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If you landed on this page, you probably feel that your sex life is not what it used to be and you are searching for information on how to increase your sex drive, looking for tips or treatments that could boost your sexual desire.

If you do not feel like having sex as often as your partner, that doesn't mean that you are suffering from a sexual disorder or that you need to increase your libido – we know for a fact that men have higher sex drive than women. Although that may cause some relationship issues, it is no indication of any serious problem on its own.

Likewise, ups and downs in women libido are also normal. There is no formula to determine the number of times a couple should have sex. However, if the “downs” start to occur more frequently than the “ups”, it may be time to start looking for methods to naturally improve your sexual desire.
Increase Female LibidoSex_drive in women changes over the years. The ups and downs of the female libido coincide with the beginning (or end) of relationships, but they can also be a result of problems in the relationship, personal or professional life or major events, such as pregnancy, menopause or disease. Many antidepressants and other drugs also have significant impact on female desire for sex.

The problem may be temporary and disappear naturally. But if you experience frequent and prolonged low libido, it is likely that you are suffering from a condition that is called frigidity or sexual coldness, a female sexual disorder that is the equivalent of male sexual dysfunction.

Your partner wants to have sex when you both lie down after a long day, but you don't have any sexual desire and feel rather exhausted and just want a good night's sleep. Let's face it: most women do not want to have sex as often as they would wish to. In fact, a third of adult women suffers from chronic low libido, a problem that affects their sex life. Those women would like to find a natural way to increase their sex drive.

Although it is much more common than we think, frigidity or sexual coldness is in fact not yet well understood, if known at all, and more than half of women who suffer from this sexual disorder and that could benefit enormously from a sexual desire boost to have a fulfilling and satisfying sex life do not do anything about it.

While the low libido is only one of the sexual disorders that affect women, it is certainly the most common and one that can cause more damages to the relationship.

In this series of articles (and in our section dedicated to increase female libido) we will talk about symptoms, causes and treatments to improve sexual desire. We will help you boost your libido and solve your sexual problems.

It is normal that a woman does not want to talk about these issues with her partner or even a specialist, and the internet is an excellent source of information and advice to help you improve your sex drive, although not all the material available online is accurate and reliable.

The first step towards a solution for the lack of sexual desire is to acknowledge the problem. A sexual disorder can be treated.

In some cases, like when the low libido is related to the relationship itself, it is essential to involve the partner in the discussion, as the only way to solve the problem is to address the its cause.

Increase Female LibidoIf_the sexual disorder is linked to psychological issues, such as depression, or if it is being caused by the use of medications (usually antidepressants or sleeping pills), it is important to talk to your doctor to change the medication or its dosage, in order to put your sex drive back on track. The same applies to the lack of sexual desire caused by physical injury or illness.

However, in most cases the low libido is the result of stress, anxiety or even the boredom of a sedentary and dull life (in bed and out of it), and can be easily treated with some changes in lifestyle and/or the intake of natural supplements to increase libido.

Those are the kind of issues that we want to focus on. If you're looking to boost your sexual desire, and most importantly, to do so without side effects, regardless of what is causing you to have a poor libido, the first thing to do is to get some information – and so the advice you find in these articles will be very useful to help you achieve your goal. So read on and you will be ready to take further steps towards solving your problem.

The most important thing we want to tell you is that increase female libido is not an easy task, there is no buttons to push nor miracle drugs that can solve the problem overnight, but the disorder is treatable. And that's what drives us here.

Increasing your desire for sex is not as easy as improving male sex drive, as the woman's brain works differently from the man's brain in many ways – and when it comes to sexuality, they’re are quite different. Treatments to increase female sex desire always take much longer to show results, and lifestyle changes will equally take effect much slower.

But the first thing to do is to get started – by reading these four articles! If you want to know how to boost your libido, click on the link below and discover the difference between increasing sexual desire and improving sexual arousal:
How do Improve Female Sex Desire
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Increase Female Libido
Increase Female Libido
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