerosis.

3. Diabetes
It is reported that men suffering from diabetes will have erectile dysfunction at some point of their lives. This is especially evident as researchers have found out erection issues to be directly associated with diabetes. Men with diabetes and bereft of optimum sugar levels can suffer from damaged nerves and blood vessels.

4. Trauma
Any kind of trauma to penile veins and arteries that supplies blood can cause erectile dysfunctionality. People that have been riding bicycle for longer time experience trauma due to constant pressure on the veins when seated. This can cause irreversible damages to the delicate penis blood vessels.

5. Lifestyle
Issues related to improper lifestyle habits such as drinking, smoking, drug abuse, and more can interfere with sufficient blood flow into the penis vessels. When undergoing treatments for erectile dysfunction make sure these lifestyle habits are kept in check to obtain complete benefits.

6. Medications
Certain medicinal compositions cause erectile dysfunction. These include blood pressure and antidepressant medicines. The drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction causes like high blood pressure and depression are also the conditions that give rise to them in the first case. If you are on medication and start having erection problems make sure to talk to the doctor about the same.

7. Surgery
Men above 50 years of age and older can have problems with erection. Due to age related conditions enlargement of the prostate organ and even prostate cancer can be the root cause of such inefficiency. Surgical procedures are hence performed to combat the illness which might damage the penile health as well causing disruption in proper erectile functioning.

Ways to treat erectile dysfunction

Changes in lifestyleThe basic and most crucial aspect for treatments for erectile dysfunction / impotence to show viable results is better lifestyle changes to improved sexual health. Stop drinking, smoking, and adopt a lifestyle of exercising for overall wellness.

Vacuum pumps – Pump is used to draw air out with the specialized cylinder and pump device. Hence, there is an increased blood flow for the penis to maintain erection. An elastic band worn around the penile base can also produce erection.

treatments for erectile dysfunctionPsychotherapy – The problem is rather complex and men should try talking to their partner and consult a doctor to sort out the situation. Never resort to self-medication as that can be rather harmful and lethal as well.

Surgery – For younger males with damaged arteries and blood vessels of the penis can achieve better health with surgical restoration. Even a surgical implantation that is filled with pressurized fluid can cause proper erection.

Natural Supplements – The famous program Male Extra is able to treat erectile dysfunction issues with an effective specialized penis enlargement pill consumption to uplift the male vigor! This all natural supplement is the ultimate male health supplement with proven ingredients for effective enhancement solution for men. For men looking for enhanced sexual vigor and better sexual health, the product Male Extra is certainly worth the try!

With an amalgamation of various naturally available ingredients L-Arginine HCI, Pomegranate, Niacin, Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, L-Methionine (omega 3 fatty acid, Maca, Cordyceps, and flaxseed) and Creatine together combine to form a powerful supplement. Consumer reviews of treatments for erectile dysfunction / impotence for Male Extra, powerful supplement, indicate the beneficial outcome attained by satisfied customers.

Male Extra has been rising in popularity with its impressive erectile enhancement to raise a man’s libido and sexual desire. It is considered as the most effective and safe treatments for erectile dysfunction / impotence to perform amazingly in the bedroom. The supplement has undergone several laboratory tests prior to being adjourned just right for elevating the sexual desire of the man. The unique ingredient set is able to uplift not just the penis health but many have reportedly obtained an increase in length as well. This natural male enhancer is definitely one of the best ever in male erectile functioning restoration in the market today!

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