How Really Losing Weight Works

Many people want to lose weight. When we listen to people talking about their last experience, we can hear such things as: “I have tried everything but nothing worked” or “I have discovered a magic diet!” we just need to be careful to what we hear. In this article, I will try to explain how really losing weight works. Instead of being disappointed, you might be very happy to lose 1kg the next time you will weigh!

Calories deficit

How Really Losing Weight WorksWhen you decide to lose weight, you imperatively need to change your lifestyle, which can be by eating well (or better) and/or by doing more exercise, but you will need to create a calories deficit.

You need an X number of calories everyday in order to maintain your vital functions when you are quiet. This is called basal metabolic. You have to add your daily energy outgo to the basal metabolic. The more you do exercise, the more you metabolic will rise. The reality is that you eat everyday, which is normal! Normally, we eat as much as we spend energy. In this case, there is no change because the ingested calories are equal to the ones spent.

When you eat too much calories, your body needs to store everything. For this, it will store the extra in the adipocytes (fat silos) in order to use them later.

The body in panic

When your calories consumption is beyond your energy outgo, your body dips into the fat stores. Just so you know, when this process starts, your body is in the panic mode. It is like you would lose your job and you would have no income anymore. You would be compulsory to take money in your savings and that would make you nervous.

Your body reacts in the same way when you too fast deprive it of the calories it needs. To overcome this lack of calories, it will try every ways to stop the fat acids combustion. Water retention, decrease of the basal metabolic and loss of energy are the means used to stop the loss of weight.

Slowly but surely

The more your loss of weight will be drastic, the more your body will drastically react to keep its own stores. If you do it progressively and surely, the panic state will not appear and your body will be more willing to use your body fat as “fuel”.

The proverb says that moderation has a better taste than frustration!

The 4 “myths” about the diets

How Really Losing Weight WorksWhen it is about losing weight, we could believe anything. Like eating only meat, swallow expensive pills or drink magic water that will give you a goddess body in only one week! We say stop to the non-information, we want to have a thin body, not a thin brain!

From the 5 meals per day to the obsession of the calories number, it is difficult to separate the truth from the false. This is why we called an expert to beat the false ideas that are enormous when it is about diet.

Myth 1: Breakfast is the most important meal in a day

We heard this a lot. But does the breakfast really have an effect on the loss of weight? Researches proved that if you miss it in order to decrease your calories number, then yes, you will eat more and take more weight. But if you are not hungry, just do not force yourself. We are not machines and we are all different. You need to find what works with you. Nothing says that your body needs to eat precise things each morning to feel good.

Myth 2: Not big meal after 8pm

Whoever works in an office knows that having a big lunch will make you sleep in the afternoon. We do not have a stomach that can store in a way that we can stay energetic all night long, unless if we store… and if so, then we take weight!

We often hear that diner should be taken as early as possible because it make you take weight, but it is not true! One calorie is one calorie, whatever the time we eat it. If you eat less for diner, you will lose weight because you decrease your energetic intake. But if you eat the same quantity of calorie at 10am and 7pm, you will not get fatter.

Myth 3: Missing meals help to lose weight

If it had any effect on the weight, it would be totally opposed to what we wish.

The thing is that if you start to starve, to deprive, to get used to be hungry, your body will move to the “famine mode”. In this case, what happens is that your body stores energy, calories that it needs to face and correctly work. Hence your metabolism will change and will spend less, it learns to store. When it happens, your body move to the “yo-yo mode”. You take weight, lose it, take it again, etc.

Myth 4: Eating 5 small meals per day rather than 3 bigger meals

You thought that eating small quantities every two hours was good for you?

This is only true if you have decrease of glucose such as diabetic people. Actually, there is no rule, your choice is to eat when you are hungry. Do not believe that you have to eat 5 meals per day. Body needs some break for the digestion.
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How Really Losing Weight Works How Really Losing Weight Works
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