VigRx Plus vs Virility Ex - which one's better?


Even if we have an entire part on this website about “Penis Enlargement” where we discuss about all the different available methods and remedies to enlarge your penis and about information on the way it works and the efficiency, we daily receive mails with these questions:

What is the best method to increase my penis?” or
What is the best remedy to enlarge penis?” or also
According to you, what treatment should we use for increase my penis?

What is the best method to increase my penis?I_created this article to answer to these questions and to spare the visitors’ time avoiding to read the different articles of this website, because it’s an activity boring that takes time. Too much information on a special process of penis enlargement or diverse treatments between several articles can have an inverted effect and mess with the reader, which increases the lack of decision about what to choose or the best case according to oneself situation.

Let’s try to make things easier and to directly answer to these questions. There are several ways to increase the penis: vacuum pump, water pump, weight, exercise, penis extender, creams, gels and pills. However, we will concentrate on one of them: the best – the penis enlargement supplements.

Why? Simple…
If you can have the best one, why would have less than that?

Enlargement pumps can be dangerous and, most of the time, they are inefficient. Penis does not react to stimuli such as muscles (the size of the penis does not increase because of practicing) and hence, we have to apply slow methods for long time periods. Pumps are an aggressive option that can break the blood vessels and can cause other injuries. They are not recommended.

Exercises to increase the penis are efficient, but they demand a lot of work and of time that the majority of men abandon without reaching their goal. For this reason, we also abandon this option.

Gels and creams for penis enlargement are very good. They work with the same principles that pills do. However, the pills are more efficient and simpler to use!

What about penis extenders? Nowadays, the penis extender is an efficient method to increase the penis. Its main advantage comes from the cells division process, because the penis reacts to the constant traction strength, new cells are created to free the pressure under the penis. It is a good approach that I recommend to you, but it is less convenient than pills because all men do not have patience to walk with a “thing” attached to their penis several hours a day.

Here we are…

The best method for enlarge your penisThe_best method for enlarge your penis are the pills because it is a simple solution, easy and quick. Every men, whatever how busy they are, can take two pills a day and improve their sexual abilities!

However, how these pills can improve the penis size? They work thanks to the blood pressure on the penis in order to improve its growth, the volume increases thanks to the blood pressure made by the blood circulation. Human penis is made of millions of cells, hence, an insignificant increase in each of them can give very satisfying results, both in terms of length and thickness.

These pills to enlarge the penis must be daily taken, and in preference by two, about two hours before the potential intercourse. Of course, the more we have intercourse or masturbation, the more effective these enlargement pills are.

Which pills are to best to enlarge the penis? Among dozens of products that swamp the market, both of them are good: Virility Ex and VigRx Plus. They are the best and give you no reason to look for other brands. Among these two products, VigRx Plus has a small benefit but it is the most expensive one.


“What is the best penis enlargement method?”

This is the response to the one million dollars question… And the response is…

What is the best penis enlargement method?To_use a penis enlargement pill with a penis enlargement cream! Obvious, isn’t it? If we combine both best options, results will be stupefying!

Even if both methods work well individually, the two methods combined is much more efficient compare only using one.

Our suggestion is to use penis enlargement pills and penis enlargement cream together. If you can’t or if you don’t want to use the two methods, then choose the pills because they are easier even if they are more slow to react, unless that you have heart issues, because in this case, you should choose the enlargement cream.

Now, to get good results, you have to choose the best supplements on the market. Regarding the cream there is not much to choose from. ProSolution Gel is the best of all. Regarding the tablets you can choose between the two best on the market: VigRx Plus or Virility Ex


VigRx Plus vs Virility Ex - which one's better?

Virility Ex is an all-around approach to improving your sexual health, enhancing your sex life, and making your penis bigger through natural herbs. But is this system right for you? It might be a good idea to compare it to VigRx Plus to see which pill might work best for your lifestyle.

You will discover right now which product works best so you can make an informed decision at this moment. So my friend, who will it be? VigRx Plus or Virility Ex?

Virility Ex and VigRx Plus are two very effective brands of penis pills. You have heard a lot about these two pills, Virility Ex and VigRx plus? You need help to choose the better one out of the two?

VigRx Plus vs Virility EX is a topic that thousands of men have in mind. Both VigRx Plus and Virility Ex are natural male enhancement pills that enlarge penis size and increase sex drive. Which one is better? Due to overall ratings from each male enhancement pill, VigRx Plus seems to be a better one. VigRx Plus is better but Virility Ex is a lot cheaper!

VigRx PlusVigRxPlus is the king of all male enhancement pills available in the market. Every one of you agree with the fact. The VigRx Plus is one amongst the excellent herbal and natural male virility enhancement products that you can buy with ease.

The ingredients used in this product have been used since the ancient time. These herbs are used in Chinese medicines since centuries. These pills are the result of so many clinical tests and researches by so many worlds’ popular researchers and doctors that the results of these pills are assured.

But, what makes this product the best penis enhancer? There are three major ingredients which are responsible for making it a potential product all together that are Damiana, Tribulus and Bioperine. Bioferene’s function as a catalyze allows an effective absorbing of other ingredients in the moisture, improving the effects even further and decreasing the needed time to start the actual effect. The ingredients in VigRx Plus trigger a chemical response in the brain that allows the "valve" where blood is pumped into the penis to "open".

VigRx Plus is the godsend present for all men around the world to increase penis size, get bigger, harder and longer lasting erections and increase libido and sex drive. You can increment the penile size in normal state as well as erection stage through it. You will start having stronger orgasms.

Virility ExThe_Virility EX can never be overlooked when it comes to natural make enhancement pills available in the market. The technique used by these pills is awesome. These pills can improve the potency and performance level of the male to great extent.

Virility Ex is made up of a number of all natural ingredients that help to promote healthy sexual function. There have been tens of thousands of men that have used this product to help them achieve longer orgasms and a big penis. Virility Ex will provide harder and firmer erections and will increase your penile length and girth.

For the last years men everywhere have turned to Virility Ex to address their desire for improved performance in the bedroom and have a big penis. With thousands of satisfied Virility Ex customers, it’s fast becoming the top choice for many men looking for that extra boost. With so many satisfied customers, and such a long history of success, it’s no wonder Virility Ex is one of the most trustworthy name in male enhancement.

Virility Ex is one of the best male enhancement pills just like VigRx Plus. However the overall ratings from Virility Ex are not as excellent as VigRx Plus the results of these two products are amazing in all aspects.

VigRx Plus is better. I'm not saying virility ex isn't a good one, but I'd say that VigRx Plus has the upper hand out of the two. But if you’re ‘short’ on money, opt for the Virility Ex, because Virility ex is cheaper than VigRx Plus and if both can provide the same results, you would definitely choose Virility ex. But if you can, then order VigRx Plus.

You can trust this article in all ways.

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