How to Increase Testosterone Naturally for ED Treatment

The testicles may produce an important hormone in men called testosterone. It’s the symbol of manhood although women also have this kind of hormone. Testosterone also plays an important part in men’s reproduction and sexuality that impacts the reproductive and sexual capability but, when men reach the age of 30, their testosterone hormone levels start to weaken. It may continue as they grow older. In the worst case, low level of testosterone may cause erectile dysfunction. Excessive exposures of chemicals and drugs will worsen this problem. Pollutants also cause this type of trouble. Fortunately, there are some natural ways that you can do to increase testosterone hormone for treating erectile dysfunction.

Losing Weight is the First Frontier


Increase Testosterone Naturally
A_great method to increase your testosterone level is dieting. Losing weight takes an important role to increase your level of testosterone. Obesity is one of the triggers of erectile dysfunction. Shedding excessive fat will raise your testosterone levels.


There have been some studies that support that statement. Based on the studies, obese men tend to have low testosterone levels. Losing weight is a crucial trick to boost the production of testosterone hormone. If you want to lose weight fast, you must reduce the processed sugar intake. Fructose becomes the leading factor of obesity. Don’t drink too much soda and you can drink fruit juices instead.

In the term of fructose consumption, you need to keep it fewer than 24 grams/day. It’s important especially for those who have some health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Milk is a bad choice if you want to reduce the fructose intake. It may increase the resistance of the insulin and it will be an obstacle when you want to lose weight. Processed foods are also bad news as they may increase your insulin levels. They are the sources of weight gain so you need to avoid them. As you remove bad foods from your diet, you can replace them with healthy fats and fresh vegetables.

Zinc is Important!

There are many aspects that affect the production of testosterone hormone. Naturally, the mineral zinc takes an important effect to produce this hormone. It will be a good supplement for your diet. There’s an improvement of testosterone production among males with low levels of this hormone. Otherwise, low intake of zinc causes a decrease in the production of testosterone hormone. If you can increase the intake of mineral zinc, it will increase your hormone and protects you from erectile dysfunction. The food that you consume may provide zinc including fish and meats. There are other sources of zinc such as beans, raw milk, and cheese.

For vegetarians, it’s a little bit hard to get sufficient zinc as you don’t eat meats. Pesticides and fertilizers may cause the reduction of zinc nutrient in vegetables. It means that you are getting less amount of zinc that you should take from those products. In some cases, you will lessen the zinc nutrients according to the way you cook your food. Over-cooking will diminish the amount of zinc contained in your food. If you want to take a supplement, don’t take more than 45 mg in a day. It will give bad effects to your body. Consuming too much zinc will delay the nutrients absorption of the body. It also leads to a side effect such as vomiting.

Raise Your Vitamin D Levels

How to Increase TestosteroneWhat is vitamin D? It’s a steroid hormone and it has an important role for the strong growth of the sperm cell nucleus. It will help you to increase the quality and amount of semen. It also elevates your testosterone levels, which affect your libido. There’s a study suggests that men who consume vitamin D supplements in one year had a great improvement in their testosterone levels. The deficiency of vitamin D will lead into erectile dysfunction and many other health problems. To make sure that you get sufficient amount of this nutrient, you can take a test called 25 (OH) D. You need to visit a physician to take this kind of test.

A few years ago, the recommended level of vitamin D is around 40-60 ng/ml and lately it increases to 50-70 nanograms per ml. To increase your steroid hormone levels into a proportioned range, you can go outside in the morning. It’s to get the sun exposure as the way to increase your levels of vitamin D. Just expose your skin until it turns pink. This is a natural method to get sufficient amount of vitamin D levels. Sometimes, a tanning bed also becomes a good option. Another way to increase your steroid hormone levels is to take oral supplements of vitamin D.

Healthy Fats and BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids)

Testosterone resistance exerciseEating healthy fats is compulsory when it comes to increasing your testosterone hormone naturally. Both healthy saturated and non-saturated fats are important to growing testosterone. Nuts and avocados become the best sources of non-saturated fats. They are essential to building your manhood hormone. According to some studies, healthy fats deficiency may cause a decrease in the testosterone levels. A proper diet contains 69% healthy fat.

Even the experts agree with this. Your body always needs saturated fats either from animals or vegetables. It’s to preserve the function of the body. Otherwise, your testosterone hormone will decrease. What about the BCAA? Some studies suggest that branch chain amino acids increase the levels of testosterone in the body. You get the better result when you combine with resistance exercise. You can take this in the form of supplements. Naturally, you can get the highest amount of BCAA in whey protein and cheeses. You can take both of them for the greatest result.

In summary, increasing testosterone levels is the best natural method to overcome erectile dysfunction. It’s way much safer than taking testosterone hormone injection, which has many side effects. If you have a trouble with erections, follow some information above. If it takes more than 3 months, you should consult your physicians. They will check the symptoms and determine what kind of treatment you should take. As prevention, you can shed some fats, eliminating sugary foods, and getting more nutrients and take a good testosterone supplement.

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