Most Common Sexual Dysfunction in Men

Sexual health is a state of complete physical, emotional, mental well-being associated with sexuality and not just the absence of disease or illness. The Men may have alterations or disturbances in their sexual response cycle, resulting in sexual difficulties or dysfunctions that prevent them from having a satisfying and gratifying sex life.

In men, sexual dysfunction refers to the difficulty in having sex. Sexual dysfunction encompasses several disorders that affect a satisfying sex life:

The sex drive (low libido)

The ability to achieve or maintain an erection (erectile dysfunction)

The ability to hold on ejaculation (premature dysfunction)

The ability to have an erection without penis deformity (peyronie’s disease)

The inability to reach orgasm (orgasmic dysfunction)

A penis too small (micro penis | penis enlargement)

Sexual Dysfunction in Men

The problems that afflict more men, and those that they search more on the internet, are how to increase the penis, the erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Despite the numerous treatment possibilities presented by the world the best way to treat sexual problems is to trust the treatment of the disease to an accredited professional, a specialist in evidence-based medicine or your doctor.

Scientific knowledge can demystify absurd beliefs and miraculous innovations that do not resist a simple medicine questioning. The ways to treat male sexual dysfunctions known in the academic world, they are not attributes of one or another professional or a single product available on the market.

Maybe that’s why many internet solutions don’t result in as successful solution, as these promises we received by email or in some websites of dubious quality, most of the time don’t work and are not safer for your health.

Penis Enlargement

Penis Enlargement

Penis size varies greatly from man to man, as well as from country to country and race to race, so it is difficult to determine an interval to assess whether penis size can be considered normal.

Satisfaction with the size of the sexual organ therefore depends mainly on the man himself and the environment in which he grows, since for one man an erect penis of 14 cm may be considered normal while for another it is an unsatisfactory size.

Basically, when a man thinks that his size is small, he is really small, because the psychological effect has no direct connection with actual size.

However, for men who want to increase penis size, there are various forms of treatment, from natural pills, to pumps, exercises, and ultimately surgery. In any case, one should always consult an urologist before trying any treatment.

That story that size is not a document does not work among men; after all, many researches have confirmed that even the most gifted say that they would like to have a bigger penis.

That is, the search for penis enlargement techniques is far from being a desire only for those with poor sexual performance problems. In fact, it is more a matter of self-esteem than anything else.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

For a man to be considered to suffer from erectile dysfunction, they must permanently manifest erectile dysfunction symptoms. An eventual erection failure, which can happen to all men, does not fit anyone in this category.

It is also good to clarify that common sense often makes inadequate generalizations and classifies as sexual impotence all other manifestations of male sexuality that have nothing to do with erection, such as lack of desire or orgasm and premature ejaculation.

The term erectile dysfunction are when it means the inability to achieve satisfactory erection for the sexual act most of the time.

Erectile dysfunction is a block that prevents an adequate sexual response. It is a persistent or recurrent inability to maintain an erection until the end of sexual activity. Sexual inadequacies, as erectile dysfunction, are always associated with organic or psychological factors.

In some cases, the causes add up. Seeking a therapist is essential to solving the problem. This sexual problem can be solved if treated with an appropriate specialist. Erectile dysfunction is one of the dysfunctions presented by men that most of the time also requires psychological support to solve the problem.

Age is a factor that relates to the onset of erectile dysfunction. While younger individuals are more likely to develop erectile dysfunction of psychological cause, older men usually develop erectile dysfunction of organic cause, due to greater comorbidity with various risk factors.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation

Difficulty in controlling ejaculation, which in some cases may occur before, at or soon after penetration, limiting sexual satisfaction, it is one of the most common sexual dysfunctions, especially among younger people. 

The causes are mainly psychological, related to performance anxiety and stress, but biological causes may be involved. It may also be associated with alcohol or drug use. The treatment may include sex therapy, psychotherapy and natural or medicinal medication.

Premature ejaculation is an orgasm disorder, which has persistent and repetitive onset of orgasm and ejaculation during or shortly after penetration.

It may lead the woman not to feel orgasms since the precocity of her ejaculation don’t allow the woman the complete delight of pleasure.The problem can affect men of any age, but it affects young people more, causing the man not to control their ejaculatory activity, in large majority the origin of the problem is emotional, related to great anxiety, this problem should be worked mainly between the couple, but it should also be worked in the doctor’s office.

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