The Natural Way to Boost Testosterone and Sex Drive

Have you lately found out that you're just not plain interested in sex like you used to before? It seems like you're simply too busy to have sex and when you catch some free time, you're way too tired for it. It seems like your libido is not just there or at least not as much as it used to be.

As a man you may think testosterone is concerned only with your sex drive. Well it isn't for women, the desire for sex is the result of a complex interaction of emotions and physical hormones. However in men, it’s relatively simpler. Testosterone plays a major role, not the only role.

Boost Testosterone and Sex DriveHowever the modern man's way of life is not helping. There’s a new disorder in town, it’s called IMS or irritable male syndrome (sounds scary). IMS is due to not having enough testosterone. It manifests in symptoms like reduced sex drive (of course), anxiety, lack of motivation, unexplained aggression and emotional withdrawal. It also manifests as other dangerous habits like gambling, excessive drinking (not of alcohol).

Sounds familiar? Don’t despair, you're not alone. There are at least 13million men afflicted with low testosterone. Most of those 13million men are in their 30s ironically. Men begin to experience a natural steady decline in testosterone from the age of 27. This decline becomes more rapid after the age of 35.

That’s a heads-up if you’re over 35. Keep your eyes peeled to the solutions we're presenting in this article. More on that later.

There are a lot of physical harm that can come to the body as a result of low testosterone. The impact goes beyond having low sex drive or being aggressive. Low testosterone has been linked with a higher chance of pathological fractures in bone, diabetes (tyoe2), and heart disease. Basically, with low testosterone, the chances of "kicking the bucket" is increased.

What the heck is testosterone and why should I pay attention?

Testosterone is a sex hormone that has some important functions in man. It is the main hormone that well makes a man, a man. It confers the male physical characteristics on a man. It is responsible for quite a number of the cool features the average guy desperately seeks. These include:

- Greater muscle mass
- Increased energy level
- Increased libido
- Improved memory

And other less sought after traits like more efficient management of insulin, and reduced occurrences of osteoporosis.

Conversely, having a low testosterone level can lead to having a set of not cool traits like:

low testosterone- Depression
- Difficulty sleeping
- Being easily irritated
- Low energy level
- Weight gain (can you believe that?)
- Low self esteem

And of course low libido. Do I have your attention now? Read on. We’re getting to the juicy part.

Testosterone is produced mainly in the testicles. The hormone along with the source of production is associated with being a man. You have heard of the phrase "muchos cojones" right? (Women too also produce testosterone though it is so small when compared with that produced by males).

Testosterone is also associated with some other important though unknown functions like maintaining greater bone densities in men and increased red blood cell mass. Two reasons why males are physically stronger than women.

There are a number of different chemicals that can affect the production of testosterone in men. Chemicals like those found in the group of drugs called statins. And also from estrogen-like chemicals found in several water, food products and environmental contaminants. These estrogen like compounds simulate the effects of estrogen and that can have adversely impact on testosterone production in men.

Low testosterone leads to several uncool symptoms like:

- Erectile dysfunction (yikes)
- Impotency (shooting blanks)
- Low muscle mass
- Low energy levels
- Loss of bone mass
- Slower hair growth
- Gynecomastia (man boobs)
- Low sex drive.

That’s not all. Other symptoms like easy fatigability and a lack of mental clarity has also been reported.

A man who's experiencing low libido, erectile dysfunction, depression, difficulty remembering or concentrating may be suffering from the effects of low testosterone.

Boosting Your Testosterone Levels

As we've already explained, testosterone plays a central role in maintaining a man's desire for sex. As such a man with low testosterone levels will have a low libido, something that will be picked up by the man's partner. How? Low levels of testosterone makes it difficult for a man to have an orgasm. It evens contributes to erectile dysfunction.

The presence of testosterone causes a man to have an erection both directly and indirectly by stimulating some brain receptors to secrete nitrous oxide which is a potent compound that helps in achieving an erection. Low testosterone levels can also lead to having ED as well as bring about conditions that lead to obesity, atherosclerosis with subsequent cardiovascular conditions as well as diabetes.

To boost testosterone levels, you can make use of several testosterone products. These products are available in both natural and synthetic forms especially DHEA. DHEA is the most available raw material your body uses to build testosterone from.

If you want to boost your testosterone level, you can do that through two ways:

- The use of natural testosterone supplements.
- Using other natural ways other than supplements to boost your levels.

Should you choose to go the natural way? There are several ways you can do this. Going through the natural way is ok for everyone. There are no harmful side effects. In our website you can find lots of advice and natural supplements to increase testosterone like ProTestosterone and Provacyl, the best of all.

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