Put a Permanent Stop to Premature Ejaculation


If you're a man and by that I mean a man who likes to take charge and be in charge, one of the things you strive after is optimal sexual satisfaction. And in achieving this, only two states are desired above all:

Getting a bigger penis.

Ending premature ejaculation for good.

There are several sexual disorders men face. But the one that tops it off in terms of humiliation is premature ejaculation.

Look at that word again folks as it is the enemy. Premature ejaculation is an enemy that has kept and continues to keep many men up all night in worry. Premature ejaculation has made a lot of men even make the ultimate sexual sacrifice of being celibate so as to avoid this deeply humiliating condition.

To be honest, some women actually find it pleasurable that they turn you on so much that you lose control. You can get away with this the first time, but if losing control becomes the norm rather than exception, then trouble sets in. Making sex a torture session for you both.

Learn to Ejaculate on Command and Rock Her all Night

Permanent Stop to Premature EjaculationDo_you want to learn how to ejaculate at will, only when you want to? Stick around and let me show you how. What I will show you has nothing to do with reducing stimulation through the use of special condoms. I’m going to show you the best way to do this. The key to ejaculating when you want to is controlling your arousal in bed. To do this, let's look at the stages of sexual arousal in a man.

Understanding these stages is key in achieving full ejaculatory control. Arousal is simply all your body and mind is going through when you're sexually stimulated. Keeping a check on what your body goes through each of the arousal process will allow you last longer in bed.

There are 4 stages of male arousal.

• The first begins with developing an erection.

• The second stage is when the sexual arousal increases. At this stage the man still has an erection (a full one at that) and he's in control.

• The third stage is when the male arousal gets more intense. At this stage, the glans of the penis becomes ultra-sensitive while expanding. At this stage, he's about to ejaculate.

• The fourth and final stage sees the nervous system take over resulting in the perineal muscles contracting and there's an ejaculation.

If you want to last long in bed, you've got to extend the last 3 stages for as long as you possibly can. Let’s talk numbers here. Men who women call sex gods can stretch out the 4 stages for an hour or more. While those who are called 1 minute men typically will go through the 4 stages in a minute or in a matter of seconds.

Of all the stages, the one you must delay the most is stage 2. Learn to stay here for as long as possible because once you get to stage 3, you've reached the point of no return. Even if someone puts a gun to your head threatening to blow your head off if you "cum", you will ejaculate.


How to stay in stage 2 longer

Stop Premature Ejaculation for GoodThe_key to staying in stage 2 is learning to relax your body and mind. And one way of doing this is to focus on giving instead of receiving. Those words are important. Focus on giving instead of receiving. This is central to lasting longer.

How do you give? You focus on caressing, kissing, touching and stimulating her erogenous areas. Find out where she likes to be touched and how she likes to be touched and do them. Every lady is different and although there are general zones applicable to all women, some women have some areas that sets them on fire. So instead of thinking how to get more pleasure on your penis and balls, focus 100% on giving her pleasure and you can be in stage 2 until you decide you're ready to release.

Stop Premature Ejaculation for Good

There are a lot of tricks that when mastered can help you control ejaculation and allow you and your lady to have great sex. Mastering these tricks will enable you to get rid of premature ejaculation for good. Some of these tricks include:

Man sexual enhancing exercises

These simplicity and effectiveness of these exercises have made them quite popular today. You may already be aware that some of these exercises like Kegels and pc muscle squeeze can help with getting a bigger penis, but they can also help with controlling ejaculation. These exercises are simple and easy to perform and can be done by yourself at home or anywhere you are.

Learn them and avoid paying money to sex therapists. If you put in the time and give it the persistence it deserves, any man can learn how to get rid of premature ejaculation permanently.

Reducing excessive stimulation

A major cause of premature ejaculation is the overstimulation that results from friction of the penis as penetration is being made. In other to prevent this excessive stimulation, you can make use of a premature ejaculation supplement like ProSolution plus or Enlast. Reducing the stimulation allows you to last longer in bed.

ProSolution PlusProSolution Plus provides all real, long-lasting results in just weeks. That may sound unbelievable, but hundreds of men out there stand living proofs of ProSolution Plus completeness. What's more, ProSolution Plus does all this without the use of chemicals that are known to bring about harmful side effects. Instead, every bottle of ProSolution Pills contains ingredients that are natural, tried and tested for many centuries to treat symptoms of premature ejaculation and other problems related to sexual function.

You owe it to yourself not to allow premature ejaculation ruin your sex life and by extension your whole life. Try these tricks out and take back your sex life. Turn yourself into a better lover today.


Erectile Dysfunction & Premature Ejaculation - Do Not Confuse It

It's a reality that untimely ejaculation is regularly undiagnosed. One of the reasons is on account that men mistake it for erectile dysfunction. They don't have a clue about the difference. They see themselves as impotent if they at some point have premature ejaculation, or sexually useless. As a result, when they visit their medical center and attempt to clarify their issue, they utilize terms like impotence or other related terminology that don't generally apply to their condition.

Men's disarray and the conjuncture that specialists don't generally set aside time to completely explore what's going on could ascend in an inaccurate erectile dysfunctional analysis.

Erectile Dysfunction & Premature EjaculationAnother circumstance that can create confusion is the fact that after some time, sufferers of premature ejaculation, over numerous years, will regularly develop erectile dysfunction as an auxiliary issue. Their perpetual trepidation of ejaculating quickly will regularly cause them to lose the penis erection. At the end of the day, they may develop signs of erectile dysfunction alongside their premature ejaculation.

The two conditions can connect with one another in various distinctive ways. Most times men say to specialist saying, "I lose my erection and I ejaculate very quickly". The issue is which one was first? Since, if they can't have the erection they cannot perform sexually as well. In this circumstance the ejaculation issue is slightly more theoretical. In the event that patients say "I discharge quickly and I lose my erection", then presumably it's around an untimely ejaculation circumstance.


Sex is essential to men. Men are for all intents and purposes made to have more prominent sex drives and need sex more frequently than ladies. Subsequently, most of the men handle sex issues very personally. Whether it's erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, everything comes down to humiliation, which is an issue that should be settled without harming yourself more.

Also, that is the reason the penis pill business sector has developed to such an extent. Presently, on the market you can discover everything from formulas based chemical to all natural characteristic improvement pills.

You need to face it like a man and discover the solution yourself. Luckily the common herbs come to spare the day. It is not a mystery that numerous regular improvement pills depend on well understood antiquated herbs. They likewise contain vitamins and minerals. In this way, a wide and greater part of penis pill commercial ventures have formulated every single normal penis pills without all the man-made chemicals and potential outcomes of risky symptoms. Settled inquiry! Premature ejaculation pills do truly work, in as much as they're all natural. Have a transformed sexual experience, be more sure and do it all tactfully, securely, and 100% natural.

Best Treatments For Premature Ejaculation

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