How to Increase Your Testosterone Naturally

What first comes to mind to differentiate between a man and a woman, biologically speaking, it is undoubtedly testosterone. Blamed by some as the hormone of aggression, it does not deserve its bad reputation... Let's call testosterone the hormone of dynamism. Indeed, man has a testosterone - the hormone of desire, sexuality, and conquest - twenty to sixty times more that the woman has.

Before continuing this article, you should know that taking too much testosterone can have negative effects. However in recent years, our environment, our business and our diets have changed radically. In fact, scientists have found that our average testosterone levels fell by 20% in 15 years! This is very worrying.

Pesticides and other chemicals in our environment, lack of exercise and increased stress has disrupted our metabolism, triggered an imbalance of our hormones and our testosterone production ... Other factors such as lack of sleep, the alcohol and the cigarettes reduce our levels of testosterone and / or increase our estrogen levels.

However, testosterone plays a major role in our muscle mass, our decisions and our libido.

Do you have enough testosterone?

How to Increase Your TestosteroneYou_can do a blood or saliva test to get an accurate result. But you can respond to the questionnaire developed by Dr. John Morley of the University of Medicine in St. Louis to detect if you have symptoms of testosterone deficiency:

1. Have you libido decreased (less desire to make love)?

2. Have you a lack of energy?

3. Have you a decrease in muscle strength or endurance?

4. Have you shrunk?

5. Have you noticed a drop in your "joie de vivre"?

6. Are you sad, grumpy or grouchy?

7. Are your erections less strong?

8. Have you noticed a drop in your athletic ability?

9. Have you sleep after dinner?

10. Have you a decrease in your work performance?

If you answered "yes" to question 1 or 7, or "yes" to three other questions, then you may have low testosterone.

In any case, if you feel less attractive, with a declining libido, a few pounds of fat that are hard to lose or simply want to feel more masculine, read the rest.

What are the benefits of testosterone?

• Increases the size of our muscles.
• Eliminates fat in the abdomen.
• Reduces the level of bad cholesterol.
• Improves our mood.
• Increases libido.
• Increase our reaction rate (and erection).
• Improves endurance.
• Facilitates wound healing.
• Facilitates orientation.
• Increases the sense of adventure, new experiences and risk.

To increase your testosterone levels what you need to do is stimulate the natural way. Our bodies are adapted to live in an environment that no longer exists. To realize its potential, you have to simulate certain activities and rebalance our diet.

Some principles to avoid the drop in testosterone

Increase Your Testosterone NaturallyFor_results on the long term, we need to seriously look at food, our food pyramid and our way of life. These are complex mechanisms that come into play.

Here are some general rules to avoid the drop in testosterone:

• Take risks
• Avoid alcohol
• Quit Smoking • Expose yourself to sunlight
• Meditate to reduce stress
• Avoid tight clothing and laptops on knees. Testicles need to be about 2 degrees below body temperature (especially for your sperm production)

How to increase testosterone naturally?

Following this actions will cause the greatest effect on your testosterone levels:

1 - Exercising intensely (30 min or more).

Do strength training, swimming or sport using most muscles in your body. Physical activity will increase testosterone, but it’s important to make it intensely.

2 - Take a cold shower (10 min) - take a normal shower after sports, ending with cold water.

Cold exposure has a positive impact on the pulse frequency and causes an increase in testosterone and luteinizing hormone, which has a direct linked with libido.

3 - Eat almonds (no salt added), nuts or avocado. You can also cook salmon and do not hesitate to use olive oil in your dish. Indeed, essential fatty acids have a beneficial effect on testosterone levels.

4 - Make sure to sleep at least eight hours night.

During sleep, our body regenerates and produces hormones. The quality of your sleep plays a major role in the production of testosterone.

5 - Make love in the morning, when you wake up.

ProvacylYour testosterone levels are highest in the morning, when you wake up, enjoy. Furthermore, it has been shown that having an erection increased testosterone level.

6 - Try a good testosterone supplement like Provacyl

Provacyl is created from various vegetable extracts that promote the body’s natural production of male hormones, such as growth hormone (HGH) and Testosterone, both indispensable in a man’s sex health and which start to significantly decrease after the age of 40. Available in pills, it’s simple, safe and also prevents or wards off the effects of andropause (male menopause).
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