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In order to increase testosterone to gain muscle or to improve sexual performance, it is indispensable that certain requirements are met. As such, it is indispensable the use of a supplement, the regular practice of physical exercise, and the maintenance of a balanced diet. If these three things work together, it is possible to increase testosterone in a safe and efficient way to easily achieve your goals.

Although there are various supplements in the market for the increase of testosterone, not all of them are efficient and not all of them cover two aspects: muscle building and sexual performance. Many testosterone enhancers have as a single goal the intensifying of the work performed by bodybuilding athletes, allowing them to quickly gain muscle mass, but they have little effect on sexual performance.

Testosterone EnhancerIf you suffer from erectile dysfunction, have trouble obtaining or maintaining a good erection or simply want to increase sexual performance in order to better satisfy your sexual partners, you should look for a testosterone supplement that aims at covering the sexual side of testosterone enhancement. We recommend Somatodrol and Provacyl.

Both supplements aim at augmenting testosterone and HGH (growth hormone) in the organism, making it produce them in greater quantities with the help of several vegetable extracts carefully selected for that effect. The difference between them is that Somatodrol is a supplement to increase testosterone in a general way, for every man regardless of his age, while Provacyl is for men over 40/45.

Besides that, Somatodrol focus on the increase of testosterone for muscle building, for those who go to the gym, and for sexual purposes. Somatodrol has a wider application, while Provacyl focuses essentially on men who want to increase testosterone with sexual purposes, to improve their erections or to ward off any sexual disease, usually the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

If you are over 50 years old it’s probably best to go for Provacyl, seeing that your goals must be basically sexual. But if you are younger and you want to reap the benefits of a testosterone supplement that helps you increase sexual performance and at the same time allows you to obtain a better toned body, then it might be a good idea to opt for Somatodrol.

Somatodrol is a testosterone enhancer that is very efficient for every man that besides wanting to improve his sexual performance also want to increase his muscle mass and regularly practice exercise. Let’s see some of the benefits that Somatodrol can offer:

-Increase in testosterone levels by roughly 30%.
-A faster recovery after training.
-Reduction of muscle pain after training.
-Increase in sexual performance, allowing for stronger erections.
-Increase in sexual endurance, helping you to last longer in bed.

Although these are the main benefits of Somatodrol, the truth is that the increase in testosterone levels aren’t just for the improvement of sexual performance and for muscle building. Testosterone is very important and presents many other benefits, such as:

-Increase in bone resistance.
-Humor regularization.
-Depression prevention (lack of testosterone is one of the reason why women suffer from depression more often than men).
-Better sleep.
-More energy and optimism in every life situation.

As you can see, the advantages of taking a supplement such as Somatodrol to increase your levels of testosterone in a natural way can be plenty. Somatodrol can make you look a few years younger. A man with much better energy, vigor and looks.

But logically supplements don’t perform miracles and if you want to reap the most benefits from taking them, you need to keep a high health level and that can be done only through a good diet and some exercise.

A healthy and balanced diet isn’t the same as going on a diet. It’s eating all food groups, but prioritizing white and lean meat as well as vegetables and fruits, instead of carbohydrates and saturated fats.

Doing exercise (for those who don’t look for muscular hypertrophy) doesn’t mean going to a gym or lifting weights. Exercise can simply be walking from time to time, going up the stairs instead of taking the elevator or going to the coffee shop without taking the car.

SomatodrolSomatodrol has the capacity of helping any man that wants to increase his testosterone and HGH levels, but evidently a fat and sedentary man, who spends his days sitting behind a desk and that by the end of the day sits on the couch watching TV and eating snacks can’t benefit as much as a man who has an active job or does some exercise and practices a balanced diet.

So, if you want to increase testosterone a good supplement is essential, and Somatodrol covers that part, but it is also important that you keep healthy life habits so that you not only benefit as much as you can from the supplement but also keep good general health levels.

The Somatodrol supplement contains as its main ingredient androsterone, responsible for the creation of additional muscle mass and one of the ingredients that lead many bodybuilders and other athletes to choose this supplement. Somatodrol not only increases testosterone but also directly helps the increase of muscle mass. If you do exercise, Somatodrol acts rapidly, making you stronger in little time, which allows you to increase the intensity of your exercises and thus rapidly gain more muscle mass.

Evidently, by giving you the endurance to sustain longer exercises it also gives you endurance to improve sexual performance. This testosterone supplement contains a very advanced formula that allows you to reap all the benefits from the increase in testosterone with no secondary effects, which could happen while using steroids or testosterone shots.

Somatodrol is specially destined to all men who want to increase testosterone to improve sexual performance or their physical appearance. It’s particularly recommended for those who practice any kind of sport.

But how does Somatodrol work in order to provide you with all these benefits?

1 – It keeps testosterone levels stable.

With aging it’s normal for testosterone levels to start to fall and an external boost is needed. After 30, the decline starts to become constant and there’s a moment in which some men need to resort to a testosterone supplement to keep in shape, mainly those who practice weightlifting.

2 – It improves sexual performance.

After 40 it is normal to start to notice some sexual problems, mainly some difficulty in obtaining and keeping strong erections, and normally all these problems have to do with low testosterone. It’s an awkward problem because it affects the confidence of a man and hinders his performance in bed, because one problem affects the other and considerably worsens everything, mainly with new or occasional partners.

But with a supplement such as Somatodrol testosterone rises, the problem vanishes and confidence goes back to its previous levels, allowing the man to keep having a pleasurable sex life.

3 – It increases energy.

SomatodrolWhen testosterone lowers, men get tired much faster. Be it in the gym where exercises exhaust them, or with daily tasks that let them tired with no apparent reason. With this supplement, energy levels are restored and life goes back to normal in little time.

4 – Increases body toning.

A firm and ripped body is important to any man. Appearance is very important for certain men and since high testosterone levels help burn fat (mainly abdominal fat) and create muscle, this testosterone supplement helps you keep a good physical appearance.

5 – Improves physical and intellectual performance.

For men that practice any kind of sport, Somatodrol is the perfect solution, since besides the benefits above it helps you getting the most out of the exercise you do, which in a way indirectly helps all other aspects.


Somatodrol is definitely a product to recommend to all men that want to keep being Alpha males. It’s a supplement that combines different benefits in a single pill. Its regular consumption allows an increase in muscle mass, an improvement in sexual performance, an increase in energy levels and it helps maintaining a young body with a good presentation.

It’s hard to ask more than this!

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