Raise Your Testosterone Levels and Gain a Stronger Libido

Testosterone is the source of masculinity in men, both in personality and physical features. This is a vital hormone that all men require. Not only does it maintains a man’s libido and sexual function, but is involved in a variety of essential bodily functions as well.

When a boy goes through puberty, his body increases its testosterone levels. This allows the body to transform into what is considered the standard male body. The testosterone allows the growth of beards, chest hair, and penis size. Additionally, the boy will experience an increase in strength and more muscle mass.

Though a man’s testosterone levels spike at puberty, the same amounts are not maintained throughout his life. As a man ages, his body begins to produce less and less testosterone. In general, a man will lose about 1% of his testosterone levels every year he ages. At the beginning of this decline, there are no blatant side effects involved. However, the diminishing levels will be quite evident as the years go on. By the time a man reaches his 40th birthday, he will be able to physically feel this decline.

The most common effects of having lower testosterone levels are:

effects of having lower testosterone levels•_Decline in libido

• Frequency of erectile dysfunction

• Shrinkage of lean muscle mass and growth of body fat

• Large drops in energy levels, leading to frequent fatigue

• Mental distress such as bad moods without reason or depression

The loss of testosterone shows a high impact on virtually all aspects of a man’s life.

A man experiencing this problem can refer to hormone replacement therapies for help, but there are also more natural ways of stimulating its production.

Natural Methods of Boosting Your Testosterone Production

Change Your Diet

As the old saying goes, “you are what you eat.” In order to boost your ever-declining testosterone, you must start by changing your regular diet.

• Specific foods in your diet are able to naturally help your body produce more testosterone. You will find that certain proteins making up eggs or whey are quite beneficial.

• An increase in vegetable and fruit consumption will also help. These allow for the more effective break-down of fat deposits, a problem that actually heightens one’s estrogen levels while blocking testosterone production. Consuming these healthier foods rather than fatty ones will considerably raise your testosterone.

• Though you should avoid a lot of fats, you must maintain a diet of animal proteins. Try to consume lean meats, as they will provide you with necessary amounts of zinc. This is an element directly related to testosterone production.

• Incorporate nuts and legumes into your daily consumption. They contain the fatty acids required not only for proper brain function, but for testosterone hormone levels as well.

Get Enough Exercise

Boosting Your Testosterone ProductionIt_is important that you pay attention to what you eat, but it is equally essential that you stay active regularly. Being stationary and avoiding physical activity can be one of the main culprits of low testosterone in men.

Keep in mind that less strenuous exercises like regular walks will not be enough to stimulate testosterone production. You must regularly participate in grueling workouts to produce the results you seek. However, it’s recommended that you only work out for about 45 or 60 minutes. Your body will most likely start to produce Cortisol after this point, a hormone known to negatively affect testosterone.

Limit the Amount of Alcohol You Drink

Since alcohol is a depressant, your body will try to get rid of excess amounts upon consumption. This process negatively impacts your testosterone production, as your system will be preoccupied with filtering out the alcohol.

Get a Minimum of 8 Hours of Sleep

Not getting enough sleep will not only lead to a lot of stress, but will directly impact your hormone levels. When you get the necessary amounts of rest that your body needs to function, your body will naturally receive the energy it requires to boost testosterone production.

Maintain Your Stress

Testosterone production can be greatly impacted by psychological factors such as stress. You can avoid these problems by trying to relax with yoga, meditation, or simply by cutting out distressing factors in your life.

Regular exercise is also known to make a positive impact on one’s stress levels.

Take Herbal Supplements Known to Increase Testosterone

Provacyl Natural herbal supplements have been known to help your body gradually boost its hormone production. There are several herbs that have been commonly used in history to aid male libido and testosterone levels. Herbs like Tribulus Terrestris and Long Jack accompany other herbs such as muira pauma, ginkgo, ginseng, saw palmetto, etc. These mixtures are known not only to aid in hormone production, but also in one’s circulatory system and stress elimination.

Seeing as they are natural, herbal supplements have become a lot more popular in recent past. They do not negatively affect men’s overall health while improving libido and hormone levels.

To be completely sure of the legitimacy, seek supplements that consist of high quality ingredients and are recommended by health professionals. This ensures their effectiveness, as well as their safety and lack of undesirable side effects.

Provacyl Can Fix Your Diminished Libido

ProvacylThe_loss of libido and sexual prowess is inevitable as a man gets older. Though there are many different reasons impacting these abilities, age seems to be the main factor. However, men do not have to sit back and accept this result. Supplements like Provacyl can effectively counter the diminishing sexual effects of old age.

There is no huge transformation that occurs in men which changes their testosterone production. Their bodies simply produce less of this hormone as they grow older. These abilities will diminish at even higher levels as men pass thirty, and the effects of this will be highly evident once they reach forty. In men, testosterone levels are highly correlated with libido. Therefore, a lower level of it will inevitably impact sex drive negatively.

Not only does the mental desire for sex get affected, but physical erections become a lot more difficult to achieve when testosterone levels are low. This is the reason why men over the age of forty are commonly susceptible to erectile dysfunction. Though men cannot obtain the same prowess as they had when they were younger, there are methods in which they can definitely increase their capabilities. One of the most effective methods of doing so is to take natural supplements like Provacyl to boost testosterone levels.

The second most common reasons for decreased libido is lack of blood circulation, which can also be fixed with Provacyl. Erections are caused because there is increased blood flow to the penis, so improper circulation would be a major problem in achieving them. In all people, age makes the arteries stiffen, and thus prevents easy blood flow throughout the body. The two best ways of addressing this issue is with regular exercise and natural supplements.

Decreased libido can also be caused by mental distress, including stress or emotional issues. Psychological factors cause brain chemical imbalance, which directly impacts sexual desire. This results in lowered sex drive and often erectile dysfunction.

Consequences of age do not have to produce permanent restrictions on a man’s sex life, but it unfortunately does for many men. Keep in mind that taking impotence pills like Viagra is quite popular, but isn’t always exactly necessary to improve your sexual prowess. By taking naturally enhancing supplements like Provacyl, you can avoid the dangerous side effects that common drugs provide while greatly improving your libido.
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