How I Managed to Enlarge My Small Penis in 4 Months


You have a small penis and you would like to enlarge it in a few months? Or maybe it isn’t that small, but you would like to have it enhanced anyway? In truth, you can do it (whatever its current size) in just a few months. But let’s start from the top, because it’s important that you get as much information as possible before you start any penis enlargement program, so that you don’t have any unrealistic expectations or drop out before time just because you think things don’t work with you.

How I Enlarge My Small Penis in 4 MonthsFirst_of_all, we should establish what a small penis really is. Penis size in its flaccid state is not important, since there are men whose flaccid penis is really tiny, but turns into a giant organ when it’s erect, while with other men the exact opposite happens – the size increase is very small. Flaccid and erect sizes aren’t always proportional.

Even in studies performed by renowned universities, results vary quite a lot, just as they differ between continents and races. We can, however, say that most men have a penis that, when erect, ranges from 13 to 18 cm, and only when its size is below 10 cm can we consider it small.

Still, size is very relative, because what a man perceives as small might be totally acceptable for another man. Even though you shouldn’t let yourself become impressed by the size of porn actors’ organs, since they are chosen for their above average size, the truth is that if you feel your penis is small, it really is small. Period.

Besides, there isn’t any law that determines that a man with a normal sized penis can’t or shouldn’t enlarge it. It’s a very personal issue, and expanding it by a few centimeters can be a source of great joy and confidence for any man. Regardless of its current size.

Is the small penis syndrome a thing?

It is, and despite what most men think, small penis syndrome is a mental disorder. It is an incorrect perception of their own bodies, or a specific part of them. Some men feel their penis is too small, becoming obsessed with it, even though it might actually be considered a normal sized penis.

Even so, except for a small number of men that can be severely struck by this obsession, which can lead to low self-confidence levels, strongly affect sexual performance and even lead to depression, this isn’t a problem that should be considered serious. Penis size is a very relative thing, and if a man doesn’t feel comfortable with what nature has granted him, he’s just got to be willing to change it.

Is penis size determined by genetics?

How to Enlarge My Small PenisUndoubtedly, yes. If you have a small or large penis, it’s essentially due to your genes. Well-developed men’s sons are likely to have an organ of satisfying proportions.

Except some rare exceptions, genes play a key role in the size of a man’s penis in adulthood. But it is also true that no one is forced to settle with what nature gave him. PENIS ENLARGEMENT IS POSSIBLE!

Just like a man of weak constitution, or skinny, can develop his muscles and strength, a less advantaged man can also enlarge his penis. Of course it’s easier and faster for some, but the only thing one can’t naturally enlarge is one’s bones.

How do women perceive penis size?

As much as men find it weird, this is mostly a male problem. Women care much less about penis size than men. They will probably be more worried about their breast size and what they can do to enlarge it, than with their partner’s penis size.

It’s not that they don’t like a man who is well-endowed down there, and that the mere sight of it does not make them aroused and moist (or jealous, if it’s another woman’s man), but they care more about foreplay and how well the man uses what he has than about the size itself. Except when the man has what we can really consider a small penis, under 10 centimeters.

Another thing is, a very large penis may not be too pleasant for most women, because it can be painful in some positions and also in anal sex. A large penis has a more visual than practical impact, especially with a long-term partner. That’s why younger men, that change their sexual partners more frequently, care more about this issue.



How to Naturally Enlarge Your Penis

Is it possible to enlarge your penis through diets?

The short answer is no. There isn’t any food that can enlarge your penis. However, the penis is related to the sexual and general health of a man and also to his hormones, so healthy eating will always be beneficial from that point of view.

I’d say that what you eat has sort of a reverse effect here. While no food can make the penis larger, the lack of some foods and the nutrients they provide might impair penis growth, especially during puberty. Most of all, it has an impact on blood flow, which can make the penis, when erect, smaller than it should be.

Having said that, a good diet that keeps you in shape and avoids certain ailments is essential in order to make your penis larger.

Is it possible to enlarge your penis through surgery?

Yes, it is possible. But any surgery comes with risks, starting with the anesthesia itself and possible subsequent infections, very common in this location. Besides, there’s still the chance of causing deformities, erection problems, including erectile dysfunction, and the results are barely noticeable, so the cost and potential complications of surgery may not be worth the risk.

Surgery for penis enlargement is only justified when penis is abnormally small or when its poor development is caused by physical flaws that can be corrected surgically. This doesn’t mean that surgery can’t be useful in correcting some malformations or bad circulation related to venal problems (when blood is unable to flow naturally to the penis). But it is simply inadequate for penis enlargement.

Is it possible to enlarge your penis with penile extenders and pump devices?

enlarge your penis with penile extendersThese_two artifacts are very popular when it comes to penis enlargement and used by thousands of men. However, while penile extenders are greatly effective and are extremely safe, pump devices used for penis enlargement have very low effectiveness and, when used aggressively, may cause internal bleeding and erection problems.

If you’re considering a penis enlargement pump, try one that runs on water because, even though it’s more expensive, water and blood densities are similar and the risks are therefore smaller. Besides, vacuum pumps were not made for that purpose, but to deal with erectile dysfunction at a time when there was no adequate therapy.

Penile extenders are something you should consider. I admit that carrying a device attached to our organ several hours a day doesn’t sound too appealing to most men, but the truth is, it works, it’s safe, and considering you only buy it once and it lasts through the entire treatment, it’s not a penis enlargement method you can consider expensive.

Is it possible to enlarge your penis with massages?

Yes, it is possible and very efficient, but only when combined with penis enlargement pills. However, in order to be effective, massages must be performed with the purpose of obtaining an erection without causing ejaculation.

Massaging the penis when it’s erect and pretty full is an efficient method to activate the pills’ ingredients and cause cell dilation in the penis’ cavernous bodies, leading to a very fast penile expansion when erect and a permanent, long-term increase, noticeable even in its flaccid state.

I can say that it’s one of the methods I use myself. It’s very easy to do it multiple times a day, in the evening while watching TV, or in bed before you fall asleep. But if you don’t take pills, the results will be insignificant or even nonexistent.

Is it possible to enlarge your penis with exercises?

Yes, of course. It’s the most popular of all methods. Not because it’s a very efficient method, but because any “smarty-pants” can create an exercise book for penis enlargement and sell it online to make some money. Since there are practically no production costs, it can be sold very cheap and still be lucrative, or even be found at no charge. We have a free penis enlargement manual on our website.

enlarge your penis with exercisesIf_you search “how to enlarge your penis”, more than 80% of the results will be of someone saying how they increased their penis size with “special” exercises, almost overnight, and trying to sell one of those wonder books.

But do these exercises actually work? Yes, they do. They work, as long as you have the patience to do them every day, preferably two times a day, for about 30 to 40 minutes each, for at least five or six months. Which means that it doesn’t work for me! I don’t have the least bit of patience for that.

This doesn’t mean that it can’t work for you, since I’m not the most patient person. While I’m not trying to discourage you, I can tell you that over 90% of men give up before completing 60 days, and with no results at all.

Penis enlargement exercises can work, from my perspective, as a plus. Along with some good pills, some massages and some occasional exercises (in this scenario, you wouldn’t have to do it every day). When combined, these three methods may be very effective. They certainly are.

They come with the advantage of being very cheap, or even free, and if done properly, safe. But it takes a lot of strong will and determination to do it, day after day, for months. But there are men who get a substantial penis increase only by performing exercises. There are a lot of reliable reports, so it does work. Just not for everyone! And certainly not for me.


Penis enlargement with pills – the best option

Penis enlargement with pillsEnlarging your penis with pills is the most simple and efficient method there is, even though it’s also the most expensive one (besides surgery), since the cheapest pills don’t work, because they’re counterfeit or of poor quality, and good pills for penis enlargement are relatively expensive and have to be taken for several months until you can notice a significant and permanent increase.

It’s my favorite method. The one I use the most, although it’s not the only one. Pills are the easiest and quickest way of enlarging your penis, preferably used together with other methods. The cherry on the top is that pills provide benefits beyond simple penile enlargement that no other method offers.

Until mid-90’s, the only efficient penis enlargement methods were exercises and surgery. For those who didn’t want to undergo surgery, exercises were the only available solution… at least for some. The problem with exercises is, as I have explained before, that they weren’t easy to carry on regularly. Although exercises can bring about good results, the truth is that most of the time all they bring is frustration, and men never get to fulfill their dream of having a big penis.

But where there’s a demand there’s always supply, and some companies started to do research on easy, simple and safe penis enlargement methods, that could satisfy every man’s wishes. And what can be easier than taking a pill twice a day?

In spite of many men’s skepticism (myself included) the development of the pills went on, their formulas were improved, and nowadays they’re one of the fast-growing industries. A lot of opportunistic companies popped up, just to disappear again, trying to profit from this new phenomenon that is male sexual health. They often flooded the internet with low quality products and spam ads, contributing to the bad reputation that still affects this market.

But, truth be told, some of the pioneering companies have survived unscathed, improving their products throughout the years and proving their effectiveness all over the world. These companies have always sought innovation, searching for new technologies and quality products that could ensure their reputation, and they still invest a part of their profit on R&D. One of the best examples of this is VigRx Plus.

VigRx PlusGood_quality pills are made from vegetal extracts and amino acids with a strong reputation in male sexual health treatments, especially in Eastern countries, where these ingredients are used in the treatment of various sexual conditions such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, besides penis enlargement. By combining these ancestral ingredients with modern Western science, it is possible to get supplements with effective results and minimal side effects.

These 100% natural sexual supplements, unlike synthetic medicine, provide better results and can be taken for long periods of time with no risk of side effects. Several studies conducted by the companies and some universities have demonstrated the value of these supplements in male and female sexual health. The most important thing that was proven is that some ingredients, when mixed in the right proportions, have strong synergetic effects. That’s why their consumption is much safer and more efficient that taking these ingredients separately, and this is why different supplements with the exact same ingredients in their composition have very different results.

Extra benefits of penis enlargement pills

Besides its main goal, which is to increase penis size, like all other methods above, pills offer some extras. These benefits can be split into two categories, physical and psychological:

The physical benefits of penis enlargement pills are very obvious and easy to observe. They basically increase the blood flow in the genital area, allowing stronger and long-lasting erections, they increase libido (desire for sexual activity) and testosterone. These three things are essential to penis enlargement; mainly the increase of blood flow, since this is what allows dilation of the cavernous bodies’ cells and actual penis enlargement.

But the psychological benefits of penis enlargement pills are even more relevant. These pills allow you to get erections more easily and sustain them for a longer period, which helps build confidence in bed. This confidence boost is sometimes all that a man needs. It is common for men that think their penis is small to have low self-esteem, which impairs their sexual behavior (especially with new partners), and a slight increase of their organ, together with high self-esteem, is all they need to become great lovers.

penis enlargementA_man_with good self-esteem is more aggressive in bed, more dominant, more willing to try new adventures and positions – because he knows he will not falter halfway through and disappoint his partner. And that’s exactly what women like in men. Alpha males are called like that because of their looks and self-confidence and not because of the size of their organs, although they’re almost always well-endowed. And pills are a great help for that.

In practice, these effects combined not only help men with sexual problems, but also healthy men (with no sexual problems at all), producing a strong impact on their sexuality and self-esteem, making them even better lovers than before.

This is why I said that pills are the best way to enlarge your penis. That’s because, besides penis enlargement, like all the methods mentioned before, they offer these bonuses, which in my opinion are as important, if not more, as the size of the penis itself.

Now that you know the various methods for penis enlargement, and the way they work, it’s time for me to tell you the secret of how I significantly enlarged my penis in just 4 months.

How I Managed To Enlarge My Penis In 4 Months

If you had the patience to read the article up to this point, you must already have some clues as to how I got results so fast. But I warn you that before I accomplished this I’ve had various experiences, tried several products and possible combinations until I arrived at this conclusion. Well…the best part is that you don’t need to try anything. You just have to do as I tell you, because you already know what works!

In short, I used the pills; two pills every day. In the days I intended to have sex I would take both pills right after dinner, so I could have the desired power in the right moment. The other days I’d take one during breakfast and the second one after dinner. There are two or three brands of pills that can be helpful (there’s a list at the bottom of this page) but the best of all is, without a doubt, VigRx Plus and that’s the one I used.

But let me tell you that even a pill like this one, when taken by itself, has very little effect in making your dick grow. It increases erections and sexual drive but the effects on enlargement are minimal and take too long. That was one of the experiences I’ve made. Basically all methods, when used isolated, are barely efficient, too lengthy or just boring.

This is why I started using, along with the pills, a penile extender, that I would wear during the day, for five or six hours (mostly in the mornings). It’s very simple to use, mostly because I usually wear sweatpants (the Timberland ones with pockets).

Penis Enlargement Methods WorkThe_truth is that, during the first two weeks, the penile extender was a great inconvenience…there was something unnatural, pulling on my junk, and sometimes it felt like it was out of place. It wasn’t painful, but it was really uncomfortable! The sensation started to fade, eventually. At a certain point, I would even forget I was using it, and would often forget to take it off.

Even though these two methods combined are already enough to significantly enlarge your penis, I added an extra one: the most simple of all.

Every day, when I wasn’t wearing the extender, I would caress my penis, massage it, until it got pretty stiff and I would try to keep it like that for as long as possible. Sometimes it would be when I was working at my desk, or reading articles online, but my favorite moment was at the end of the evening, when I was watching TV or in bed, before I fell asleep, on the days that I didn’t have sex.

I watch TV lying on a living room couch (since I spend most of the day sitting at a desk), with a blanket over me, and when wearing sweatpants it is easy to massage it and “play” with it without anyone noticing. But of course this varies a lot among men, depending on their family routines and jobs.

Massages are very important for two reasons: first, because they help absorbing the pills’ ingredients and dilating spongy tissues in the penis, which boosts its growth. The second is that they help reestablishing the blood flow, reduced by the constant strain exerted for hours by the extender.


The secret is simple: pills + penile extender + massages. Nothing that you, the reader of this article, or any other man, can’t do. You just have to adjust your habits a little in order to get these three things working together.

In my opinion, these three things are essential and you should strictly follow these steps. For those with less money, I’ve heard stories of men who replaced the extender with exercises and obtained results. It didn’t work for me. Doing those exercises everyday sucks and the extender is much more efficient.

Finally, I must say that my penis wasn’t that small. It was what can be considered normal, but now it’s bigger and I like it better this way! I can’t tell the exact size of it, now or then, because measuring your penis is almost impossible.

At first, I would measure my penis two to three times a week, and each time I would get different sizes… so I stopped trying it, since it’s almost impossible to measure it steadily in the same conditions. You can see it by looking at it, and most of all, you can feel it when you grab it, you feel it really fills your hand! And that’s what’s important.

I used these three methods for four months. I didn’t even need to enhance my penis, I only did it for two reasons: vanity (like most guys), because having a nice piece down here is always something to be proud of. And because of scientific reasons, after all, if my work is to write about these issues and help other men doing it, why not try the results first-hand?

So my advice to whoever reads this article is to do it for at least six months. It’s the recommended minimum. Well, actually I stopped using the penile extender but I still keep using the pills and the massages, so I haven’t exactly quit. But it’s more of a maintenance practice and no longer focused on making it bigger. But these things are very personal and every man is free to do what he wants for as long he wants, so, it is entirely up to you to decide how big you will get in the end. The three methods combined work! The rest is up to you.

Other tips to make the penis look bigger

While your penis doesn’t actually grow, you can do other things that don’t enlarge it, but do create that illusion. They make it look bigger.

tips to make the penis biggerOne_of_them is to shave your pubic hair, because without hair it will seem much bigger than with a bush around it, especially if you have a lot of hair.

Other thing you can do is lose weight, because the fatter you are the smaller your organ appears, especially if you have a big belly that overshadows the little fellow down there. The good news is that, unlike women, whose breasts become smaller when they lose weight, the penis doesn’t shrink when you do the same.

And, finally, have a healthy, balanced diet. With a good diet you will be able to avoid diseases like high cholesterol, you will lose weight, become slimmer, the pills’ ingredients will work better and you will be able to have a better performance and last longer in bed. After all, sex is a sport and a healthy person always does better at any sport.

And so, my friends, this is the story of how I significantly increased my penis size in just 4 months, by choice, because this was an experiment I decided to try out. I recommend that you only quit when you are satisfied with the size you’ve reached. I think you should carry this treatment out for at least 6 months, or even more. You call the shots!

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