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Penis Enlargement – the Fast and Easy Way !!

Almost all men want to increase their penis size, even those who anatomically don’t need it, as increasing the penis size will also boost their confidence and sexual performance.

All men search for a quick and easy way to increase their penis size, and there’s nothing easier and quicker than an oral supplement – two pills a day and that’s it!

Easiest Way to Enlarge PenisThe_truth_is that many men try several brands of penis enlargement pills and only attain a minimal increase. Why is that? Is it that penis enlargement pills don’t work?

The truth is that penis enlargement pills do work, they work to increase your penis size, to increase your sexual desire, how long you last in bed and all kind of sexual performance… But taking two pills a day and expecting the penis to grow on its own isn’t enough!

Increasing the penis isn’t different from everything else in our lives. It takes dedication, persistence and work. With a little of these three ingredients, increasing the penis size isn’t actually difficult at all. So, what’s the quickest and easiest way to increase the penis size?

The quickest and easiest way to increase the penis size isn’t taking just one supplement for it, but take a penis enlargement supplement and at the same time provoke as many erections as possible throughout the day. It’s really simple!

• Step 1 - Taking 2 pills of a good penis enlargement supplement on a daily basis.

• Step 2 – Provoke one or more erections thorough the day (or night), by having sex or masturbating (without the need to ejaculate as the objective is to ‘fill’ the penis with blood and nutrients necessary to its expansion).

This is a simple system to enlarge the size of the penis quickly, in a two-step way, that offers good results when both steps are executed in simultaneous… but most of the sellers ‘forget’ to mention the second step.

Which are the best penis enlargement supplements?

penis enlargement supplementsOut of all the countless penis enhancing supplies available in the market, there are two that stand out by their effectiveness: VigRx Plus and Virility Ex. Out of these two VigRx Plus is better but also much more expensive, so those without much financial resources should opt with Virility Ex, which is also effective.

Independently on whatever choice you make, you will need provoke as many erections as possible throughout the day, to give you that much needed ‘extra push’ for a strong penis enhancement.

While VigRx Plus or Virility Ex increase sexual arousal and keep it elevates, allowing strong erections and an outstanding sexual performance, the erections ‘pumps’ the necessary blood to the penis to stimulate the efficacy of the pills and allow even stronger and longer erections – essential to the growth of the penis.

So, which is the best penis enlargement method?

The best method to enlarge the penis size, the quickest and easiest way of penis enlargement, is to follow these two simple steps. Forget about penis exercises, forget about penile extenders and miraculous pills and follow these simple steps:

1 – Take two pills of VigRx Plus, or if the cash is short, Virility Ex – Which contains the needed ingredients for penis growth.

2 – Provoke as many erections as you can throughout the day – essential for all those ingredients to enter the blood flow and expand the hollow fields in the penis, allowing for its effective growth.

You can do it with masturbation, with sexual relations or simply by ‘playing with it’. Ejaculation is facultative and doesn’t interfere with the penis size increase, so it’s irrelevant if you do it or not. Your only goal should be to maintain the erections for as long as you can.

Now that you already know what the easiest and quickest way of penis enlargement is, it’s all up to you, your commitment and basically, your desire to really increase the size of your penis.

Don’t skip any of the steps. All are essential, even critical, to attain results. Always take the supplement (even if you’re not planning on having sexual relations) and provoke as many erections as possible.

And have the virtue of patience. This system takes between 4 and 8 months to present an effective growth that’s worthy of such a name. Check out the graphic:
easiest and quickest way of penis enlargement
In blue, the results with the erect penis & In red, the results with the flaccid penis.

This graphic shows the development of the penis throughout the time, using these two methods in simultaneous. The results are averages, using the supplement VigRx Plus for 12 months, so your performance may be superior or inferior to the one presented here. The graphic is destined to provide a perspective of the potential of this two step system.

As you can easily see in the graphic, the growth with erect penis increases strongly between the 3rd and 7th months, and after that it decelerates while in the flaccid state, it’s slower but more constant, even increasing in the last months.

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