The Foundations of a Healthy LifestyleThe Foundations of a Healthy Lifestyle
Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about healthy eating and doing exercise. A ‘true’ healthy lifestyle requires efforts to be made in every aspect of one’s life. Eating well is the main foundation of a healthy life and being happy! The second pillar a healthy lifestyle is sport and exercise and social relationships are another very important aspect of our lives. 
 How to Improve your MemoryHow to Improve your Memory
Hobbies are great, it make us enjoy our free time and make us meet new people and discover new things, but it also contribute to a healthier lifestyle! Committing to a regular form of exercise can be difficult when you have a busy life, but we are here to share with you some examples of hobbies that you can incorporate into your social life while improving your fitness.
The Benefits of Walking
Walking, or more precisely speed walking and power walking, can bring many benefits to our wellbeing. It can reduce the risk of heart disease, it can make you fitter and it can help increase your stamina. Moreover, it has many proven health benefits like decreasing your body fat percentage. Next time you walk past your favourite shop, don’t just walk, power walk!
Advice for ‘Alternative’ EatingAdvice for ‘Alternative’ Eating
There are so many readily available ingredients for everybody to purchase and to make delicious meals with. Nowadays, there are even more options for alternative eating, like a vegan diet.
Alternatives to the Classic GymAlternatives to the Classic Gym
Sports halls are not just weights and treadmills! If you want to do something a little different to be in great shape, consider a gym class. This is an opportunity not only to try new things, but also to meet new people and have fun!
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