12 All Natural Female Libido Boosters

It’s the desire of every man to have his woman lusting for him in bed. Unfortunately, this doesn’t' happen at all times. A lot of times, women face problems with their sexual drive. Although there are a lot reasons for a reduced libido, but the proper use of the right libido enhancers will do wonders.

So what are the 12 most popular all natural female libido boosters out there?

Do you want your partner all hot sexually without going through the risk of using pills or meds? Then you’re lucky because in this article, you will get an exhaustive list of some of the most powerful female libido boosters in Nature.

Natural Female Libido BoostersThis is the list you need below:

#1. Vanilla
#2. Almonds
#3. Bananas
#4. Carrots
#5. Chocolates (not surprising)
#6. Mustard
#7. Strawberries
#8. Pine Nuts
#9. Aniseeds
#10. Basil
#11. Garlic
#12. Ginger

So what exactly do female libido boosters do?

The name pretty much says it all; they rev up the sexual desire in women. This means that if your partner doesn't match your aggressive sexual desires, or is a bit behind in her libidinous drive you could pretty much ask her to try any of these libido boosters.

Are there any pills to enhance female libido?

The short answer is yes. There are also natural solutions. These solutions work the same way the male types work and that is by improving blood supply to the pelvic and genital regions. With the increased flow of blood to these regions, the rich nerve endings in this area are stimulated resulting in the activation of sexual desires in women.

Are there any side effects with using meds to boost libido?

Well with any medication generally, the use of pills to boost sexual desires comes sadly with some side effects. The strength of these side effects will vary from woman to woman but the common ones include vomiting, irregularity in the menses, nausea, palpitations, etc.

To stop these side effects, it’s a good idea to stick with only all natural solutions.

So what is the extent of action of different female libido enhancers?

The type of action gotten will depend naturally on the type of libido boosters used.

If the libido booster is a pill that is swallowed that has say a particular hormone as its active ingredient, then the effects of the booster will be on the entire female sexual physiology toward the hormone.

Conversely, if the booster is in the form of say a patch or a spray, the effect tends to be more localized. Such locally acting libido boosters, tend to increase sexual desire by increasing the flow of blood towards the genital region.

There are some creams and lotions that also moisturize the vagina and the internal aspects of the female genital region resulting in an increased desire in women who avoid sex due to vaginal dryness.

Other factors that can lead to reduced sexual desire in women are the presence of any other disorders, menopause, increasing age, the post pregnancy period etc. Other emotional causes and hormonal imbalances can also lead to a decrease in libido. Regardless of the cause, the use of the right libido booster can help your woman regain her roaring sexual drive.
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