How to Improve your Memory

The vocation is over, it's time to go back to work, you know all the moments when you find yourself in the kitchen then you are trying to figure out why you are here? Yes, our memory also want some care, you want some solutions? There are some advices that will help you to improve your memory and get ready to go back to work.

Healthy eating

Omega 3 is a well-known source of fatty acids that improve the health of our brain, we can find it in different foods such as nuts, seeds, beans, oils, spinach and broccoli. However, other foods are to be avoided, especially those that are rich in saturated fats. This includes red meats and some dairy products.

How to Improve your Memory


A good night’s sleep is incredibly important for health. In fact, it is just as important as eating healthy and exercising. It’s recommended to sleep about 7 hours per night, in a dark room, with little outside light. The quality of your sleep can be disrupted by various factors such as your diet or activities preceding your night .Ideally, avoid screens (phone, TV, computer) half an hour before bed, sleeping at day and avoid caffeine in the evening.

Cerebral Training

Games are very useful, whether it is mobile apps, websites, gaming consoles or just Sudoku. In recent years, the trend of "brain games" has developed strongly, these quick game resolutions help stimulate the mind and keep it active! Even by training 20 minutes a day, this allows your mind to cogitate, and improve your memory.

New competences

Time is free, but is priceless. You cannot own it but you can use it to get new competences. Learning a new skill is a great way to keep your mind alive and active. Why not buy a ukulele and learn how to play or learn how to draw? There are so many things to discover and try, such as dancing, tennis, golf or learning to play chess, or even speak a new language! Be Creative!

Hobbies make you better

Hobbies are great, it make us enjoy our free time and make us meet new people and discover new things, but it also contribute to a healthier lifestyle! Committing to a regular form of exercise can be difficult when you have a busy life, but we are here to share with you some examples of hobbies that you can incorporate into your social life while improving your fitness.


Tennis requires practice and regular training to improve, but it is more fun and social than a solitary exercise. You can even join a tennis club that organizes regular social events and classes to improve your game. Even if it is a vigorous sport, tennis can be a real source of pleasure because it involves playing with a partner in a spirit of friendly competition.


People think that golf is not available for all, but in reality, it can be very fun. In addition to making you have a good walk between the tracks (as long as you do not use a golf cart), the trunk muscles work when you perfect your swing. Coupled with the mental concentration needed for accurate shooting, golf has more benefits than it seems.



Working the ground can burn a considerable amount of calories, especially if you are performing important tasks such as digging holes for plants or weeding a large area. Gardening is an excellent exercise. It takes you out take the air and can be incredibly therapeutic. There is no such thing as seeing beautiful plants flourish as a result of your hard work. Even mowing the lawn makes, you move so put your green hands into action!


Hiking requires planning, preparation, and most often, social interaction. With all the types of paths, you will be going that hiking is fantastic for health and fitness. Are you not only burning calories, but also escaping from the city for clean air and stunning scenery. That can only be a good thing.

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How to Improve your Memory
The vocation is over, it's time to go back to work, and there are some advices that will help you to improve your memory and get ready to go back to work.
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