Alternatives to the Classic Gym


Sports halls are not just weights and treadmills! If you want to do something a little different to be in great shape, consider a gym class. This is an opportunity not only to try new things, but also to meet new people and have fun! Here are a few ideas to help you choose your course.

Hiit training

Known under a variety of names, such as "high intensity training", these workouts are best made in small groups in your local fitness center for a number of reasons. First, they are hard, so if you do them in a group, you have the advantage of being with other people who assist you and help yourself!

Water aerobics

Alternatives to the Classic Gym

When most people think of aerobics classes, they think of the elderly and slow movements, but think again! A large number of pools now offer courses of high and dynamic intensity. These are fantastic workouts, both aerobic and resistance with the pressure of water on your movements. It is important that you try a few classes with different instructors to find one that suits you best, but when it is well done, water aerobics can be really fun!


Yes, this old favorite! This course of spin is done with an instructor who is there to change the tempo and move you forward. This isn't for everyone because it's extremely intense, if it's done properly and you will sweat. So if you don't like to get out of a class bright red and sweaty you better try something else!

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