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How to Correctly Use Penis Enlargement Pills

There are many methods to increase your penis size available in the market, although many of them, besides ineffective, are also dangerous. The most common ones are supplements (gels and pills to enhance the penis), exercises to increase the penis size, penile extenders, penile pumps (which are more destined to help fighting erectile dysfunction than to help enhance the penis size) and weight suspension.

Out of all the methods, the only ones that are really effective are the penis enlargement pills and the penile extenders, although many men dislike walking around with something clinging to their penis for several hours in a row.

How to Use Penis Enlargement PillsIs there any men who wants to increase his penis size and is not pleased with the fact that he can do so with just two pills a day? Yet, most men who want enhance the penis have already tried one or more of these supplements and could not get the results he set out to achieve… You’re probably one of them, right?

The truth is that penis enhancing pills work. They work to enhance the penis size, to increase sexual performance, sexual appetite, how long you last in bed and shorten your recovery time between sexual acts. They work to enhance every aspect of your sexual performance and not just the size of your penis!

Wonderful!! But... Why can’t all men increase their penis size to their such desired goals with the usage of pills? Here are some of the reasons why:

- Exaggerated expectations regarding possible increase of the penis size. Pills, when correctly used, may enhance the penis by 20% or 30% (a bit more if you’re lucky) of its original size, but there are no pills or any other methods able to transform a 4 cm penis into a 25 cm pornstar-like penis.

- Being in a hurry to increase your penis size. Many men think that penis enlargement pills are going to make their dreams come true in 3 to 4 weeks (like many fraudulent salesmen claim), but truth is, to get a significant increase, even noticeable in the flaccid state, you will need a couple months. Several months! In the first month, you will only notice a slight increase in your sexual performance and a slight increase in size while erect.

- Fraudulent penis enhancement pills. The internet is full of fraudulent products and scams to try and get the money of those less cautious, and the male sexual performance industry is the king in doing so. If a high quality product takes time offering satisfying results, imagine those fake products being made in Asian countries with no control!! And the problem is not just damaging your wallet, but possibly seriously damaging your health!

Now that you know what does NOT work, we’ll explain you how to use penis enlargement pills correctly:

penis erectionLogically, pills don’t get a hold of the penis and pull it until it reaches the owner’s desired measure… What these pills do to increase the penis size is increase the blood pressure in the organ, in such a way that it will increase by becoming more swollen, more filled.

Like we all know, that only happens when it’s erect. Only an erection allows blood to enter the penis, causing pressure. That’s why simply taking two pills a day won’t increase your penis size, unless you provoke an erection to boost its effects! (Why is it that almost all salesmen ‘forget’ to mention this?)

To attain maximum effect of the penis enhancing pills, you need to provoke as many erections as possible. Here’s the procedures you should use:

Take two or more penis enlargement pills a day. You should take the pills every day, independently of all the rest, so you can always maintain the ingredients needed in your organism.

Cause as many erections as possible. Only when the penis is erect can the ingredients of the pills work, so the more erections you can get, the better. For that you can use a wide range of methods:

– Have sex. Sex makes the supplement’s ingredients work, increases testosterone, is good for general health and spirit, and it’s addictive (the more sex you have, the more sexual appetite you will have). So you should use and abuse this remedy. But remember that the goal is to have an erect penis, and not to ejaculate quickly, so take as much time as you can during foreplay and the act itself. The longer you can hold it, the bigger the effect!

increase your penis_Masturbate. The objective of masturbation is to cause just the erection, not to ejaculate, so you should do it every time it’s possible, even without reaching orgasm, and take as much time you can. You should use a proper cream to increase the penis size, like ProSolution Gel.

– Touch yourself. Play with your penis until it’s hard, as much as possible – when you’re working at a more private place, when lying in bed, watching tv, and so on. Play with your partner (if you have one) even without reaching any sexual acts, etc.

Last but not least, you should remember that only quality products offer results and, more importantly, safety. After all, you want to increase your penis, not ruin it!

To dig deeper in the penis enlargement subject, knowing which the best products are and how to use them together properly, see this article: Which is the Most Effective Penis Enhancement Pill?

And remember, patience is your best friend. Don’t walk around measuring your penis constantly, as that creates anxiety and will prevent you from realizing its real growth. Just do it monthly, under the same circumstances.

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