A Dog Can Help You Make Exercise

At a time of junk food and the ever-increasing dangers of being overweight, or of the stress that we may encounter on a daily basis in our societies, we are all aware that sport is a solution to many problems.

At least thirty minutes of endurance physical activity at least five days a week, is essential to stay in shape longer and keep your spirits up!

Recognized for these physical and mental benefits, sport is gaining more and more followers. For several years now, we have seen sports appearing to be practiced in duo with your dog. Indeed, if sport is good for our health, why should it not be also for your pet?

You are now ready to go. But take the time to choose the right activity for you and your dog! Indeed, not all dogs are made for all sports. You have to take their physical abilities into account.

Even if your dog is full of energy, that does not mean that he is necessarily ready to follow you for miles or to have a strong enough concentration for the tracking tests! Your training should therefore be dissociated from his own.

See your dog as a beginner, take the time to make him appreciate the chosen discipline, and do not put him in the red from the start. In any case, the training should be progressive and regular. During the exercise, listen to your dog, especially during the first outings.

Always keep in mind that your dog may need to rest regularly, especially in the first times you are going to exercise together, because as much energy as they have he cannot stand the exercise for long periods.

It is also likely that he needs to drink water regularly. When you exercise hard, such as running, water should always be present for both of you, but especially for your dog, who will dehydrate faster than you will.

But, physical activity does not necessarily rhyme with sport. Any exercise, which puts your body in motion and causes it to expend energy, is to be taken into account: gardening, tinkering, climbing stairs, getting off a station earlier on public transport, shopping on foot or walk your dog …

So, multiply the pretexts to “move”! Especially since physical activity is a great way to fight fatigue. It can also help reduce pain in the joints. For a long time we talked about physical activity in a global way, while the new recommendations now focus on the diversity of benefits.

It is advisable to practice at least 30 minutes of physical endurance activities at least 5 days a week, to be completed, two or three times a week, with muscle building and flexibility activities.

If your age or your physical form, or the age or physical form of your dog does not allow making great efforts, such as running, you both can do some activities good for health, but with less intensity.

If you cannot run, do a simple walk. If you can’t handle a 60-minute walk, just take a 30-minute walk. If you or your dog get tired easily, get some rest. Sit down with some regularly. Is normal in the first few times, in which the muscles are not yet accustomed to the effort.

At least thirty minutes of exercise per day, combined with a balanced diet, are ideal for improving your physical condition, maintaining good muscle tone, flexibility and balance, but also for preventing diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases. They help fight overweight and limit the risk of fractures due to osteoporosis, because they help preserve the bones in good condition.

With your dog, it’s the same thing. Some exercise will be very beneficial to his health. So why not do it together?

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