Testosterone: Virility Hormone

Testosterone, male hormone by excellence, is well known as a synonym of virility and sexual prowess. It is largely used like a doping product in the world of sport. What are the effects? Doping or treatment, is it dangerous for the health?

Contrary to majority of hormones, testosterone is not a protein but a steroid that comes from a lipid, the cholesterol, and it is part of the group called androgens. In men, testosterone is produced in the testes and adrenal glands. Women equally produce testosterone but in small quantity, in the ovaries and adrenals.

Testosterone is indispensable at different moments of life:

• In the embryo, it enables the embryonic cells to differentiate themselves into cells of the male reproductive system, this is what we call: sexual differentiation. It also acts on the growth and function of the prostate and seminal glands.

• One has to wait until puberty for two glands in the brain, the hypothalamus and the pituitary, to send hormonal messages to the gonads. The testicles then synthesize more testosterone, which will enable the maturing of young sperm and the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics: the light voice becomes deeper, pubic hair grows, the size of the testicles and penis increases.

Testosterone: an indispensable hormone

testosterone boosterTestosterone is the hormone of desire in men as well as in women. Its decrease provokes a fall in libido and in fertility, erectile disorders but also a lack of muscular energy and an extreme irritability.

Having low testosterone can also lead to various other problems, including drastically decreased energy. This is especially detrimental, as you need energy in so many aspects of your life. Without it, it would be hard to perform or concentrate well at work, the gym, and the bedroom.

Weight can also become a problem with low testosterone, as this hormone has a great impact on the body’s ability to burn fat. Weight gain, as well as the other aforementioned effects, can lead to more fragile emotional states and mental issues like depression.

Effects that can affect women who have undergone a removal of ovaries, no longer having estrogen and testosterone. This is what we call a premature surgical menopause. To help these women who are still young to get back a normal quasi sexual life, testosterone patches exist.

In men, this type of hormonal therapy by adding testosterone has been in used for a long time, essentially in those above 50 years who suffer from andropause, for with age, the gonads produce less testosterone.

But certain hormonal therapies ought contrarily to reduce the production of testosterone, notably in the case of cancer treatment. This ailment is paradoxically the most common cancer in men above 50 years but also one with a better prognostic. It is diagnosed the more and earlier, the treatments are getting better and hormone therapy gives good results in 95% of cases.

TestosteroneThough many men with low testosterone seek hormone boosters for various health reasons, some men also seek the same treatment methods for cosmetic reasons. A testosterone booster not only aids much needed problems, but also allows men to become as masculine as possible, which the latter group of men desire. For example, bodybuilders might use testosterone boosters in order to gain more muscle mass when training. Men who aren’t bodybuilders or athletes may also want to bulk up on more lean muscle mass in order to attract more women. The more muscle cells a man has, the more protein can be absorbed within the body.

There are several reasons why men with low testosterone would want to raise their natural levels of the hormone.

Usually, a man like this will use a testosterone booster as a treatment method. In many cases, this is in order to boost one’s libido and sexual performance, as low testosterone is known to cause quite some detriment in these areas.

The main demographic of those using testosterone boosters are men over the age of thirty. This is due to the fact that once a man reaches this age, he is much more prone to low testosterone levels. This is particularly true among athletes and weight lifters. If you fall into this category and wish to boost your low testosterone levels, the safest and most effective ways of doing so is to use a natural testosterone booster. Any health store or online market will have these available to you.

Currently, the most effective testosterone booster options on the market are Pro Testosterone and Provacyl. Neither of these has any adverse side effects, and are completely natural and herbal. The only negative side effect you will feel from these are possibly some sore muscles from time to time.

There are quite a few choices of natural testosterone-boosting supplements on the market these days, but you’ll be glad to know that most are truly effective and completely safe.
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