Remedies to Increase Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is the main sex hormone in men and it controls both sexual desire and sexual performance in men. Low testosterone levels lead to low sexual performances and it can even lead to erectile dysfunction. The good news is that you can naturally increase your testosterone levels, without resorting to testosterone replacement therapy.

For most people, increasing testosterone through natural supplements is better than resorting to synthetic products. Naturally increasing testosterone levels is much safer than doing so through synthetic methods, partly because through the use of natural enhancers there is no risk of rising testosterone levels above the recommended threshold, with all the dangerous side effects that could bring about.

increasing testosteroneAlthough natural remedies, when taken in excess, can also create dangerous side effects, the chances of that happening to a serious extent is very low.

However, since supplements are not strong enough for some men with very low testosterone levels to achieve satisfactory results, we will cover both topics in this article: natural supplements and testosterone-increasing medicine.

Concerning medicine to increase testosterone levels, transdermal replacement patches have frequently been used with excellent results. Some studies show that among the men that have resorted to this method, 92% reached adequate levels.

There are two kinds of transdermal replacement patches: one kind is placed in an area of the testicles that has to be previously shaven, and others are placed on the stomach or back, which makes them easier to use and keep.

It is also possible to apply transdermal testosterone through creams, and for many men this is the preferable option, since it doesn’t cause irritation or itching as patches usually do. It can be applied in different areas of the body, such as the inside part of the legs and arms, the stomach, etc.

But it needs to be said that both are potentially dangerous and can only be bought in pharmacies through a prescription. Besides that, they can only be applied for about 8 weeks on average before a break is needed.

increasing testosterone levelsThere are also remedies for increasing testosterone levels through pills and injections. But all of them carry the danger of a testosterone overdose in the body, which can lead to several complications, being prostate cancer one of the most serious ones. As such, all these methods need to be recommended by a specialized doctor and supervised by them through frequent blood analysis.

For the men who are most affected by this pathology, the strongest way of replacing testosterone is through shots that are usually applied by the patient himself, but there is a disadvantage: it is very difficult to keep testosterone levels stable. Usually they are taken every two weeks in order to keep levels as regular as possible. Because of that they aren’t frequently used, being recommended just to those who cannot achieve results through other methods.

However, the use of testosterone replacement through prescription medicine or by steroids is not recommended due to the dangerous potential they carry. They must only be used by those who do not react to natural means of increasing testosterone, and under medical supervision.

Natural methods of increasing testosterone levels are the best way, the first that should be tried out.

Besides the advantage of never reaching dangerous levels, i.e., too high, they also have the advantage of being easier to take, cheaper and lacking the need for a prescription or medical supervision. Among natural methods to increase testosterone levels we have:

1) – Food. Fat, both animal and vegetal, are among the best foods to increase testosterone. To avoid problems like an increase in cholesterol, both methods should be used – fat meats and fish, and vegetal fats like olive oil and sunflower oil.

2) – Strength exercises. Exercises that require strength, such as bodybuilding, are great to increase testosterone levels, but they shouldn’t be done for over 40 minutes otherwise they have the opposite effect, they increase cortisone.

3) – Natural supplements. Natural supplements are undoubtedly the best, easiest and most efficient way there is to naturally increase testosterone levels.

There are different kinds of supplements. Some are more indicated for younger men who do high-performance physical activities (more adequate for muscle growing) and others more fitting for older men (40 or over), which focus more on the sexual part. These supplements are more adequate to increase sexual desire (libido) and sexual performance. On our website you will find references to the best among them all.
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