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Exercises to Increase your Penis Size

Exercises to enlarge the penis are just one of several techniques you can use to increase your penis size naturally, and although they are not the simplest way, they are by far the cheapest. If you have the patience to do them for a few months you will achieve good permanent results.

Penis Enlargement ExerciseAs_you_may know, these exercises are intended to increase both girth and length. The penis is made mainly of muscle tissue and while it is not like other muscles, with exercises you can increase it in size. With strength exercises, commonly referred to as stretching, the corpora cavernosa is stretched in order to encourage a higher blood flow to the cavernous cells. The exercises increase the size of the cells, as well as stimulate their division process.

Remember that by applying pressure, stretching and pressing to the penis you can create a power that will split the cells, but these exercises must be done with the organ flaccid – the growth will occur during the resting phase, and not when you are exercising.

It is important to know that in order to see results, the new cells, as well as those that have been stretched, must be forced to be filled with blood, so that they are actually larger. To achieve that, it is advisable to use a good penis enlargement supplement that “force” that blood flow.

Although the use of a supplement won’t be mandatory, the increase will be higher and the exercising time can be cut down to less than half when you use a good supplement daily.

Also, note that forcing the exercises can lead to a poor healing, which may result in a defective penis. For that reason, here is our advice: do not over exercise! We would like to warn you that the principle of any exercise to penis enlargement acts slowly, because the penis does not respond to exercise just as other muscles do.

Let us illustrate some exercises, so that you can choose the ones you prefer. Note that exercising is not the only way to enlarge your penis, and it is not the easiest way either, and remember that exercises can be combined with other methods or with the intake of supplements to increase the speed of the results, as well as the achieved results.

1 - Penis Enlargement Exercise – Warming Up

Penis Enlargement Exercise 1You_must start your daily exercise routine to enlarge your penis with this procedure. It is not exactly an exercise, but a warm up, to increase blood circulation and make the skin more elastic.

Wet a towel in hot water, drain the excess water and wrap it up around the penis for about one minute. Repeat two or three times and then dry up the penis.

The second step is to apply a good cream or lubricant, preferably a good stimulant cream, like ProSolution Gel, to prevent the friction that might hurt your skin (causing you pain), avoid injury and enable an easier and gentle warming up. Moreover, this cream (ProSolution Gel) also helps the growth itself. This is a very important step that should not be skipped because it aims at preventing penile lesions with the exercises that will follow.

2 - Penis Enlargement Exercise – Penis Stretching

Penis Enlargement Exercise 2This_exercise aims at making the penis bigger and longer and is one of the most important you can do. If you really want to enlarge your penis this is a fool proof technique. It can be performed while you’re are sitting down or standing up and your penis must be flaccid or slightly erect.

If it is fully erect the exercise is useless, because the hardness of the corpora cavernosa will prevent any stretching.

With tightly closed hand, firmly grasp the penis stretched at the base until you feel some pressure (without pain) and then slide the hand firmly all the way up to the glans. Do it slowly, taking 5 to 10 seconds to reach the glans. Then stop in that position for a few seconds while maintaining the penis stretched as much as possible, without causing pain.

Then, without letting go of that hand, repeat the exercise again with the other hand, stretching the penis from the base to the glans again. Repeat the exercise several times, alternating hands – while one hand keeps the penis stretched by the glans, the other stretches it from the base again. Imagine that you are pulling a rope and make identical moves.

Do it at least 10 times, allowing periods of rest to recover. The goal is to start with 10 sections and go up every week, until you achieve 50 times. Each week you must increase the number of times that the exercise is repeated and also increase the time of each section, to a maximum of 30 minutes.


3 - Penis Enlargement Exercise – Side to Side Stretch

Penis Enlargement Exercise 3This_exercise should be done in conjunction with the previous one, immediately afterwards, and consists of stretching the penis at its base. It aims at exercising and stretching the muscles at the base of the penis, in order to increase its size (make it longer).

With your hand firmly holding the glans, stretch the penis to one side... you should feel the stretch at the base on the opposite side. Keep on applying that force for 10 to 15 seconds. Now do the same to the other side.

This exercise should be done 5 times in each direction, to the left, to the right, up and down, for a total of 20 times. After completing the four series, do them all again, pulling the penis forward and gently rolling it in circles, to cover the muscles of the base all the way around.

Do not stretch your penis too much. Take as much time as needed to reach your goals. Rushing can mean that you may suffer unwanted injuries.

4 - Penis Enlargement Exercise – Jelqing to Increase Girth

Penis Enlargement Exercise 4This_exercise is aimed at filling the spongy tissue with blood in order to raise the tension of the blood into the penis and increase the size of the spongy body and the newly created cell with the Jelqing stretching method. That will increase the corpora cavernosa so that it can hold more blood when the penis becomes erect. It pushes blood into the penis, holding it there, and then force more blood flow, causing the pressure to increase the size of the spongy bodies and increasing penis girth and length.

Note that this exercise cannot be done with the penis flaccid, nor it will work if it is fully erect. It must be between 60% and 70% erect, but NOT 100%. If the penis is totally flaccid or fully erect this exercise will have no effect, it has to be a little more than half erect and you should use a lubricant as indicated on the warming up topic.

The principle is pretty similar to the previous exercises to increase penis size, but here the goal is to push the blood through the penis, instead of stretching it. Grab the base of the penis with your thumb and forefinger to make a ring, the palm facing forward. Tighten up the ring as much as possible without causing pain and then squeeze the penis slowly, sliding your fingers firmly from the bottom to the head.

Penis Enlargement Exercise 5This_action causes the blood contained in the half erect penis to exert pressure in all directions, except backwards, which will force the corpora cavernosa to be filled with blood. As one hand reaches the head, the other must be already prepared to repeat the operation.

To those doing this exercise to increase penis for the first time, we recommend a maximum of only five minutes, which should be gradually increased to up to 20 minutes within six weeks.

Remember that your penis must be about 70% erect. If you start to feel a greater erection or if you feel like ejaculating, stop the exercise until you calm down, and then resume. Like all exercises, this one should be adapted to your needs. Only you can determine the pressure to be applied to obtain the results you want without side effects.

Once you are done with one Jelq, the penis can be red and swollen for half an hour or more, which is normal. You will also note other side effects, such as a temporal swelling and red spots on the glans, which indicate the rupture of small blood vessels. Those shouldn’t be worrying signs, as they are effects of the exercise intensity. However, if the signs are too many, prudence would advise you to stop for a few days, so that the negative effects will disappear, and then you can start over.

5 - Penis Enlargement Exercise – Exercising the PC Muscle

Exercising the pubococcygeus muscleExercising the pubococcygeus muscle, aka PC, is also important, because although that doesn’t actually increase the penis size, it makes it stronger and significantly improve your sexual performance. Besides, it will help you to control ejaculation and you will last longer in bed, whilst massaging the prostate gland, which is also important.

First we have to “find” that muscle. It is not difficult. All you need to do is, next time you go for a pee, stop it halfway – can you feel the effort required from a muscle located between the anus and the testicles? Well, that is the PC muscle.

The best part of this exercise is that it can be done anywhere, anytime, even in public, without anyone noticing it. To exercise, all you need to do is to contract the muscle and then relax it. As simple as that. It is an exercise that can be done while watching TV, waiting for public transport or anything else, when lying down until you fall asleep and even at work.

Penis Enlargement Exercise 6 Do_it_50 times at time, several times a day. It is advisable that you do 10x50 times throughout the day, or 500 times a day. You don’t actually need to do 500 times a day every day (some days you can do more, other days less), but try and do it every day.

In the first few times you will feel tempted to contract other muscles together, usually the thighs and abdomen. To check if you are contracting the pubococcygeus muscle correctly, place two fingers between the anus and the testicles and you should feel the muscle contracting beneath your fingers. After learning how to contract that muscle without using other muscles at the same time, you will no longer need to use your fingers and will be able to exercise anytime, anywhere.



These are the most common exercises, and also the most efficient, for penis enlargement. Forget about complicated and difficult exercises, because when it comes to increase penis size, simplicity is sometimes the best answer – keep it simple and efficient, full stop.

The exercises to increase penis size must be done every day, without fail, but they do not take up too much of your time (just over one hour). However, they always take a long time to show effects (several months) and should be done regularly (preferably twice daily) to deliver effective and long-lasting results.

It takes perseverance and persistence to exercise daily for a few months, but you can reduce the time and improve the efficiency of your efforts by also taking pills to increase your penis size while doing the exercises.

penis enlargement pillsA_good_supplement can increase the effectiveness of exercises in 62% (simple as that). For those who want to enlarge their penis quickly, the use of a good supplement is required. Either alone or in conjunction with the exercises, the intake of a good oral supplement is essential to enlarge the penis – for they are the “food” that will allow it to get bigger! The use of a good supplement increases the effectiveness of the exercises by 62% and reduces the time required by 46%.

Although you can enlarge your penis only by exercising it, that is impractical and very, very time consuming, so most men end up quitting before reaching the expected results. With the “help” of a good supplement, however, you’ll start to see results much faster (which will encourage you to continue), and will also achieve a larger size in much less time.

In fact, when you take a good penis enlargement supplement, you can even skip the exercises a few days and simply create erections two to three times a day (for the supplement works when the penis becomes erect). Just have sex or masturbate in order to obtain the maximum benefits of the supplements. It does not matter if you reach an orgasm or not, but the longer you can hold each erection, the better.

Check out the full potential that a good supplement for penis enlargement gives you, either if you take it alone or in conjunction with exercising. Have a look at Virility Ex (the cheapest) or VigRx Plus (the most powerful).

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