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How to Increase Penis Size? Herbs are the Key!

When searching for solutions on how to increase penis size, you must keep in mind that the method you choose must stimulate the blood flow in your body to your member. On top of this, key factors that will allow your erection capability to be long-lasting is if you adhere to a healthy diet and lose fat around your midsection through exercise. These lifestyle changes are much more sustainable and safer than shortcuts like a risky surgery that would attempt to help your erection problem drastically. Read further to learn how to increase penis size without the help of a dangerous surgery or pharmaceutical drugs that produce adverse side effects.

Natural Herbs Help Transport Blood to the Penis

It’s entirely possible to directly consume herbs on your own, but it’s even more effective if you find supplements like Virility Ex or VigRx Plus that consist of natural herb formulas that are entirely safe and impactful.

Herbs Help Transport Blood to the PenisGinkgo Biloba: Many people know this herb as a memory aid, but it’s equally helpful in stimulating blood flow. Therefore, it would also aid in stimulating a more effective erection. A study conducted by researchers at the University of California has shown that men who suffer from erectile dysfunction due to the use of anti-depressants will benefit quite a bit from this herb. However, a separate study has also shown otherwise, and therefore the direct benefit of ginkgo is still quite inconclusive. Still, the herb has not shown any adverse side effects and does show great effectiveness to memory, so men who take it will not suffer.

Keep in mind that men who are currently taking blood-thinning medication or have a history of seizures should not take any supplements with this herb before consulting their physicians.

Maca: This herb comes in powder-form, and is considered to be quite helpful in sexual arousal. The macaene and macamide photochemicals within the herb are known to aid in both erections and energy.

L-arginine: Rather than an herb, this ingredient is a naturally-occurring amino acid that stimulates blood flow. Men who took this supplement showed considerable improvements within a 6-week’s period, according to researchers at Tel Aviv University.

Watermelon: Granted, not an herb or an amino acid, but watermelon is known to be effective in increasing the duration and size of men’s erections. The amino acid citrulline is converted into arginine once in the body, which leads to stimulated blood flow. This founding is relatively new, which is why the fact that watermelon is so helpful for erections is not popularly known to the public. Moreover, there have not been many significant scientific studies conducted on the subject as well. This fruit, however, is still considered by most as a superfood for men, so eating it when you can should be of great help.

How to Increase Penis Size Using Natural Methods

Avoid Smoking: The main issue with erectile dysfunction is blood flow, rather, how much blood your penis contains upon arousal. This also impacts the size capability of your member. The issue with cigarettes, apart from the more obvious health issues, is that it narrows down your arteries. This blocks the right amount of blood from flowing to your penis, and therefore prevents you from achieving a proper erection.

Penis ExercisesGo to the Gym: Exercising gets your blood moving, and this circulation is just what your body needs when you have erectile problems. A lack of exercise, whether you go to a gym or just go for a run, will contribute to the blood flow problems you already have. How to get some regular exercise into your lifestyle in whatever method you choose. Anything that gets your blood pumping will help.

Pelvic Floor Exercises: Doing Kegal exercises will strengthen your pelvic floor, which will in turn allow your penis to contain more blood. Without these exercises, your pelvic floor is prone to press down on the veins that transports blood to your member. When asked how to increase penis size, many specialists recommend regular Kegal exercises to men who suffer from erectile issues. In fact, a British study revealed that these exercises showed much more effective results than for men who simply changed other lifestyle choices.

Shed off the Belly Fat: Men with larger bellies tend to look like they have smaller penises, simply because their fat droops over the front. The midsection is one of the most difficult areas to shed fat from, but doing so will have a substantial effect on the perception of your size. Target exercises to lose weight around your midsection in order to see much better results in your erectile dysfunction treatment.

Be Cautious of Certain Measures

Remain Cautious of online Viagras and Similar Drugs: Pills like these are simply cocktails of harmful and powerful chemicals. They do produce significant results, but also lead to adverse side effects due to the fact that they are not strictly regulated. Instead, take natural herbs in place of such drugs so that you receive healthy doses of ingredients that will not negatively impact your health.

Take Head Before Considering Surgery: Though it can sound appealing, phalloplasty surgery can lead to tremendous side effects. In some cases, enlargement surgery can simply make the size of your member larger while removing any functionality you have with it. Rather than stand stiff during arousal, it will drop and hang. In fact, some men report that they no longer even retain the ability to even get erect at all after the procedure.

penis herbal supplementsNatural measures like taking herbal supplements is much healthier and surer method when seeking how to increase penis size. Of course, some special cases like men with “micro-penises” will benefit from phalloplasty, but men with average-sized members may only suffer with the consequences. Why face the possibilities of permanent dysfunction and scarring when you can naturally increase your penis size with herbal supplements?

Purchase Products from Reliable Sellers: There are currently a plethora of different penile enhancement supplements available on the market today, both in physical and online stores. Most of these products claim increases in stamina, stiffness, and penile length; but men who try out these various products are often left without much improvements at all. It’s important to completely know that the seller or website your purchase your product from is legitimate and reliable, and that you avoid scams and sellers that sell ineffective supplements. For example, avoid any store that forces you to purchase a certain product in exchange for a “miracle tip” or step program to solve your erectile size or dysfunction problem.

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