How do Improve Female Sex Desire

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When men seek help because of a sexual dysfunction, the problem is normally treated by improving excitement or erection, but for women, excitement itself not always mean sex desire. Technically, they are two independent things.

Excitement is the reaction to sexual stimulation and comes from the brain to the sexual organs. In man, it happens whit an increased blood flow into the penis, which leads to an erection, and in women the process takes place with the lubrication and swelling of the vagina, also causing an erection. But while the excitement can be easily obtained with external stimulation, sexual desire is much more complicated, especially in women.

How do Improve Female Sex DesireNot_everyone understands that lack of sexual desire in women is a disorder and, as such, it need to be treated, because often the problem is triggered by physical or psychological factors unrelated to sex, such as physical fatigue or stress/anxiety.

In fact, people don't feel sexual desire the same way they feel hungry after a long period of empty stomach, for instance. The idea that all kind of desires are similar in the way they happen in the body is wrong. That said, there is no medicine or treatment to increase female sexual desire that works in a few hours and all of a sudden makes women want sex.

This notion can be good to sell medicines, but such fast-acting drugs (mainly creams to be applied directly to the vagina and clitoris) are intended to increase arousal, which means enhance physical response of women to sexual stimulation. Although those creams are effective to enhance excitement and help women achieve orgasm more easily, the increase of desire (predisposition to sex) requires another type of treatment – and that will take time.

The real treatments to enhance female sexual desire act in the brain and take some time to show results. It may be that simple changes in daily routine will cause women to become more prone to sex, as well as the treatment of physical or psychological condition which may be affecting them, or even a treatment with a natural pill taken every day, regardless of whether or not there has been sexual activity.

However, human beings, whether men or women, have strong motivations to be sexual. Female sexual desire is normally associated with liking someone, feeling emotionally attached to someone, feeling attractive and desirable, wanting to please someone. If women don't feel desire in any of those situations, they’re probably suffering from some sexual disorder that prevents them from reacting to stimulations and need help – a treatment that will increase their sexual desire.

What the treatment do is condition the brain to react faster to stimulation that normally lead women to feel sexual desire.

For this reason, the so-called treatments to increase female libido can be viewed in different ways and must be analysed in the light of whatever is interfering with the sexual drive:

- If the lack of libido is due to a physical illness, that should be treated first and foremost.

- If the woman suffers from any psychological problem, that must be addressed first.

- If the lack of desire is being caused by the intake of a medication to treat other disease, this should be reviewed by a doctor before starting any treatment to enhance sex drive.

Improve Female Sex DesireLuckily most of the time there is no specific problem behind a poor sexual desire and the problem can be spurred with small changes in the day-to-day or with natural remedies to increase sex drive – the only ones we recommend to treat this sexual disorder.

Women should not feel depressed or abnormal for having little desire to have sex. As much as it sounds incredible, studies conducted in America have shown that 44% of women suffer from low sexual desire. Yes, that is true – almost half of the American adult women admit they have a sexual desire below what would be considered normal. Although studies in Europe are not as conclusive, it is believed that the figures would be pretty much identical.

Those studies are actually not recent. It is estimated that, with the increasing professional competitiveness and the degradation of family and financial conditions of many families due to the recent crises that have been felt worldwide, the problem has worsened even further.

Furthermore, the low sexual desire in women causes stress to themselves, to their partner and to the relationship – which further exacerbates the sexual disorder and leads to a snowball that, if not is stopped, may result in serious consequences. They can be consequences on a personal level, for the family and even of professional scale. It is something that can adversely affect one's life and those surrounding them.

That is why enhance female libido is crucial to optimize women’s well being and the well being of people with whom they share their life in different levels. Do not ignore the problem! But first you need to know what the symptoms of a low sexual desire are, and the causes that may be in its origin.

If you want to know how to increase your sexual desire, click on the link below to learn about the symptoms and causes of low libido in women:
Symptoms and Causes of Low Sex Drive in Women
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