Why Have a Pet

Pets are very good for your health. Several scientific publications show you that having a pet, a cat, a dog, a bird, a rodent, etc. is very beneficial for your health.

Their presence can allow you among other things to reduce the visits to yours doctors and keep you in shape, both physically and mentally…

When we choose to have a pet, we probably do not do it thinking about the benefits it could bring us. However, studies that are published confirm that a pet that lives with us helps in different ways, in all stages of our lives.

For people who live or spend a lot of time alone, the company of a pet can give them more confidence and protect them. Even if they do not speak our language, pets encourage communication and contact.

It’s just a matter of paying attention and decoding their language. On the other hand, maybe it will be enough of a good session of caresses to avoid any suspicion of loneliness.

Having a pet in your life means having company. Your dog or cat, or even a more exotic animal, will always be there for you, without judging you without judging what you are doing. They have an unconditional love for their masters.

Having a pet is very positive. If you have a dog or cat, ill will always be there to put you in a good mood. Indeed, they are affectionate and want only one thing, that you are happy. Caressing an animal soothes a lot. 

pet dog

Two big reasons to have pets

Pets are good for your health!

Admittedly, this applies more to dogs than to cats, rodents or pets that are more exotic. However, a recent study has shown that teens who have dogs exercise more than those who do not.

The walks or games with our animals encourage us to move, and we must admit that there is worse way to do some sport! Studies have shown that people who have pets go to the doctor less often, especially for minor illnesses.

Living in contact with a pet that spends at least part of the day outdoors, like a dog or cat, could strengthen a child’s immune system in the first year of life. They can provide this protection although the effect observed was lower. Children living with pets would be less likely to use antibiotics than other children would.

A pet fights depression and loneliness

Depression is a mental disorder that millions of people around the world have. This disorder is rooted with loneliness. It has proven that having a pet reduces anxiety and helps people with depression live better lives.

In some situations: isolation, illness, or recovery, a pet will always be there to make us move, go out and have daily beats. A pet can bring you what is expected in many humans: loyalty, affection and sincerity. To speak, to tell, to be listened… those are the advantages that an animal can bring to your life.

Have a pet is to have another source of joy, appeasement and fun every day and at will! He is a faithful companion, a playmate, a friend for a lifetime.

Even a more exotic pet can combat the loneliness of those who live alone.

pet snack

So, which animal to choose?

A dog, a cat, a hamster, a mouse, a bird, a parrot, a snack … The choice is vast. In addition, there is no perfect time to have, as long as you have the means, the space and the will. Ask the opinion of your child or your loved ones and make sure that everyone finds happiness and satisfaction.

Take all the necessary precautions for a calm cohabitation. Simply frame and train the animal so that it finds its place in your home and that there reigns a perfect harmony. Especially if it is a less common pet.

For example, if you choose to have a pet snake, you should start with a pet snake for beginners, it is advisable to start with species that require little care and are easy to handle.

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