The Benefits of Walking

Our feet are one of the most important aspects of our body. What would we do without them? Well for that matter, not very much. Besides just getting from A to B, our legs and feet can be used in many more ways than just walking around. Walking does not require any additional equipment like other sports, it can be done anywhere and anytime!

Walking, or more precisely speed walking and power walking, can bring many benefits to our wellbeing. It can reduce the risk of heart disease, it can make you fitter and it can help increase your stamina. Moreover, it has many proven health benefits like decreasing your body fat percentage. Next time you walk past your favourite shop, don’t just walk, power walk!

The Benefits of Walking

Staying motivated can be difficult, however with power walking, you can easily implement it into your daily routine. You use the same amount of energy whatever time you walk in the day; therefore, you can choose the time that suits you. Even better, why not ask your friends, colleagues, or family to join in?

If you do decide to take up power walking, make sure it is in fact power walking. You need to keep the pace fairly high, but it does not need to be a laborious task either. You should be able to power walk at a good speed whilst being able to maintain a conversation, without feeling out of breath.

In order to vary the intensity, make sure you try out new walking trails or routes, with a variety of different difficulties. For instance, you may want to walk uphill, or decide to increase your speed or rhythm, or even use dumbbells or walking sticks to increase the difficulty. By doing this, it will help to work your muscles harder and in different ways.

Make sure to track your progress, it will help to keep you motivated by seeing how well you are doing and it will be beneficial to measure your performance. To track your progress, you should use a pedometer which is available on most mobile phones and can measure your progress throughout the day and compare your level of activity week on week. A pedometer tracks your progress by measuring the number of steps that you do. The recommended amount of steps is roughly 10,000 a day.

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