Advice for ‘Alternative’ Eating

There are so many readily available ingredients for everybody to purchase and to make delicious meals with. Nowadays, there are even more options for alternative eating, like a vegan diet.

Here are some top tips for vegan diets:

Advice for ‘Alternative’ Eating

Vegan cream can be used to put in cakes and can be done easily! Simply put some coconut milk in the fridge overnight and by the morning you will have a thick and delicious layer of cream at the top of the milk. Try it once, and you will never go back!

If you are a fan of mayonnaise, or for that matter any other condiments, then why not try humus. You can choose to put in additional flavours or just have it plain, either way it is delicious in salads, sandwiches, or simply to eat on its own as a snack.

Finally, avocados contain a whole bunch of nutritious goodies for your body like healthy fats and proteins. You can have it on toast or just add it as an extra ingredient to lots of meals! As well as your body thanking you for it, so will your taste buds!

Don’t forget, there are always mobile applications to help you stay healthy and motivated! Apps like “Happy Cow” enabled you to meet up with other vegans close-by and can help you find vegan and organic stores nearby. Another of our favourite apps is “Kwalito”, which allows you to see the nutritional information and ingredients for all of your supermarket purchases!

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Advice for ‘Alternative’ Eating Advice for ‘Alternative’ Eating
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