The Benefits of Exercise

It is not necessary to exercise for a long time to be in better health. A 30 minute workout a day can be enough to provide all the exercise you need. Short periods of activity can be just as useful as long exercise sessions.

For many of us, it is not always practical to find the time to go to the gym for several hours each week. Similarly, a long run or swimming 100 lengths in the local pool can seem daunting.

However, it does not take much time to exercise and improve your health. A workout of 30 minutes a day is enough to improve the health of most people, provided you do it every day.

It’s well known, playing sports is good for your health! Offers many benefits to our body but not only … Here some good reasons to practice short periods of sporting activity:

Sport strengthens the heart and regulates tension

One of the main benefits of the sport is to improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system and thus optimize the blood circulation by a vasodilatation effect of the blood vessels. With training, the heart will therefore beat more slowly at rest and therefore less tired. The decrease in resistance during the blood circulation will also induce a drop in blood pressure.

Short workouts have advantages because they are less intimidating than exercising for a long session. In addition, your heart rate will rise and slow down more frequently if you exercise daily.

Sport provides a slim and toned silhouette

Regular exercise will allow you to spend calories and thus facilitate weight loss. In a thinning optics, cardio sports like swimming, cycling, elliptical or running should be favored.

De courtes séances d’exercice, qui peuvent être pratiquées chez soi, peuvent aider à améliorer votre niveau de forme physique. Si vous pratiquez 30 minutes d’exercice chaque jour, vous y consacrerez près de four heures chaque semaine.

On the other hand, to masculinize your body it will be necessary rather to turn towards muscular sports activities like the dance, the gym, the Pilates, the exercises of abdo gluteus. Better yet, the practice of exercises in the form of fractional high intensity allows you to build muscles while burning fat.

Sport provides general well-being and intellectual performance

A well-being at the same time physical and mental, by the secretion of hormones such as endorphin, which generates a real sensation of pleasure, sometimes even euphoric. It often happens that by dint of practicing one can no longer do without sports activity.

Thus, a little like the effect of a drug, one feels the need to find that state of well-being that occurs after physical effort.

Sports activities like the “aerobic” type (endurance sports) allow an improvement of oxygen transport in the body, and thus oxygenation of the brain, which has the effect of optimizing brain activity.

Sport facilitates the elimination of stress and promotes sleep

The practice of sport has a soothing action thanks to endorphins, substances produced by our brain. In addition it allows to ventilate the mind and forget the worries of everyday life.

Nothing like a little physical activity to relax and eliminate daily tensions. Good physical activity is the guarantee of a deep and restful sleep.

What kind of exercise to perform?

Go easy at first, especially if you have not exercised for a long time.

For absolute novices, a 15-minute ride is a good choice.

As your stamina improves, try instead to jog for five minutes, then walk for the rest of the time.

All kinds of exercises that increase your heart rate and make you feel a bit out of breath help keep you active and healthy.

Gradually increase the intensity of your workout. If you get to the point where you’re just sweating after 15 minutes, take up the challenge and do sit-ups, arm extensions or jumping rope instead.

Raising and lowering your legs while sitting is a good strengthening exercise. Remember to keep your back straight when you raise your legs.

Take a recovery time between sets of repetitions and stretch a little before and after exercise to reduce the risk of injury.

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