The Many Ways Women Can Boost the Libido

Throughout a woman’s life, she will be subject to tumultuous changes in her libido. There may be times where you feel highly sexual and active, while you can lose this desire in an instant. A woman’s libido is affected in a numerous amount of ways. The cause of change could be due to lifestyle choices, or possibly the use of prescription medication.

In order to fully grasp and alleviate the problem of low libido, we have accumulated a list of general causes and solutions below. You’ll see that it’s quite possible to boost your libido with just some easy changes in your life.

1. Make it a Routine

Ways Women Can Boost the LibidoYounger women often don’t have the burden of many responsibilities, which is why they usually have higher libidos. However, as women grow older, they are face with various responsibilities and activities such as work, children, hobbies, homemaking, and friendships. These do not leave a woman with much time to even think about sex. Even when you do get some free time to spend, you’d probably rather sit down and relax rather than have sex. Women do not hate sex, however. It just keeps going down lower on their list of priorities as they grow older.

Though this is a completely natural change, women must keep in mind that sex is a very important factor of a monogamous relationship. Since this is the case, it might be best to plan ahead and assign a day on your calendar to have sex with your partner. This might sound silly to you, but it might be the only way you end up having sex.

Mark one or two nights a week on your calendar, and expect to spend a romantic rendezvous with your loving partner. If you’ve been together for some time, it might be beneficial to bring something new to the table. Take turns suggesting or bringing new sex toys, sex play illustrations, videos, or different techniques and positions to the bedroom. Since you’ve scheduled this ahead of time, not only are you committed to revamping your sex life, but you are also fully prepared for what will happen in the bedroom. Knowing this can give you time to get yourself aroused beforehand, making the night much more enjoyable and fun.

2. Change Your Mindset

Women Can Boost the LibidoA_stressed or anxious woman is definitely not thinking about sex. In fact, that’s probably the last item on her list of things to worry about. Whether the stress if caused by work, the relationship, family, or financial issues; the libido is affected either way. It’s very difficult to think about having sex when you have a pile of overdue bills stacking up in front of you. On the other hand, you might be avoiding sex due to anxieties or paranoia of problems such as STDs or unwanted pregnancy. Whatever the reason, all the stress a woman feels will most likely lower her libido to its lowest point, and will also prevent her from enjoying any sexual activities.

The first thing you should do when you feel any of these negative emotions is to simply be healthy. You should maintain your body with exercise, healthy food, lots of water, and even relaxation methods like meditation or yoga.

This might seem like hard work you don’t want to do, but keep in mind that doing so improves your sex life, not just your overall health. The next method you might consider is to stimulate your brain with books, puzzles, social interaction, or write a blog. Keeping yourself healthy physically and mentally will allow you to simply deal with libido problems a whole lot better.

If even after you’ve fulfilled these requirements for a healthy libido you still feel anxious about sex, you might want to speak to a professional. The best way would be to seek out a sex therapist, but a general psychologist or counsellor would be competent enough to help your with your problems.

3. Spice up Your Sex Life

After being in a relationship for such a long time, it’s normal for a woman to start feeling bored of her partner. She gets caught up in all the familiar situations and person, and starts losing any libido she has left. Up to this point, the woman might have tried various ways of revamping the relationship. Of course, these ways aren’t just restricted to older women. Many younger couples who hit a point in their relationships where they start losing that spark will often try and change their situations with a bit of spontaneity. Having a routine and being familiar with something is not a bad thing. It just comes a time in a relationship where a little spice is needed to keep the connection strong.

When you have your routine days for sex, try not to think of them like chores. Think of every night as a completely new situation, and suggest new things you’d like to try with your partner. If you can’t think of anything specific, you might consider recreating a pornographic video, use a new sex toy, or try out the techniques present in magazines or sex guides. As these are all very new to you, you may feel a bit embarrassed about even bringing up the idea. However, keeping an open mind about this will help you see soon enough that your sex life can be a lot more satisfying and fresh.

4. Communication is Key

decrease libidoIt’s_important that you always address any problems or concerns you have with your partner. If you simply ignore the blatant negativity, your relationship may head towards an even more tumultuous state. Keep in mind that holding a grudge or disdain for something your partner might have done will only dampen your libido even more. In some more extreme cases, you might lose attraction for your partner all together. These issues don’t have to be large or important, though it’s also quite possible that they could be. You might simply be sick and tired of poor hygiene or not helping around the house. Whatever annoyances or issues bother you, it’s best to deal with them head on before you try and boost your libido.

Any strong relationship requires a decent amount of communication. Without it, the relationship could get filled with resentment and mistrust, which will ultimately be quite detrimental. Even seeking out counselling or therapy together will push your relationship towards the right direction. The problems you have in the relationship might not even be that deeply psychological, in which case the help of a sex therapist can help you immensely. However, if none of these ways of communication seems to help ease the animosity or discomfort you feel for each other, it could mean the death of your relationship. Though it seems silly to dismiss a relationship because of sex, keep in mind that sex is most likely one of the many issues that is present, or is part of a larger problem you two have with each other.

5. Self-Esteem

There’s no one on this planet that is 100 percent content with his or her own body. Whatever problems you see on it, it’s important to still be happy with the general way you look. In order to feel content with your sex life, you must first feel content with your entire body, imperfections and all. If you cannot find it in your heart to accept yourself the way you are, you might want to consider other options.

6. Menopause

sexual desire disorderOlder_age leads to a number of different problems. The body loses bone mass, gets weaker joints, loses skin elasticity, is more open to illness, etc. Biologically-speaking, decreased libido can be blamed on lowered testosterone levels (yes, testosterone) and menopause. However, your sex drive can also be highly affected by the anxiety, fear, and depression you feel from aging itself.

As you experience menopause, it’s essential that you understand what exactly your body will go through in terms of changes. Ask your doctor for treatment methods your body can benefit from. You might be given estrogen in whatever form in order to increase circulation and get blood flow to the vagina, thus stimulating arousal and libido. Women also might be interested in hormone therapy, where a low dosage of androgens are used to boost libido. Of course, you can simply purchase a vaginal lubricant for the fastest effect.

7. Sexual Trauma

Women who have unfortunately been victim to sexual abuse may have much more difficulty in opening up to sexual activities or any other types of physical intimacy. This is a natural response to past abuse, and it’s important that the woman and the partner understands that it is perfectly normal to avoid sex in this case. However, there are many women who have overcome their struggles and go on to lead happy, healthy sex lives. This may take a bit more time than others and require some therapy, but it is very possible.

Women who have gone through this must not jump right into any intimate actions; they must wait until they are completely ready. They must never allow someone to push them into an uncomfortable situation.

8. Prescription Medication

negative impact on libidoIt’s_common knowledge that birth control and other oral contraceptives will lower libido. Also, lowered levels of testosterone and androgen production will decrease libido and cause vaginal drying.

Other drugs that have adverse effects on libido are mood stabilizers, tranquilizers, high blood pressure drugs, etc. Even if the drugs you take don’t aim to directly affect sex drive or performance, they can still impact your libido. In order to avoid this problem, speak with your doctor when given new medication and ask whether there are alternative options for it.

Having depression also shows a highly negative impact on libido. This is a mental illness that seems to affect many people in modern society; making them feel drowsy, angry, sad, lethargic, emotional, etc. If you feel this way, the best solution you have is to seek help from a professional. Keep in mind that almost 75 percent of those inflicted with depressions will have lower libido as well.

Unfortunately, the drugs prescribed to ease depression can also lead to adverse effects on libido or sexual activity in general. The medication can apparently delay orgasms, dysfunction, and lowered sex drive.

9. Medical Issues

Certain medical problems with the thyroid or hormone deficiency, especially among older women, can lower libido quite a bit. Metabolic disorders, or any adverse effect on your metabolic processes, can also decrease sex drive. It’s known that one out of five women have to deal with HSDD, or hypoactive sexual desire disorder. This is simply the formal name for decreased libido.

Final Thoughts

Every woman is different in her own way, so we must not concentrate on achieve the “normal” libido. The best way to achieve success in revitalizing your sex life is to simply feel great about it. If you don’t feel that drive at first, don’t force yourself. Your personal “normal” libido simply reflects how you feel about yourself, and whether you like to express your sexuality or not.

Of course, if you feel great about your sexuality already, that’s wonderful news. However, women who are apprehensive about sex, whatever the reasons are, can remedy their situations by considering the advice above. Though there’s not miracle that will suddenly make you feel ravenous for sex, following the suggestions patiently will definitely give you a boost.
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