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The Best Penis Enlargement Method

Which is the most effective pill to enhance the penis size?
What’s the most effective remedy to enhance the penis size
How can I enlarge my penis?
"Which is the Most Effective Penis Enlargement Pill?"

Are the most frequent questions we receive by email. This article is dedicated to answering those questions.

Best Penis Enlargement Method

Not_all_men have the patience and/or time to read all articles we have on our web site about this subject, and, even for those who have, it might be confusing to read so much information that is in some cases contradictory. The doubt remains: out of all referred methods, with their own pros and cons, which is really the easiest and simplest method to enhance the penis size?

We’ll simplify it for you and tell you what the best way to make your penis bigger is. But before we’re going to justify our opinion. There is a wide variety of options when it comes to penis enlargement: pills are evidently the most common choice, but gels, lotions and penis extenders are also efficient. Besides, there’s also the option of penis pumps (water or vacuum), exercises, weights and other controversial techniques.


Which one should you choose?
Which one is the most efficient? Well…

Exercises are an efficient way to increase the penis size, but they’re so complicated to do that 85% of men who try them give up before even achieving any results.

Penis extenders are also efficient, but they’re uncomfortable. Most men don’t like the idea of walking around with an apparatus stuck to their penis for several hours a day, and many of them give up after a short while.

Penis pumps are not very effective, and besides they’re considered a very aggressive method that may cause injury and significant side effects. The penis does not react well to aggressive treatments. The force applied must be slow and uniform for it to have an effect.

So what?
We’re down to pills and gels, right?

But why use pills and gels to increase your penis size?
Because they’re easy, safe and efficient. Why settle for less when you can have it all?


How do penis enhancement pills work?

Pills_are men’s favorite method when it comes to penis enlargement, but many men fail because they do not understand the principle behind them. Taking two pills a day won’t get you anywhere if you want to make your penis bigger.

How do penis enhancement pills work?Pills increase the penis size through blood pressure. It’s the force of the blood that increases the volume of cells in the spongy field of the penis. When used correctly the increase is very significate, because a tiny increase in each cell, times millions of cells, causes a great overall increase in the total size of the penis.

But to achieve results it’s necessary to attain an erection, as the blood only causes pressure when the penis is erect. The more erections you have (both through sexual relations or masturbation) the faster the pills will work. At first, this increase will only be noticeable when erect, but as time goes by (3 to 6 months) this increase becomes definitive and will be noticeable even when flaccid.

And this is where the gels come in… A good gel allows you to achieve bigger and harder erections quickly, thus intensifying the effect of the pills. Simultaneous use of a good gel and a good supplement in the form of pills is the best, most efficient and easiest method to increase your penis size permanently.

Two pills ought to be taken every day, preferably after breakfast and dinner. The gel should be used every time you masturbate or engage in sexual relations. It should be used throughout the entire time you masturbate, even if you have to apply it a second time, and during foreplay (or a bit earlier if you want to do not want your partner to know).

Although these penis enlargement methods work separately, the benefits of using both of the best methods known to enhance the penis size simultaneously can only produce amazing results, don’t you think? Follow this routine and you won’t regret it.


Best Penis Enlargement Method

Take two pills a day, every day, regardless of your sexual activity.

Apply the gel every time you have any kind of sexual activity, alone or with someone else. It’s preferable that you do it every day, even more than once if possible.

Be persistence and patient and you will quickly achieve results. Don’t waste time measuring your penis every day because these things take their time to work. If you consistently follow these two rules for only a couple of months, your goals will be achieved.


 What to choose?

There are literally dozens of pills to enhance the penis size, and a wide variety of gels too, but very few are trustworthy and are worth spending our money on.

Regarding pills, there are two brands that overcome any others: Virility Ex (most sold and cheapest) and VigRx Plus (strongest).

Regarding the gel we’ll stick to only one: ProSolution Gel.

We advise the use of Virility Ex supplement and ProSolution Gel, as it presents the best quality to price ratio.

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