Female Libido Boosters that Improve Sex Drive


Why is your Libido Low?

Many changes take place when the years take their toll on us. For women, one of the first signs of ageing is the loss of sexual appetite. Many of the changes are related with the changing levels of hormones in the body of the woman. Hormones control many of the main functions of the body; estrogen, for instance, determines sexual characteristics and the menstrual cycle. Other factors are stress and pain, which contribute to the decrease in sexual desire.

Female Libido Boosters that Improve Sex DriveFemale libido can vary from one woman to another. Although there are some factors like age, that are known to contribute to the decrease in sexual appetite, the level of decrease varies from a woman to woman. Here is where factors as emotional stress and medical conditions help to determine why a woman is having a faster decrease in her libido.

Let’s take a look at the variety of factors that can affect sexual desire in women:

• Age: some of the changes that a woman experiments with ageing are specific physical changes in her sexual organs. Muscle mass decreases, tissues are lost and dryness in the vagina appears, causing burning, irritation and itching. The loss of comfort and the pain diminish sexual pleasure, which may lead to a loss of sexual appetite.

• Stress: taking care of the kids or working many hours at the office not only takes toll on your body, but also your sexual appetite. Often we find ourselves too tired at the end of the day, and thinking of sex is something we postpone or that we are too exhausted to consider. Anyway, following a healthy diet or exercising both help lowering stress levels and last longer in bed.

• Medication: decrease of libido is considered a health problem. Consulting with a doctor can help you endure better this problem. Medication doesn’t only treat some ailments, but it also affects the normal functions of the body. Expressing your concerns and knowing the side effects of your medication can help determine if your medication is contributing to the decrease of libido.

Birth: a lot of changes take place in the body of a woman during pregnancy. Some women are more sexually active during this period. This is due to the different changes in hormone levels and the increase of sensations in the feminine genital organs. When a woman gives birth, hormone levels are again altered. Postpartum depression can also appear. When depression appears, one of the common changes includes low libido and decreased sexual appetite.

• Pain during intercourse: ageing brings many sexual changes in the woman. One of them is the decrease in the level of feminine secretions during intercourse. Women also may feel a decrease or variation in vaginal lubrication during the menstrual cycle. This is because the change in the levels of estrogen in the body affects the characteristics of the woman, like lubrication. The absence of sexual desire can be attributed to less pleasure during intercourse.

A decreased libido can appear due to many causes. This condition might not be due to physical factors. In fact, many women that can be considered in her prime can experiment changing levels or a decrease in libido or desire. This can also be due to problems in the relationship, psychological trauma and negative self-image, and negative feelings towards sex. Consulting with a professional like a doctor or a psychologist can help to determine the cause of a decreased sexual desire.

Types of Female Libido Boosters that Improve Sex Drive

Female Libido BoostersMost men complain about a diminished sexual urge in their women. However, if you had to manage the house, take care of the kids and add in pressures of work all on a daily basis, then it’s no wonder, women face libido issues. Female libido boosters can very easily solve this problem and that is the goal this article aims for in providing information about them.

Libido enhancers that contain testosterone

Now I know you must be wondering testosterone! And women in the same sentence! It does raise a lot of questions as it does eyebrows however, it’s been discovered that the use of testosterone -containing pills and patches have been quite useful for women who have had a surgical removal of their uteruses or ovaries. But be aware there's a safe limit to the use of these testosterone meds and they come with a lot of side effects if abused. Like for the example causing the development of male like baldness, the appearance of facial or chest hair and a voice changes.

Libido enhancers with estrogen as the main ingredient

There are a lot of pills, gels, patches used in enhancing female libido and these products have estrogen as the main ingredient. Estrogen medications work by improving the supply of blood to the genital regions this results in not only an improvement in sexual drive but also improves the dryness experienced in the vagina. It also helps women experience greater pleasure during sex resulting in more powerful orgasms.

Natural plants and herbs that enhance female libido

Apart from the solutions I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of natural herbs and plants available in several forms that can be used to boost libido in women. As these are natural they are generally much safer, rarely causing any side effects. Apart from improving libido in women, they are also useful in solving a number of problems like providing natural lubrication improving the vaginal dryness as a result, help regulate the menstrual cycle, relieve pain and discomfort seen during menses and enhance pleasure during sex.

Creams, sprays and gels that enhance female libido

A lot of women are not comfortable with using pills or patches. They can instead use creams, sprays and gels to enhance her libido. These topical applications are applied around the vulva a few minutes before sexual intercourse.

They are considered safe as they don't get into the blood stream and can easily be washed off after having sex. These gels, creams have been designed with a similar pH as that of the vagina to suit this environment. Also a lot of care is taken to ensure all women can use them by making them reducing their ability to cause allergies making them safe to use.

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