What Penis Enlargement Methods Work Permanently?


The idea of having a bigger penis beckons too many men. This has been the case for thousands of years. If you look back through history, you will see that penis size is so important even in so many ancient cultures.

This is why the penis enlargement industry is today one of the most searched. Making billions of dollars annually, this industry has really showcased expertise. Men worldwide appreciate getting back their self-confidence and all that comes with a bigger penis.

If you might be convinced that your penis is not big enough to satisfy your lover you are probably right. If you don’t think that your penis is big, it is therefore not big enough for you and your lover.

You can therefore suffer due to that from a general lack of self-confidence while making love with your partner and this lack of confidence leads often to a loss of performance on the bed, which aggravates the problem and causes a feeling of insufficiency. This can bring issues to a relation as the feeling bores deep.

One thing is for sure, if you think your penis is small, then it is really small, regardless of its actual size. The normal size is about 6,5 inches (16 centimeters), but if this size does not reach your goals, it is small for you. Having a large penis is important for a man's sexuality, for his confidence with women, and with life. If you want to raise the penis... you should increase your penis. It does not matter what size you already have!

When the feeling of being an unsatisfying lover dominates you, it leads to a lack of sexual desire that your lover can interpret as sexual rejection. This will lead to some misunderstandings over sex and the relationship and will lead to serious problems between you and your lover.

Should I Increase my Penis or not?

Yes. Anxiety is present in many aspects of our lives, it hangs in the air and spreads from individual to individual like a virus. While most people feel nervous about their jobs, health or family, others experience high levels of anxiety because of their body, worrying about their overall physical appearance or some particular aspect of their anatomy.

As we endure the anxiety related to some less positive aspect of our body, we fail to enjoy life as it should be enjoyed and end up with a poor quality of life. If by any chance our anxiety has to do with some aspect of our sexuality, such as our penis size, the adverse effects are even more negative.

Increase my PenisThis_is_no fallacy or unproved theory. According to a recent study involving 367 soldiers, all men under the age of 40, those who feel satisfied with their sexual attributes and their own image suffer little or no anxiety about their sexual performance and have good sexual performance in every intimate situation.

What about the others? Those who have or think they have a penis that is too small? The results showed exactly the opposite: high levels of anxiety about their sexual performance, which in consequence was poor in most intimate relations (especially with new partners). Fear leads to anxiety, which in turn causes severe effects on sexual performance and leads to increased anxiety – a vicious cycle that can completely destroy any man’s sex life.

However, fear and anxiety are not the answer. Therefore, as in any other situation, you need to take action and do something to change the game and solve the problem. That will require information; information about what you can do, and what works or not when it comes to penis enlargement and male sexual performance, and that way get rid of your anxiety and fears.

The psychological benefits (over anxiety and sexual performance) of increasing the size of the penis are the same for all men, whether they have a 4 inches or 7 inches sex organ. A man with a 6 inches (15 centimeters) penis (which is theoretically normal) takes the same benefits from increasing his penis a few inches than a man who has a very small penis.

Penis Enlargement MethodsEnlarging the penis increases confidence and self-esteem and eliminates anxiety, and therefore improves the sexual performance of any man, of any size. The good news is that the larger the penis, the easier it will be to make it bigger. Penis enlargement works basically in percentage terms, and for men able to increase their penis size in 20% when it’s already large, the change will be much more significant than the same 20% increase of a small penis.

Dr. Dudley Seth Danoff, author of “Penis Power: The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health” and famous urologist who have seen more than 100,000 patients throughout his 30 years of professional activity, says that although not all his patients come to his practice with the objective of increasing their penis, a significant percentage asks him: “what can I do to enlarge my penis?”. Based on his experience, Dr. Dudley Seth Danoff asks: who is the man in this world that wouldn’t want to boost a little the size of his penis?

Several studies conducted by world-renowned brands of sexual performance products, such as pills, pumps and penile extenders, point to the same conclusions: that every man wants to enlarge their penis, even when in theory that is not necessary, and all of them benefit in terms of sexual performance when they do so, regardless of their current size.

The only problem is that not all products advertised for that purpose work the same way, if they work at all. Some may even be quite dangerous. So we go back to our initial question:


What are the Best Penis Enlargement Methods?

The adult entertainment industry is full of adverts for products and programs for penis enlargement. The products include pumps, penis extenders, penis pills, creams and sprays which claim to produce penis growth. Certain of these claims are outrageous. Below we will discuss the penis enlargement methods currently available.

Enlarging the Penis with Penis Extenders

Enlarging the Penis with Penis ExtendersPenisExtender has really left a mark in the industry. While the tool existed since a long time, it is only when online marketing came on board that it made leaps forward. It is easily the most penis enlargement method sold on the market beyond the Pills.

Using a traction device is very easy. You put the device on the penis, adjust the side bars and then, you leave it. Normally, you wear the device for at least six hours a day, and most men love wearing them to work and relax without using it at home.

The device applies a constant pressure on the penis. This pressure causes the penis to enlarge while it tries to stretch to counter the pressure. The results with this tractive device can vary. Most people report a permanent increase of 5 inches. However, this does not happen overnight. You may have to wait after about six months to have definitive results.

However, do penile extenders really work?

Yes, penile extenders work better than exercise. Although they use the same principle (traction), the truth is that they are much easier to use. Instead of one or two hours of exercises, all it takes it to strap the extender onto the penis and leave it there for about six hours.

Since it’s possible to use it both during the day, underneath loose, comfortable trousers, and at night, it’s a simple method of increasing penis size and provides good results in the long run – about six months.

The penis extender are methods based on natural enlargement techniques of the penis and are by far superior to traditional enlargement procedures, whatever stretching technique used, it will be more efficient when used in tandem with a powerful penis supplement – reason why you need the best penis enlargement pill.

Enlarging the Penis with Penis Enlargement Pills

Enlarging the Penis with Penis Enlargement PillsIn_the_last decades, there have been tens of concurrent brands of pills which advertise a masculine enhancement targeting the increase of penis size. You might have already noted the avid claims made by many providers, I am sure. They can be completely outrageous sometimes! The phony will tell you exactly what you need to hear… but it is equally easy to choose a pill provider who is worthy of your attention.

One of the biggest problems to be faced by someone in search of penis enlargement pills is the great number of phony sites just waiting for someone who lacks self-confidence to get to them. Get the wrong product and you will not only be responsible for deceiving yourself, but your lover also, so do not forget to look for all the possible information on the penis enlargement pill that you want to purchase.

The penis enlargement pills existing in the market today are formulated herbal supplements. Not to be conformed to previous commercialized pills that was nothing but sugar pills, placebos. The new generation is a very good mix of natural plants and other elements, which work good in the organism.

The increase in penis size using penis enlargement pills takes place inside the penis itself. The chambers which contain the blood for an erection are the principal targets. If they can be increased then the penis will become bigger during an erection.

The time during which you can take a penis enlargement pill varies, from tree months to a year. The standard duration is normally between four months and six months, so by taking the pill regularly, you ought to see some immediate improvement relating to the size and performance of your penis. Another positive aspect, since no one wants to wait a long time for the exercises or penis enlargement extender to show some results, is that with penis enlargement pills you can obtain your results more rapidly and start enjoying your time on the bed much earlier.

The penis enlargement pills are the most recognized form and largely utilized male enhancement available in the market today. There are a certain number of penis enhancement pills offered in the market today, and the best among them are made entirely from herbs and are freely on sale. You don’t need to queue in any pharmacy nor have the possibility of being embarrassed by dealing with a pharmacy attendant who refills your prescription.

However, what about the penis enlargement pills, sure that they work well?

Pills are the most widely used penis enlargement method nowadays. No wonder: they’re simple to take, effective and provide much faster results than any other method.

Pills work oppositely to exercises and extenders. They work by dilating tissue. What they actually do is increase the strength of erections by dilating the penis’ corpora cavernosa and thereby allowing a larger incoming of blood into the penis. Furthermore, they provide other two benefits when compared to mechanical methods: they increase erection hardness and male satisfaction and enable man to last longer in bed, which is beneficial for both the man and his partner.

As it’s clear by what we’ve just described, pills work only when the penis is erect. For that reason, it’s necessary to create erections in order to achieve all the potential that pills offer. The way men do that is not important – they can have sex as many times as possible, masturbate or just touch themselves until they get an erection. It’s also irrelevant whether or not they reach an orgasm. Their only goal should be to just get erections and keep them for as long as possible, preferably several times a day.

The only problem is that many men are in a hurry to achieve their goals and cannot see the results within a month or two, and because of that they give up on the treatment, preventing the pills from having the opportunity to deliver results.

However, not all pills to increase the size of the penis work the same way or even work at all. In addition to numerous lower quality products that are little more than placebos, there is still the danger of counterfeit pills, which are normally acquired illegally in Asia and pose as the best quality brands, with packaging that are exact copies of the original, making it hard to tell real and fake apart.

The best way to distinguish them is by the price: normally the websites that sell counterfeit products feature outrageous offers at very low prices. Whenever you see unrealistic offers or prices below the normal, an alarm should be triggered in your head. The biggest problem of the counterfeit pills isn’t the fact that they don’t work, but the danger they pose to health.

You have to be very careful when ordering the pills for not being deceived. In fact you can order the pills via our website, where you are sure to always buy original pills to increase the penis. In addition, how our website is targeted at giving our customers a total anonymity; which permits you to order from the comfort of your house and have the pills delivered directly to your door in a discreet package and with nobody around knowing.


What Penis Enlargement Methods are Good but not Recommended by us?

Enlarging the Penis with Penis Enlargement Exercises

Enlarging the Penis with Penis Enlargement ExercisesPenis_Enlargement exercises have been revealed to be one of the best, most safe and effective method of penis enlargement. It’s the thing most in vogue. They are looking for something which is simply the best possible solution for the matter and many find that it is true.

The exercises are perfect for those who do not want to use supplements or penis extenders. They are safe, totally natural and have shown to increase the penis up to 2 or 3 inches. It is an impressing number if one considers the idea that an average penis is 6 inches (15 centimeters) and when you add 2 inches, you will be well above the average.

The most recommended is to follow a penis enlargement exercise program. There is nothing to gain by just going out and trying to find the correct exercise and worst again, just to try and drag your member. It’s not the best idea for you might seriously damage it if you are not careful.

However, what about exercises to increase penis size? Do they really work?

In theory, exercises for penis enlargement work well, but in real life they don’t work, since 99% of men don’t have the patience and the time needed to do them right every day in order to achieve the potential results that the techniques can offer. Although there are reports of men who were able to considerably increase the size of their penis only with exercises, the truth is that almost all end up quitting before reaching their goals.

Enlarging the Penis with Penis Enlargement Patches

Thanks to some new developments, it is now easier than ever to obtain supplements for penis enlargement. It is the new patch system for penis enlargement. The use of this system has proved that you can with all safety and effectively grow your penis with no problem in suit.

The penis enlargement patches use the new transdermal system of supplements release. The patch is applied on the skin and the supplements are in the patch. This causes the supplements to get into the blood flow through the skin. However, as is efficiency is not as good as that of the penis enlargement pills it’s only recommended for those who can’t take penis enlargement pills.

Enlarging the Penis with Penis Enlargement Gels and Creams

Penis Enlargement GelsPenis_enlargement gels and creams are another bad choice for enlargement. Even if they give great promises, no variety has proven to increase your penis. Most of the companies that sell this type of products guaranty the results but the time needed for an effective and permanent increase is very high.

These products are only recommended for those who can’t take penis enlargement pills or to increase the power of pills when applied together. Some creams, like ProSolution Gel, increase penis erections and size when erect, but for a definite and permanent increase the pills are much better. Unless you have a disease that prevents you from taking them.

What are the Penis Enlargement Methods to Avoid?

Enlarging the Penis with Penis Enlargement Pumps

The penis pumps are simple devices that have been in existence for a long time. The use of this type of device has really never been popular, but they are always on sale.

In the early internet days, one of the most popular products, announced for penis enlargement is the penis pump. The principle behind the penis enlargement pump is to create a vacuum around the penis and to bring blood towards the penis tissues. This is very useful for people having a bad blood flow to have an erection. When blood rushes towards the penis, it becomes bigger and erected.

There is no proof that the penis pump produces a permanent increase in the penis size. When you use a penis pump over a considerable period of time, it is possible that you won’t be able to have an erection without using a penis pump. The penis pump is also known to create damages to the penis. This is why it is preferable to avoid it.

Enlarging the Penis with Penis Enlargement Weights

Enlarging the Penis with Penis Enlargement WeightsThe_suspension of weight can be dated to millions of years. It is just simply the stretching of the penis by the application of weights that are hooked on the edge of the penis. Alright, it is not a good idea; science has proved that it is very dangerous.

Don’t ever suspend weights because there is the possibility that it will suffer damages, and also this might cause your penis to be lean, which is bad news for someone who is looking for a better sexual life.

If you can use a penis extender, which uses the same principle, why should you choose a dangerous thing?

Enlarging the Penis with Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis enlargement surgery has been judged a bad idea for a long time. This is because the doctors cannot guaranty an increase of more to 1 inche for a cost of $10000; a thumb length increase is not worth the pain. It is better to maintain the natural methods that give the possible 2 or 3 inches for a fraction of the cost of the penis enlargement surgery.

Even taking into account that every year those procedures become safer, there are always several potential complications to be consider. However, the most negative aspect isn’t even that. The biggest problem is that the gains are too low to make up for the risks and the high price. Therefore, we will rule that out.

Enlarging the Penis with Penis Enlargement Hypnosis

You can undergo a hypnosis treatment for so many things. If you are trying to stop smoking, so hypnosis is a good idea. The same is the truth if you are suffering some kind of depression. However, do not look for this kind of treatment if you are searching for penis enlargement.

There are so many places where they are trying to sell CDs which claim to enlarge your penis through positive thought. Think positive and save your money for a proven method.

So… Which Penis Enlargement Methods to Choose?

Penis Enlargement MethodsThe_penis extender is one of the best options because of medical researches and antecedents. For best results, the combination of penis extender and other methods, like penis enlargement pills and exercises, is recommended for this will accelerate the growth and increase of the penis size.

The best thing is to use a penile extender in conjunction with pills and, during the intervals, when you are not using the extender, create some erections. These two methods complement each other and thereby create a synergy that will enable you to enlarge your penis in a much shorter space of time.

If you don’t have the money to buy both, or if you don’t want to walk around with something “hanging” from your sex organ, the best is to opt for the pills and cause the highest possible number of erections to elevate their potential to the fullest.

Based on many researches about the best penis enlargement methods currently available in the market, the best and most rapid method to increase the size and girth of your penis is without doubt the combination of a good penis enlargement pill and a penis extender.

Finally… Is penis enlargement without danger?

Natural penis enlargement is without danger and very effective. Choose a very good method and you can lead sound and happy sexual life.


If the size of your penis is causing you anxiety and hindering your sexual performance, relax and read everything listed in this article (save this page onto your favorites), learn about the science behind each method and make your choice carefully.

Remember that it’s not the woman who cares about penis size (with a few exceptions) – it’s the man! If a man is not satisfied with his size, he will never have a high performance, and that, of course, will affect his partner.

Our last advice is that you always buy good quality products from reputable websites, and don’t let yourself be swayed by unrealistic promises or below the market prices. After all, it’s your health and sexuality that are at stake. And probably also your happiness and that of those around you as well.

Here, a little lower, has a list of the best supplements to increase the penis. And a link where you can get more information about each of them and order it, knowing that you are buying a quality product that is genuine.

Best Treatments For Penis Enlargement

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