How to Increase Your Penis Size Naturally?


Does the Penis Size Matter?

Sex is one of the greatest blessings provided my God to humankind. Every man enjoys having pleasurable sex with her partner on the bed. Sex is just like a Nirvana and your happy sexual life can make you more healthy and successful in life, but many men are not satisfied with their penis size and sometimes they would like to have a bigger size penis. So, does size of penis really matters for having better sexual relationship with your partner?

Penis Size MatterAnswering this question is a bit difficult because it depends on the nature of women and her taste. Recently, a survey was done in the New York City and several questions were asked about their sexual fetishes and penis size. Around 60 percent of women accepted that they love bigger size penis, although, they need more loving relationship with their partner.

Women are not like men who would accept directly what their sexual desires are, in front of every person. In fact, they never express their true sexual fantasies if you don’t probe them for the same. So, we can conclude that women need a bigger size penis to quench their thirst of sexual fantasies. Although they would not complain you about your size, but still it does matter.

Some Misconceptions about Penis Size?

There was a misconception about penis size that it is not possible to increase its size naturally or by any means. This misconception was made famous in the early 18th century by some gentlemen societies of Europe. These societies think that masturbating is a crime and increasing penis naturally is also not possible. But today, many studies have proved that penis size can be increased by natural means.

After the advent of many surgeries, people now have many options to increase their penis size by spending some amount of money. Women are also now coming freely to accept that they need a bigger size penis. So, you don’t have to feel any disgust or remorse if you have a smaller size penis. Now, there are many ways to increase the length and girth of your penis with a little bit of investment and some effort.

Some Common Ways to Increase Your Penis and Its Effects

Although penis enlargement is possible by many means and you should find thousands of products both in your nearest market and on the internet. But believe me that most of these products are either made up of chemicals or ingredients that are not permitted for human consumption. There are many ways to increase your size. Let us discuss some common ways of penis and its effects:

Pumps to Increase Penis

Pumps to Increase Penis Penis enlargement pumps are some kind of suction pumps where you have to insert your penis inside a tube from the one end. Once you insert your penis, these vacuum pumps suck out the air inside the tube to make a vacuum. You would know that your penis is made up of soft ligaments and it erects when blood flows through these ligaments. These vacuum pumps stimulate these ligaments of your penis, thereby helping to increase its size.

But remember that these vacuum pumps are not best for penis enlargement and have many flaws. These pumps can do severe damage to your penis if you don’t handle it properly. If you do not use them with utmost care, then these pumps can do vascular damage to the tissues of your penis that can sometimes lead to erectile dysfunction.

Another reason why I would not recommend these pumps is its manufacturing. Today, many local and fake manufacturers are making these pumps with low quality material. So I would suggest you not to buy them from any unauthorized online store.

Surgery for Increase Penis

Another plausible way for having a bigger size penis is surgery. Many men prefer surgery, but it is one of the most expensive ways for penis enlargement. The main technique behind these enlargement surgeries is to break up some of the ligaments that connect the penis to your pelvic bone.

Although, penis enlargement surgeries add an extra inches to your penis but your penis should not stand erect after the surgical operation and they will only hang between your legs and you have to manually direct it to your sexual partner’s vagina. These penis enlargements have very tough side effects also and your satisfaction rate declines to a great extent after these operations.

Another reason why I would not suggest penis enlargement surgery is because they are very expensive. Penis enlargement is not a big issue and you can achieve it naturally, so why invest a large amount of money when you can achieve it within your budget?

Penis Increase Drugs and Medications

You can also find many chemical drugs on the internet or at your nearest medical store. The companies who make them claim to increase your penis size in a matter of days. But almost all of these chemical drugs are not more than a hoax. I don’t recommend chemicals for penis enlargement since they have many side effects. So, never buy any chemical drug from the internet because most of them are made up of some hazardous chemicals that are not healthy for your body.


The Reality and the Real Solution for Increase Penis

I am not here to misguide you for promoting any product on my own. Believe me, because it’s my own experience and I have done a lots if research on this topic. So what is the most considerable option for penis enlargement; that should not affect your health also? In my opinion natural supplements are best and Virility Ex is one of the most widely known natural supplements for penis enlargement.

So what is Virility Ex? Virility Ex is a total supplement made up of natural ingredients that can not only increase your penis size naturally, but it can also provide you that stamina and power to stay last longer in your bed. In fact, Virility Ex is a total supplement that can quench your and your partner’s thirst for getting the zenith of sexual fantasies.

Virility Ex is made up from a mixture of natural ingredients; that were also mentioned in the ‘Kamasutra’ (ancient book of sexology) that can let you enjoy having sex with you partner like an ‘Ashwa’ (Horse). So, don’t think of any other harmful ways of penis enlargement when you can buy this natural supplement.


Virility Ex Review

Virility Ex is a natural supplement really powerful to increase the masculine sexual performance in the world. Many years of success and because it uses natural ingredients make it famous and enables you to have a good sexual performance that you and your partner wish.

Do you want to spice up your sexual life? Do you want to become highly performing by bringing your partner in heaven? If you wish all of this, then you have to know Virility Ex, the supplement used to improve your sexual performance and increase your penis size.

New products to improve the sexual performance arrive everyday on the market, but Virility Ex proved its efficiency many times et it is one of the best and the most affordable on the market. Virility Ex contains a mix of natural ingredient and amino acids that improve the men virility. Nowadays, Virility Ex is one of the best supplement to improve the men sexual life.

Virility ExVirilityEx is a natural supplement all-in-one that contains a mix of natural ingredients and of amino acids that will increase the virility by increasing the blood flow in the penis. Moreover, some ingredients will increase the sexual performances, which will please your partner. Actually, Virility enables to improve the sexual life in everything, especially for increasing your penis with natural herbs.

Virility Ex will not only improve your sexual life, it will also increase your penis size in a natural way. This supplement contains a mix of natural ingredients that will enforce your blood vessels, improve the blood circulation into the penis tissues and increase your sexual hormones to enable you to have a longer and stronger erection. Moreover, Virility Ex will improve your sexual life without any side effect.

Virility Ex is made with the best natural herbs that are known for increasing the virility and the lasting of erections. You need to take the recommended quantities to obtain the best results. Firstly it will increase the blood flow in your penis and you will have longer erections. Then, the increase of the blood flow will influence the vessels size, which will increase the penis in a natural way.

The main advantage of this product is that it contains ingredients that are combined with amino acids and herbs. Actually, few products can compete with Virility Ex on the market. You just have to try it and you will be amazed by its results!

- Virility Ex is a totally natural supplement that will improve your sexual performances. By taking this treatment, you will feel intense pleasure, such as your partner. This product work by improving the sexual men hormones, by increasing the blood flow in the penis tissues and by strengthening the tissues that will receive these flows. You will have better erection and you will not suffer of any side effect, in opposite with other products, because it is totally natural.

- Virility Ex has become the preferred supplement for men who look for better sexual performances. If you know this, then we highly recommend you to buy Virility Ex. Many customers recommend it through the world and you can just read the different reviews about it to be convinced of it efficiency. You will not be nervous of satisfying your partner anymore. You can order Virility Ex and it will be delivered at your place with all the possible discretion.

- And a longer erection will enable you to be more performant and to test different things with your partners. And if you are satisfied with your sexual life, then you will feel better in your life. A better sexual life will improve your relationship. However, it is not a magic product and you have to daily take it to have results.

How to have the maximum effects with Virility Ex?


You need to keep in mind that you have to regularly take Virility Ex to see results. We advise you to take it every day for the maximum effects.

increase the penis sizeMoreover, Virility Ex, such as any other pill to increase the penis size, works when the penis has an erection. Actually, one of its role is to increase the quantity of blood in the penis to increase its size. And this type of effect will become permanent in the long term. This is why you have to have intercourses or to masturbate every day. It is ok if you do not reach the orgasm, the most important is to have an erection.

The more your penis will have erection, and the more Virility Ex will rapidly work. You can have several erections in a day without any problem.

The doctors can prescribe drugs to improve your libido, but the problem is that they are made of chemical ingredients. And these ingredients can provoke important side effects. Moreover, the natural ingredients of Virility will not affect your organism, because they only strengthen the process that already exists, which is the increase of the blood flow during an erection. In this way, you do not risk anything by taking this supplement.

Nowadays, Virility Ex is the best treatment to increase the penis. It is the perfect solution to increase your penis size. If the penis size is important to you, then take Virility Ex for few months and you will be amazed by the results. It will also make the organism to send more blood in your penis. And this increase of blood will provoke a longer and stronger erection.

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