The Dangers of the Sun Ultraviolet Rays

The sun is at its zenith! This is finally the opportunity for you to take colors. However, are you sure you know all its effects? Discover some of the dangers about UV that may inspire you to better protect yourself.

Despite prevention campaigns on the possibly harmful effects of the sun, false beliefs persist, according to the 2015 Cancer Barometer . Were we list here some of them, which you may believe. It is high time to set the record straight!

UV sessions prepare the skin for tanning

False. You go on vacation in a few days and it is out of the question for you that you expose yourself on the beach with this whitish skin of office? Have you decided to do UV sessions to prepare yourself for tanning sessions under the Mediterranean sun?

Like you, 23.9% of people will go to bed in the UV cabin. Great harm makes you! Like natural UV, artificial UV also causes aging of the skin and promotes skin cancer.

Artificial UV

Artificial UV is less harmful than natural UV

False. Many believe that artificial UV are less risky than natural UV. Yet they are just as dangerous for the skin, the eyes, and successively expose themselves to a UV cabin and a tanning session on vacation multiplies their effect.

In addition, artificial UV does not cause the same thickening of the skin as natural UV. The following exhibitions will be just as harmful as the first sunbath of the summer.


Sunscreen is enough to protect from the sun

False. Many people say “I have yet put cream index 50, but I do not understand why I caught a sunburn” This is normal, if you stayed several hours under the hot sun, without having given sunscreen or without being sheltered some time in the shade.

Most of the people consider that putting sunscreen once in the day will protect them sufficiently from the sun. However, we must renew the application every 2 hours, and after each swim. And, even with a regular application, do not neglect glasses, hats, t-shirts and pay attention to the most exposed areas such as the nose or ears.

I have sun blows being small it is without consequences

False. When one is emphasizing, the excessive exposure to the sole, but favoring the appearance of beauty grains, and the envelope of the cutaneous cuts is also adult. However, an important proportion of people estimates that the sole hits by then on their way to the suite. Big mistake! Think don very well protect children from the sun!

I have sunburn more less my skin is ready to resist the sun

False. The people think that having sun blows minimizing the effects of ultraviolet rays on the floor. Well, then, vote for the red and brag ante is weakened. Bad idea that to go back if you are alive!

Risks of Sun

In the sun, I run no risks between 12 and 13 hours

False. A person in five think that the sun’s rays are harmless only between 12 hours and 13 hours … But that risk begins after. Yet, however, especially people with more sensitive skin, start justifying at noon and extend until at least four o’clock, the hours to be the most powerful side effects on your skin.

There is no risk in being “just tanned”

False. Even if he has a vote for him, he is going to have fun, his tan is amusing, and he has a sign of protection from his house, leading to an excessive exposure. Under the sun. If you have your exposure, you will be able to make contact with your partner and protect yourself as soon as possible. Extreme tanning is obviously forbidden!

I can not tan through a window

False. You may have sunbathed through a window, but it will be more light than if you have sun exposure. In UVB effects, ultraviolet rays responsible for filtering and sun filters, without filtering for the glass; they don’t have a partial effect on the skin. It’s in revenge on the UVA Houses, where it’s most deeply in the skin. If you do not want to filter out the windows!

I have black gold matte skin so I do not fear the sun

False. Even if the people with darker skin is matte or ebb, you have no need for protection against the rays of sun. In fact, even if you are naturalized inclined to resist its misdeeds, you are only protected from premature aging of the skin, or cutaneous cancers in the worst case.


In summary, the sun has only mischief to offer…

False. It is like everything: it is advisable not to abuse it! So, you have to know:

Limit your exposure time to the sun; adopt the right reflexes: by putting sunscreen and renewing the operation, by wearing protective clothing, giving priority to outings before 12 or after 16 hours, to protect children with a t-shirt and a hat, etc.

Be aware that the sun also has assets. It is also and above all, a morale booster, and a factor promoting the synthesis of vitamin D, the same one that helps the good calcification of our bones.

Like all good things for our health, the sun has many benefits that we should enjoy. But like everything else in life, we must have moderation. Good things can also have dangerous side effects to our health!

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