Penis Enlargement Pills – How to Increase Effect 278%

Of all existing methods to enlarge the penis, pills are the most effective, especially in the short term. In addition to starting to act fast – the results usually begin to be noted after 30 to 50 days –, they are also the simpler and safer method, because unlike exercises and other gizmos that when incorrectly used can cause damage and deformation of the penis, pills are effective and safe for all healthy men.

# Why do some men say that penis enlargement pills do not work?

penis enlargement pillsMany men who begin to take pills to enlarge the penis “complain” of not achieving any results, or at least results within their expectations... Some even claim that pills to enlarge penis do not work at all. What is the problem with them? Why pills to increase penis size work for some men and have no effect on others?

Well... All men are different and what works in one way for some may not produce any results for others. But many men also have unrealistic expectations, probably fuelled by advertisements of products that promise to increase the penis size on up to 7.5 centimetres within a few weeks, and of course those men will be disappointed.

The truth, however, is rather different... Penis enlargement pills do not work well in some men because they do not take the treatment properly!

If I told you that there is a way to increase the effect of pills to enlarge the penis more than twice, would you believe me? And what if I told you that a study has shown that you can increase the effect of penis enlargement pills in a simple and affordable way to any man by 278%?

That is good news, right? You may be able to enlarge your penis quickly, and yet save time and money, and you can achieve gains that would otherwise be impossible – regardless of how long you have been taking the pills for or the brand you choose!

But first…
# How do the penis gets bigger?

How do the penis gets bigger?The_penis is not a muscle – although it contains some muscles in its anatomy – and therefore it is not possible to increase its size by exercising it, or at least exercising it in a conventional way. Likewise, it is not possible to stretch it with weights, pumps or any other devices (except penis extenders, which work very slowly and can change the anatomy of the penis).

The only way to enlarge the penis is to increase the size of its spongy tissue! Think of the penis like a sponge, which when dipped in blood can increase its size and weight significantly by absorbing it.

Consequently, the only way to enlarge the penis is to enhance its ability to absorb blood. It is necessary to increase the size of the cells of the cavernous body, the cells that absorb the blood when an erection happens. For that purpose, the pills to enlarge the penis are the best help you can get – but not by simply taking two tablets a day!

# How do penis enlargement pills work?

How do penis enlargement pills work? Before you learn how to boost the effectiveness of the pills, you need to understand how they work. The ingredients of this kind of pills work by increasing the strength of erections so that a larger amount of blood flows into the penis. It is this “swelling” that makes the penis get bigger quickly and that dilates the cells of the spongy tissues of the penis in the long run, allowing a significant and permanent increase within a few months.

That is the “secret”! The ingredients of the pills increase the strength of erections and the amount of blood entering the penis and cause dilation of the cells responsible for its absorption. Got it? It is the power of the erections that leads to the enlargement of the penis!!!

Therefore, taking two pills a day and waiting for the penis to grow will not work. It is necessary to produce erections for the ingredients of the pills to act and cause dilation of the cells. It's really simple ... so obvious that everyone forgets to mention it and consequently few men do the treatment correctly! (or else some sellers have no interest in mentioning this so obvious fact?).

# How to increase the effect of the penis enlargement pills?

Simple… By causing the maximum possible number of erections throughout the day. Having sex, masturbating, playing with the penis... Anything that causes an erection and keep it for as long as possible.

There is not need of ejaculating. On the contrary, ejaculation stops the erection and the goal is to sustain it as long as possible.

# How to enhance the effect of penis enlargement pills by 278%?

enhance the effect of penis enlargement pillsA_study carried out for five months in China with 1,200 men has shown that men who took pills to enlarge the penis daily and also used a cream to increase erections achieved an enlargement of the penis almost three times higher (278% higher, on average) than men who took the pills alone.

Although the products used in the test are not for sale in western countries, the effect will be the same, or perhaps even better, with any brand of good quality supplements.

The concept has been proved! So I would recommend you to take two tablets of VigRx Plus (the best) or Virility Ex (cheaper, but equally good) every day and use the ProSolution Gel cream to intensify the effect of erections also twice a day, and sure enough you will get the same or perhaps even better results, because the supplements we recommend here in this website are the best on the market, and if used correctly, the results can only be great.

Finally, if you are short of money and cannot buy the pills and the cream together, you may buy the pills alone and induce two or more erections every day to increase the effect of the pills and thus enlarge your penis as much as possible.
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