Treatments to Increase Female Libido

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 The pharmaceutical industry has been putting a lot of efforts into coming up with a drug to increase female sex drive, but so far only one has been approved for human use, Addyi, which has got so many potentially dangerous side effects that we strongly oppose its use.

Treatments to Increase Female LibidoOn_the other hand, natural remedies have trodden this path with more success and in this article we will introduce the best natural supplements that you can choose to increase female sex drive. But first we will talk about some foods and activities that you can adopt and that will help increase your sexual desire naturally. These procedures work on their own and, when accompanied by one of the supplements to increase female libido that we recommend, will deliver very effective results.

Most women use drugs or natural remedies to boost their sex drive. However, there are some natural treatments that can be of help to regain sex desire.

Here is a list of foods widely known for their aphrodisiac properties:

Avocados are known to be excellent aphrodisiac and can give you that sexual energy that you've been looking for. Avocados are rich in vitamin B6, potassium and folic acid, and other ingredients that increase female sexual desire.

Bananas, which are rich in potassium and vitamin B, are great for encouraging the production of testosterone. They are a good source of energy and can increase sexual desire in both women and men.

Oysters are well known for their strong aphrodisiac properties. As they are rich in zinc, oysters are excellent for the health of both male and female genitals.

Asparagus is great to naturally encourages the production of sex hormones. It is also an excellent source of vitamin E, which has strong effect on the natural increase of sex drive.

Eggs are rich in vitamins B6 and B5 and help reduce stress and anxiety, as well as balance the hormones and boost sex drive.

Figs contain various amino acids that are excellent for increasing female sexual desire. As it can be consumed fresh or dried, it is available all year round.

Ginseng is a popular plant to treat sexual problems and is widely used in natural supplements for sexual performance aimed at both men and women.

Muira puama.
Another excellent plant to increase female sex desire, with a strong impact on sexual desire and intensity of orgasms. Also widely used in supplements for this purpose.

Another plant of which vegetal extracts are used in supplements for men and women and that has a strong sexual impact.

In addition to those foods, there are other natural treatments to increase female libido that you should try:

Yoga and Exercise.
As we all know, stress is the biggest sex drive killer, especially in women, and everything that helps combat it, such as yoga, meditation and exercise, is an excellent way to naturally increase female sex drive. Moreover, exercise helps lose weight and shape the body, which alone will help improve sexual desire.

Treatments to Increase Female LibidoIntimate moments with your partner.
Scheduling sex can be rather a bad idea, as it can turn something good into an obligation, but take time to have some intimacy with your partner can be a good way to enhance the sexual desire enclosed within. Play and share activities that create abetment can prove a great way to increase your libido.

Psychological counselling.
For more serious problems, or for those involving issues in the relationship itself, the best thing to do is seek expert help from a psychologist in order to overcome low sex drive.

However, improve female sex desire is not a straightforward process, and therefore it's recommended to make use of all the resources available. Combine some of the foods listed above with the advice that we will give below and a good natural supplement can be the right formula to revive that pleasure that has now been lost and that you so eagerly look for – to the point of bothering to read these four articles. (-_-)

Finally, we will give you a brief overview of the best women libido supplements on the market, to increase female sex drive efficiently and without dangerous side effects.

Feminil is an excellent natural remedy to increase female sex drive. Through its natural ingredients, it will have a strong impact on boosting sex desire. Feminil will also act on the balance of hormones and sexual stimulation by increasing blood flow in the genital area. This way, not only does it boosts sexual appetite, it also improves sexual pleasure – two things intertwined that will provide a strong impact on sex drive.

ProvestraProvestra is a natural supplement that has proven to be very effective in increasing female sex drive. It is the best supplement on the market. Comprising a wide range of plant extracts, vitamins and other ingredients that complement each other, it balances female hormones, relieves stress, improves mood and enhances sexual response to stimulation. It has also got benefits that no other supplement will offer. Furthermore, its formula contains some of the best vegetables that are known to be aphrodisiacs.

Those are the two best supplements to increase female libido and that can be found in your country. Try them and you won't regret. We also recommend other supplements that can perhaps be more to your liking. By clicking on the links below you can learn more about all the supplements we recommend. Have a look around and choose the one you like the best.
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Best Treatments to Improve Female Libido
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